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Chapter 4: Mystery > Deja Dead- book club selection* spoiler alert*

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message 1: by MJ, Idiot's Top libriarian (new)

MJ | 1332 comments Mod
For those who have already read the book...

message 2: by William (new)

William (acknud) Are we discussing it as we read it or after it is read?

message 3: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 103 comments I think you can do whatever works for you. I often post while reading but I try to just skim what's written here in case there are spoilers posted.

message 4: by William (new)

William (acknud) I have about 100 pages to go. It is an ok read and holds my attention fairly well. Gabby is a weird character and I possibly see bad things for her but given that this is a series and she is Tempe's best friend she will probably survive.

message 5: by William (new)

William (acknud) OK...I finished that one. Anyone else done with it yet?

message 6: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 103 comments Got it from the library but haven't started. I still have 4 or 5 other books ahead of it and I was just debating stopping at the library on my way home-I am truly an addict!

message 7: by Melissa (last edited Aug 25, 2008 06:14AM) (new)


I just finished this book tonight. I couldn't put it down. I could have done without the constant street descriptions and landscape descriptions. Not sure she needed to describe the buildings and streets so much. I got used to the french, but I didn't like it. I liked all the characters and it was a good mystery. I was happy that it wasn't very similar to the tv show Bones. I LOVE that show and was always worried that the books would some how ruin it for me. That is definitely not the case. As a matter of fact, I found no similarities except her name and job description. I will definitely keep reading this series.

I didn't like her friend Gabby either and I can't say I'll miss that character. I liked how Tempe would follow leads on her own and connect the dots, but I didn't like how when things were really dangerous, she didn't get any of the task force to help her. That was a little off for me. I'm sure it was to set her up for the ending. I liked Claudel a lot. I don't want to see Tempe and Ryan hooking up at all. I don't know why, but I don't. I like the chemistry between Claudel and I liked his partner.

I can see why this book made this list. I will be heading off to the library for the next book asap!

Can't wait to hear what other's thought.

message 8: by Rusty (new)

Rusty (rustyshackleford) I just did not enjoy this book. I would have stopped reading it, except for the fact that I voted for it. I agree about the constant descriptions and the constant listings of each tedious thing she did each day. That got old. It was also annoying that Brennan knew more about investigative techniques than all the detectives, and specialists around her, solving the case almost single-handedly. I realize it was Reichs' first novel, and she probably got better, but I don’t think I’ll read the rest of the books.

I have to say, however, that I started watching “Bones” last year, and I like it. The characters are likeable and the show doesn’t take itself too seriously.

message 9: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 6 comments This book was engaging and I also found myself up late reading just to see what happened. That being said, while usually I'm all over series of books featuring the same main cast of characters, I don't think I'll be pursuing this one. Like others mentioned, the fact that she ran circles around the other detectives/ investigators didn't fit well for me and the long technical explanations of minutae were distracting. Reading the author's bio I can certainly see where all the exhaustive (!) descriptions came from though.

I did like the way that she doled out portions of the puzzle as to who the killer was. Those came full bloom nicely toward the end during the full reveal.

What did Claudel see on the floor of her apartment after the final attack? The book metioned that he stopped and looked at something - like a double take. I couldn't figure out what it was. Anyone?

message 10: by Tracy (new)

Tracy I liked this book. And I enjoyed all the descriptiveness. I will be reading another Kathy Reichs.

message 11: by Magpie67 (new)

Magpie67 | 31 comments Opposite on the show vs the book scenario here:

I have read all the books in this series except the last two. When the t.v. show came out I was horrified at the changes they made in the perfectly flawed character Tempe was in the books. Every character you meet in the first book is fleshed out more and more thorough out the timeline and believe me it just gets better and better.

After the first year of the show being on and a year away from reading Kathy Reichs I decided to give the show another go around. I love it now and the seriousness of Tempe in the show is much more pronounced and very much that of the book character Tempe. I don't particulary care for the state of the art autopsey center as it distracts from the cases, but the show would not continue if it didn't have the splashy tech toys. The 3-D holligram is not practical or available for most budget concerned CSI labs. Lots of forensic artists are still being used to identify bones.

Claudel and Ryan are a mix together to create her new partner in the show.

Another plus to the books are the towns in North Carolina and Quebec, Canada. These books represents the real Kathy Reichs...what she really does, besides writing. She is in fact a Forensic expert that has been called in to the courts on cases. She is an outstanding writer who tells it all in extreme detail that this reader finds most fascinating.

I still like the show though and all the eccentric characters they have added....

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