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Cl. | 44 comments I have read Meek Heritage
and The Maid Silja.

In the first book, I was interested to read how the rural areas of Finland were affected by struggles of the greater world, such as Germany, Russia and Sweden. How sides and boundaries could change in an instant catching the "innocents" unprepared and unprotected.

I loved reading about rural life in Finland in both books, which spoke to me of the seasons and farm life in a northern country, similar to where I grew up. How important one's inheritance, one's name--perhaps the better part of one's assets, all told. Frugality and simplicity. Furniture and homes passed from generation to generation, worn and familiar.

The importance of stands of timber to the economy and the windfalls which could befall one; as well as the disasters which could take it all away.

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Can anyone tell me where one can obtain English translations of Silanpaa from?

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Cl. | 44 comments I found both books I read in the public library. Or did you wish to purchase them?

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Yes, that is the obvious solution, however there's quite a difference in what is stocked when you compare a library in an urban centre with what a small country town library has to offer. In my experience if I want to borrow anything which might be termed 'exotic' it must come through an inter-library loan service which when you take into account the time it takes and the extra charge, frequently makes me prefer to purchase second-hand. Mind you, since my wife invested in a Kindle for me at Christmas, a Kindle edition would be perfectly acceptable.

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