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I found Charlotte Gray's biographies informative and well written. Her short biography of Nellie McClung as part of the Extraordinary series was excellent. I hope to pick up one of McClungs books as I wasn't aware that her books were so well received in her own time. "Sisters in the Wilderness was like a couple of Jane Austen's characters coming to Canada. I thought it also had a lot of interesting history. A good book to find references to other books. " Mrs King" was also good but was more interesting if you know something about her father and son. Not the dynamic woman like those in the other books but her influence on William Lyon Mackenzie King leaves the reader with even more questions about our Prime Minister. I've read books on Mackenzie King and this book added one more perspective. Has anyone read her new book on the Klondike or her biography of Alexander Graham Bell?

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"I lost two direct messages to you. I need to know what you're interested in to know if those three books would be for you. I think Mrs. King is interesting but would not be a good choice to start as you do not know her famous father and son. Both were quite eccentric and yet successful men. The other two books stand alone much better and I think either would be interesting to people outside of Canada. I have heard Americans think highly of McClung. Intelligent, lots of courage, writer, politically astute. To some extent it explains how the women's rights movement even today was influenced by her. She wanted to fight from inside the government as well as the outside. Her approach, although all did not agree, I think gave women a bigger say earlier than if she had gone in a different direction. We could use more like her although Stephen Leacock would not agree. She managed to have a family life as well. Talk about a person with stamina. "

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