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message 1: by Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (last edited Jan 24, 2011 01:41AM) (new)

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments ok i couldnt really think of a better title for the discussion but pretty much, idk if im the only one, but there are al these things I find really annoying about the movies coming out...

k um for example... The twilight saga, so i really liked the tiwilight books, just like many people, but what annoys me is when everyone started swarming on the movies and the books were sort of fogotten, and the screaming fan girls just liked it coz of the actors. dont get me wrong, some of the actors are pretty hot (taylor not rob) but still, i hate it when the books are forgotten...

anyone else... and its ok if noone agrees lol

message 2: by Sky , Head Mod who needs to get online more often (new)

Sky  (clear_sky) | 88 comments Mod
I agree with you on that. Once the movies come out, it seems like no one cares about the books anymore...*sigh*

Anyways, it also drives me crazy when the director of the movie casts someone that looks absolutely nothing like the character they're supposed to be. No one else might notice that, but it just bothers me. Lol, I'm weird like that :]

message 3: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments I totally agree with both of u.And I don't like it when ppl watch the movie first and when they don't like the movie they also judge the book in the same way. eg:Twilght series,sometimes Harry Potter

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments ahhhhh omgg! ikr? its so annoying!
and also, u have this totally great vision in ur head of how everything is in the book, all the characters and settings, and then the movie has something totally different, and then whenever u read the book again u always think of whats in the movie, its soo annoying grrr

message 5: by Sky , Head Mod who needs to get online more often (new)

Sky  (clear_sky) | 88 comments Mod
:] that happens to me all the time.

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments *sighhh
we book readers suffer :)
and also (sorry i have a lot to say on this topic)
i hate it when random people watch the movie on a book and they think they know eeeeeverything about it and like start having a fan club or whatever, and they're like OMG i saw this totally awesome movie and you've goooot to watch it or ur missing out, and its like WOW i read that book 2 yrs ago and have been a fan for ages, and u only found out about it now so shut up!
lmao i sound so selfish :) he he he
but its true -.- people think their the NO 1 fan on earth, and its like um no, that book had a huuuuge fan base even before u knew it existed!

message 7: by Neki (last edited Jan 26, 2011 05:31AM) (new)

Neki | 81 comments completely true,Nushiiii.That happened to me when the girl who sits next to me started to watch twilight movies.Before she was like 'OMg u read crap(sorry) like twilight???I'm too posh for that!' And now she's like'u should watch the films,they're soo awesome.I love this actor,that scene andBlah,blah,blah"I almost had a serious headache 'cos of her babbling!I don't even like the twilight movies

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
i would bash that girl srsly. ok maybe i'd get bashed in the end, but i'd try anyway!
that is SOOOO irritating! gawwwd people are so shallow. like its wierd coz peeps at myschool are like that, but everyone reads as well. like u wouldnt expect them to read it doesnt look like it, but everyone reads the book so i feel better.

and i have this plan. im gna stick all hunger games stuff in my locker so everyone knows i love hg before the movie comes out LOL. :) good plan! so no one can claim they know more! :)

haha im so possesive when it comes to books, but its trewww! anyone else got annoying things?

(p.s same i dont like the twilight movies too much either. but i love taylor, his hotneess sorta makes up for it lol. but the movie is a big thumbgs down. no offence but kristen acting annoys me -.- )

message 9: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Those movies are the most terrible things in the universe. I loved the Twilight books. I've watched Twilight and New Moon. When I watched New Moon I mostly fast forwarded it all. And never watched it again.

message 10: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments OMG!!Are u guys psychic?You guy tell the exact thing i have in my mind.I've watched only the first twilight movie and never wanted to watch the others!And I'm also possessive of the books i read!although i don't mind sharing it someone who has the same line of thoughts as mine(of course I don't mind giving books to read to others,but not my thoughts)I know this sounds weird!

And Nushii,if I were you,I wouldnt get in the wrong side of the girl I mentioned.When she doesn't like someone she goes spreading false rumors around the school of that person.Of course everyone believes her b'cos of her charm(too bad I have to sit next to her)

Totally Off the topic, sorry!

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

To be honest I watch the movies thinking that it doesnt have a book connected to it and its like AWESOME. Eclipse was the best so far (and REALLY close to the books).

message 12: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) God, I think you're absolutely insane. The movies are so completely terrible and you have to be bonkers to like it, Ashton.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Well like I said I look at the movies like they dont have any books to them which adds some goodness to them.

I like the acting, I dunno, I guess my opinion is diffrent from yours.

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) I think half of them can't act very well. Well not really but the actors annoy me and some of them REALLY aren't suited to playing charaters in a movie like that.

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments i mean i didnt HAAATE the movie, but sorta hated that people just went crazy over the movies and the screaming mobs of fan girls like it's so shallow, they pretend to love twilight but its just coz they love R-Patz or Taylor (dont get me wrong i love taylor too, but i dont go around screaming and using that as an excuse to look like i actually read ) coz thats what they did, just coz everyone started reading it and the hot actors were in it, people who had never touched a book in their life pretended to be all "I read allll the time and im so cool" its like um get over urself, we knew about twilight like 2 yrs ago u loser. -.-
and i didnt LOVE the movies, but i didnt mind them enough to still be planning to go to breaking dawn lol.

