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i have a conplaint , Lye. ask me l8r

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Hey, spruce this place up first cryptid. As a sis, I'll help however, add more books, even ones you personally haven't really read yet. I know you've read many more fiction/fantasy books than just that.

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(tounge stuck out) do you know what html is????????????????

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that's an computer adress dumb-dumb

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t star (hidden32) | 2 comments Hey in working on a story add need some help
1. I have a character, the main character, and I want her to have a love interset but idk which it should be. There's Jake who live with her in her mansion with her grandpa and dad. Th.ere's eddie whoes jakes best friends or should I add another boy character. There must be romance idk which way to do it

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LJF tell us about this character

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