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I have an Idea! It's lame but... Oh well!

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We write a list of ways to keep yourself from tripping, falling, bumping into stuff... Yeah! hen once it's done we post it on our writing as ___ ways to stop being a klutz! tell me what u think of my lame idea!

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1. NEVER READ WHILE WALKING! If you do, make sure you hve a very clear path in front of you and constantly look up. WALK slowly!
2. Don't ever get drunk (as an adult) if bump into stuff without being intoxicated, imagine what you'll be like when you are!

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i think it is true, and also, be aware of what you are doing while you are talking to your friends on the phone! i was talking on the and fiddling with my book and i ripped three pages out accidentally :)

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ok! i'm going to put these on my writing and anyone who contributes can! wait, can i use ur tips in my writing? i won't take credit for it!

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ok... here is part of my first chapter. each chapter is "written by _____ (insert your name here)" so this is
"Written by ♥Rosemay♥"
1. NEVER READ WHILE WALKING! If you do, make sure you hve a very clear path in front of you and constantly look up. Walk slowly! And make sure you know where the wall is.
2. Don't ever get drunk (as an adult). If bump into stuff without being intoxicated, imagine what you'll be like when you are!
3. I wouldn't recommend doing Ballet. Chances are, you'll fall down a lot... Try a type of dance not so focused on balance!*
4. Look forward while walking. You don't want to be looking down at the ground and then bump into a wall!
5. I wouldn't recommend juming hurdles. They are hurtles for klutzes.*
* If you really like doing these things that I wouldn't recommend, do them anyways! With practice, you can overcome your Klutzyness!

Skippy (Brooke) (brookiecookie007) | 97 comments Mod
written by brooke
6. watch any and all doors in your range. you could run into them if opened in your way
7. if you're talking while walking make sure that you're still watching where your going and not getting lost in thought
8. only daydream when sitting down
9. if you want to wear shoes with heels make sure they aren't too high or you're gonna trip

((i think we should just make that "if you like doing these things..." apply to all chapters. then we don't have to write it every time. haha! i used to take ballet and i wanna take track this year! boy am i in for some tripping!!!))

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yeahi'll put it in the decription... can i put that in my writing?

Skippy (Brooke) (brookiecookie007) | 97 comments Mod

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(i got 1))

10. if your mountain biking and you see a rock, AVOID IT

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good one

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*sees rock in path and ignores it, then tumbles*
yeah, that would be smart to avoid it.

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hi :)

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hiya! is anybody exited for school?

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I sorta am! u?

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oh yeah, i'm way exited, but nervous at the same time... aka, i'm going crazy! XD

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what grade are u going in?

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First year of high school, anyone? Cause I'm a freshman too!

Here's another one:
11. Try to pay attention to where you're walking. You don't want to startle anyone when you walk/bump into furniture and yell "OUCH!!".

(I do this a lot.)

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Skippy (Brooke) (brookiecookie007) | 97 comments Mod
12. when u bump into something make sure it's alive before you say sorry to it and people stare at u like ur crazy.

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Ha ha! Automatic response, anyone? I do that a lot, lol.

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srry i dropped off jessica, i had to eat dinner.
i'm going into 7th grade, so i'm young-ish.
i'm vry awesome though. :)

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yup! automatic response all the time!

i'm going into 8th

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8th for the win!

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I'm going into 9th grade. yay Freshman!!

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i'm going into... *drumroll* 7th! tell me if highschool's fun!

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oh, i already said that. my bad! :)

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okay. I'm excited for it.

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that's okay.

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thnks, i'm also excited for school, i can't wait!

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me too!!

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:) yay!

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Skippy (Brooke) (brookiecookie007) | 97 comments Mod
lol! i heard that ppl say high school is fun, but i've heard others say "fun!? high school's a jungle! college is fun!" so idk what to think. ?

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i'm going into 7th grade...

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i'm going into 8th!

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Michelle (michellerobins) 11. always look where you are going, and transition looking down and in front of you. especially in bare feet.

((i did this once, and stepped on a glass ball, ergo breaking it, and ending up with a huge shard of glass in my foot. happened the other day.))

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Skippy (Brooke) (brookiecookie007) | 97 comments Mod
12. never try and walk when u are dizzy, u just fall over.

((i know from experience))

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good one.

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Duckiie | 13 comments HALLO PPL!!! I'm going to be a Freashmen XP and *runs around* WHERE'D ALL MY CLASSES GO?!?!

Well I got some XD
13. Don't read Manga while walking to class.

14. If a vending machine eats your money, refrain from kicking it?? I STUBBED MY TOE!!!! THEY ARE EVIL!!!

15. Don't get a table with a cabinet thingy over it. EVERY TIME I GET UP I BANG MY HEAD INTO IT!!!!

oh and also... http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/2... like I said VENDING MACHINES ARE EVIL!!!!

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Ha ha! That is so true! (reads again)

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