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message 1: by Mandapanda (last edited Jan 24, 2011 11:49PM) (new)

Mandapanda I found this post about favourite professional podcasts from the great Adventures of an Intrepid Reader blogsite. I haven't listened to podcasts before but they sound like a brilliant way to pass the time. This is what Intrepid (aka Marg) had to say:

Sunday Salon: Podcasts

"Once upon a time I used to listen to music at work. I would take my CDs in to work and put them on the computer so that I could listen to them, sometimes whole albums at a time, sometimes on random, sometimes with the ear phones in, and other times out loud so that my co workers can hear.

All that changed a few months ago when I discovered podcasts. Now instead of listening to music all day, I listen to people talk about books and history, for the most part anyway. I get to hear about books and authors I probably wouldn't have necessarily read about, or discussion about prizes, background to novels and so much more

For today I thought I would share some of the podcasts that I do enjoy.


BBC History Magazine
Stuff You Missed in History Class
Witness - short podcasts where witnesses of historical events talk
A History Of The World in 100 Objects - this finished last year but the podcasts are still available and they are fascinating. Looking at events through history through objects that are held in the British Museum

Radio shows and other media

Books and Authors - BBC show hosted by Mariella Frostrup (who also hosts SkyUK The Book Show which I have been watching quite a bit recently)
Guardian Books
NPR Books
The Bookshow - our public broadcaster (ABC) book show
World Book Club - BBC World discussion about a specific book each month

Bloggers and podcasters

Galactic Suburbia - three Aussie women who podcast about speculative fiction, news and general chat. Lots of fun!
Books on the Nightstand
The Writer and the Critic - this is a relatively new Australian podcast, but you can really tell that the two hosts have been friends for ages. There's a really fun vibe between them!

So there you have just some of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Are there are any that I don't have listed here that you listen to that I should check out? Do you like listening to podcasts?

You might also like these Intrepid Reader links: Sunday Salon - Order Order!, My First Sunday Salon post (kind of), TSS: Vacation Reading."

message 2: by Geoff (new)

Geoff Woodland | 313 comments Mandy - thanks for the links, copied them down and now I can see the rest of the day has 'gone' :-o)

message 3: by Marg (new)

Marg (margreads) | 86 comments There were also a couple of good recs in the comments if you have a look on the post.

Thanks for posting here Mandy.

message 4: by Mandapanda (new)

Mandapanda Marg wrote: "There were also a couple of good recs in the comments if you have a look on the post.
Thanks for posting here Mandy."

No probs Marg. I love your blog. I have seen a few of our group members mention podcasts in other threads so I thought they might like to have somewhere to add their reccs.

message 5: by Marg (new)

Marg (margreads) | 86 comments There are definitely times when it is an inconvenience when the phone rings or someone wants something!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

That is great Lynley. Thank you.

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