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Music ?

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message 1: by Eleah (new)

Eleah Rose (eleahrose) | 4 comments Hi Syrie,
First thanks for taking the time for this Q&A, and also let me tell you I really loved "Nocturne".

I wanted to ask you about the importance of the music in "Nocturne". Being a huge music lover, and music being part of my work, I instantly fell for it in the book.
I was wondering why you had chosen to add it considering Mickael already has lots of artistic skills ? And also what made you think of it as being a key to expressing their emotions ? How did you weave it into the story line ?

Sorry for my many questions, I am really curious about how you made that one and it is so rare in books to have music so cleverly added. By the way I made a review of your book if you are curious : http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

Thanks a lot !

message 2: by Syrie (new)

Syrie James | 44 comments Mod
Thanks Eela, for that fantastic link (w/in your great review) to the song A RED, RED ROSE by Robert Burns (the theme song of NOCTURNE) :
I loved listening to it. The song breaks my heart, too!

You asked about music within the novel. It was always my intention to make music a major part of the story. For a brilliant man like Michael, who's lived for eons in solitude, it made sense to me that he'd become an accomplished musician (among other things.) Giving similar skills to Nicole was another way for them to bond, and I felt it appropriate to use music as a way for both characters to express their emotions. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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