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message 1: by Lisa, Group handmaid (new)

Lisa | 169 comments Mod
I'm not about to add books which are out and out heretical. Just so you all know, ok? :)

One other thing I think I'd like to mention here - this thread isn't meant to become a discussion about various groups themselves, or their viewpoints or practises per se. We're a group talking about our Catholic reading, not a discussion forum to debate this or that group.

Ok, with the disclaimer out there, here goes!

Has anyone read Abp. Lefebvre's biography? It's been recommended to me by a friend (I attend an Extraordinary Form Mass each week, so these things come up in conversation), and I'm quite interested in learning more about him, so hopefully in a few months' time I can get a copy and start reading. But I'm curious if anyone here has read it, and if you have, would you share your impressions of the book?

Many thanks in advance!

message 2: by L (new)

L | 20 comments No I haven't. I tried to look it up online and couldn't find it. You've peaked my curiosity, can't wait to hear from others about it.

message 3: by Lisa, Group handmaid (new)

Lisa | 169 comments Mod
It's available from Angelus Press.

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