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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments Make a character in Prequel Trilogy Character page to begin. Minimum of three sentences, please.

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments It is three years before the events of Episode I of the Star Wars saga. An escape pod containing two young, teenage Jedi floats adrift in space orbiting the planet of Coruscant. They are sending out a distress signal, waiting to be pulled down to the surface. What they find is that, by strange circumstances, they have been shot a thousand years into their future. They are returned to a new Jedi Temple, where they will meet the new lead Jedi, the likes of Yoda, Mace Windu, and Qui-Gon.

Damian and Jenna stood before the council after telling their tale. Mace Windu was the first to recover. "You are saying that you were in the Bastion sector raiding a sith base when your ship was destroyed from the inside? And that you and Jenna jettisoned in an escape pod, and encountered a strange field of energy that wrenched you to Coruscant one thousand years later?"
Damian nodded. Qui-Gon spoke next. "The young ones are telling the truth. I sense no deceit from them."
Yoda stood from his chair at the lead of the council. "A time rift, as it was identified, there was. In the Bastion Sector it was, but its existence, not widely known." Yoda pulled up a holographic map displaying the bastion sector, and pointed to a green cloud. "Here, it was. Young Jedi from the past, you are! Interesting."
Damian and Jenna were told to leave the council room so the council could discuss the issue.

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Natalie walked around the city with her robe on.She walked into an alley and started to pace,all she needed to do is graduate from the acadamy and find a master but she always had a hard time paying attention in class and always got hurt

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Stephen Van Ness | 65 comments A man masked in black looked out at the young female in the alley. "Jedi." he muttered under his breath. Whispering something to another man next to him, he jumped in front of Natalie. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A Jedi, so far away from the temple?"
The girl's eyes widened, and her hands fell to her lightsaber. The man just smiled. "You won't be needing that, young girl."
Two men, who had been sneaking up behind Natalie, snatched her lightsaber out from under her and grabbed both her lightsabers. One covered her mouth to prevent any screams from being heard.

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Natalie screamed underneath the hand.She felt her lightsaber be taken away.She jumped up and kicked the guy holding her making him let go off her"What do you want from me"

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Ryelle looked up at the Jedi training centre. It was huge, bigger than she's imagined or told about.

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