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments * i like them enough to still be going to breaking dawn i meant lol

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments and lol neki yeh i know about them kinds of people, theres this girl at my school that we like hate eachother (and i try not to hate anyone but her OMFG GRRRRR) and she thinks shes so funny like in english yesterday... (& I QUOTE) this is her when we were asked to think about what makes us laugh "I make myself laugh, coz im like really funny." and everyone sorta giggles along with her coz i dont know but for whatver reason people put up with her and they still dont like her at the same time.
It doesnt seem like it now, but i bet that oneday if the world was ending and u had to choose one person to stay alive with u, she would be the only one no-one would choose.
(lol howd i think of that:/) hahaha

message 18: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments yeah,IKR.Funny that the people who think they are funny are the most not-funny people you know!!!!!

message 20: by Sky , Head Mod who needs to get online more often (new)

Sky  (clear_sky) | 88 comments Mod
too true

message 21: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Goodman I feel that the simpler the book (not a lot of twists and turns) the better the movie. For example the 'Notebook' which is good but at it's base is a straight forward love story. On the other hand a book such as 'House of the Spirits' has many layers and has a political premise, spiritual mysticism, story between grandmother, mother, and daughter as well as angst and yearning in 3 passionate love stories. This is one of my favorite books of all time, but I hated the movie! Of course there are exceptions such as the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, but I feel this is because the movies were in the hands of a very talented director!

message 22: by Rose (new)

Rose (chomesuke) Yeah, It's amazing that The Lord Of The Rings wasn't terrible. Peter Jackson is an amazing director. I love both the books and the movies for The Lord Of The Rings.

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments Well i havent read Lord of the Rings, which is pretty wierd seeing as its so famous, I cant even believe it myself. but the last time I picked it up i got put off by the size and the writing (i know i know, I cant believe i said that either, That is what the NON goodreads account people say! :) But it's true. I might give it another try though. I've only seen a bit of the movie but it was pretty good!

I also think HP movies were pretty successful on the "related to book" scale :) Then again, I'm a bit biased in my love for Harry Potter lol. It still annoys me heaps though when they miss out on scenes in the movie.

For example. In Prisoner of Az, they have these random as scenes of the whomping willow, they have like 4 of them, where its shaking off snow or wateva, and they missed some really good sscenes that are in the book, and i was like, SO ur wasting time with random scenes like that but ur not puting in the important ones!

That sorta thing is really annoying. But HP is pretty good I guess. (p.s its also annoying that they keep changing directors, becase every time they seem to have a different angle to them!)

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments OMFG GUYS im so sorry i write so much! I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY! lol. life would be so much easier if we could just talk face to face -.-

p.p.s DOES anyone wish we still had the old dumbeldore? HE WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD! the new one is way too rough. I nearly cried when the old one passed away, that was so sad :(

message 25: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments (don't worry Nushii,sometimes I too get the feeling I talk too much!!)

I agree on ALL ur views of HP(It's like u r reading my mind!)!!!:DD And don't worry that much If you couldn't read LOTR yet.Because I watched the movie first some parts of the book is booring.So you haven't missed much:)LOTR is one movie I like better than the books!;)

message 26: by !?!BOoK LOvEr!?! (new)

!?!BOoK LOvEr!?! | 63 comments My friends say that I am the most talkative person that they have EVER meet! that is really bad, because they know a lot of pretty good talkative people!

message 27: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments All I know is you are not the most talkative person in this group,we all are!!!!Just take a look at the previous posts of this thread!!!see what I mean?so don't worry:)

message 28: by !?!BOoK LOvEr!?! (new)

!?!BOoK LOvEr!?! | 63 comments Ya well its becuse i dont really like to type i do a little not a lot though :)

message 29: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments haha,k!

message 30: by !?!BOoK LOvEr!?! (new)

!?!BOoK LOvEr!?! | 63 comments ya i talk a little bit more than the perople above. hehe :)

message 31: by !?!BOoK LOvEr!?! (new)

!?!BOoK LOvEr!?! | 63 comments like when i am on a road trip I don't think that any one talks the whole way maye 5 times each person for a 4 hour drive!!!! that is another reason that i talk to much

message 32: by Neki (last edited Mar 29, 2011 07:21AM) (new)

Neki | 81 comments lolz!!!!you must be fun to be around!It's sometimes fun to hear ppl chatter!

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments hahhahah! yeh im pree talkative. i get in trouble alot for talking. Ever since i waws little the thing i got in trouble for in parent teacher interviews was talking in class and distracting m friends apparently LOLOLL. mehhh.
but something everyone says is that im REALLY LOUD. like my friend will walk in and shell be like OMG i knew u were already at school coz i could here u from the gate. No jk. its sorta annoying lmao :)

and someone on gr just told me that apparently they are cutting out the bit that crabbe dies in the movie because (hp part 2) coz does anyone remember how the actor was caught with illegal drugs, well they sacked him and couldnt find a ggood replacemetn! so now they might make zabini die instead!!!!! AHHHHH just a nother thing to add to our list. When the actors change about during the movie! :(


(p.s idk if its a rumour or what. my friend told me from this webby so idk)

message 34: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments I'm soo talkative and loud when I'm at home.But i barely talk when I'm outside.of course not when I'm with friends or family.I'm the loudest person in my family next to my grand mom and my 6yr old sis;D

Who's Zabini?I can't remember a character like that.Hmm..

Nushiiii loves Peeta Mellark ♥1D♥ (NushiiiMellark) | 14 comments ok so the rumoure is officially correct! and snape is getting killed differently as well! :(
anywyz, um zabini was another slytherin!

so now im nervously awaiting the tickets for the midnight opining night showing! im so excited. But sad. But excited. :)

and i wish the actors would come down. Like srsly, rpatz and reece witherspoon are ocming down for the water for elephants premiere, but the HP CAST ARENT! how unfair is that? :(

message 36: by Neki (new)

Neki | 81 comments Snape is getting killed in a DIFF WAY???WTH! :(

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