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message 1: by Nyghtmare, My heart is dead and cold. I'm just truly Nyghtmare now (last edited Feb 01, 2011 04:07PM) (new)

Nyghtmare | 540 comments Mod
Tears shall not be shed.
When they all see me dead.
I will have no one at my funeral.
This life is not really wonderful.
Life is a joke.
I may be choking.
But I am still here.
No tears shall be shed.
When I die.
None will cry.
Soon you shall see,
What it is to be me.
Know my pain,
My suffering.
None shall remember me.
In years to come.
I will be just a memory,
Haunting the backs of their minds.
They shall never find the mysteries of my life.
My past.
My present.
None shall know.
What comes to show.
When one speaks her voice.
No one will care.
No one will speak of me.
No one will cry.
As they watch me die.

message 2: by Meagan (new)

Meagan Patterson | 17 comments and this isn't done?

its really good very sad though

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

It could use some work within the rhyming scheme, UT other than that, its great. I love the repetition going on! :3

message 4: by Farrah (new)

Farrah You could make this more powerful if you showed some of those things you told us. Like pain, suffering, mysteries.

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