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This thread is for all the Cassandra Clare lovers out there! Discuss The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and any movie news you have!

Eeepp! I'm so excited for the movie!

This thread contains SPOILERS. Don't read it if you don't want to know!

The Mortal Instruments:
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls
City of Heavenly Fire

The Infernal Devices:
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince
Clockwork Princess

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If you don't already know, Lily Collins (The Blind Side; Priest) has already been cast as Clary.

Personally, I want Alex Pettyfer for Jace, he would be so perfect!

Movie news from Cassandra Clare on January 20th:

I know a lot of you have been waiting for updates, so first, here's a two-part interview with Lily Collins where she talks about playing Clary, her favorite scenes, and what she is looking forward to filming the most:



And I know (I know!) a lot of you have seen these articles floating around:




I wanted to wait till I could have an official chat with the studio folks before I said anything, so my small contribution is: I know Alex has met with the director, Scott Stewart, several times; I know he screened Scott's movie, Priest, and loved it; I know he read the TMI books over the holidays and really liked them and liked Jace, and his agents are representing him in negotiating making a deal for the role of Jace. At this point it's all about the deal, which really doesn't have anything to do with me, so I stand back and wait for news like the rest of you.

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) i thought i couldn't love any series more than i did harry potter or the hunger games, but i absolutely love the mortal instruments/infernal devices. i'm so glad to have two new books from cassandra clare this year!!

as for the movie, i'm hoping for alex pettyfer as jace, as well. keeping my fingers crossed, anyway. ;)

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Ok, so I looked at imdb last night, and he's totally on the cast list as Jace. I don't know if imdb is official or not, but I totally screamed when I saw that!

Here's the imdb profile for The Mortal Instruments!

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) yeah, i saw that a couple of days ago, but the author immediately dismissed it: http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_...

shucks. :(

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So lame! But I still think he'll get it. I heard he was talking to the director. He's also a fan favorite, I think there would be an uproar if he wasn't cast.

Who do you want to play Valentine?
I really want Viggo Mortensen (don't know if I spelled that right haha). I think he would be great and amazing! And it'd be interesting to see him play a bad guy.

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) yeah, i feel pretty heavily that he'll accept the role...i mean, he's already said in interviews that he likes the story and the character. not to mention, he'd be perfect! =)

i like viggo mortensen...and i could see him as valentine, but i was thinking more jason isaacs (lucius malfoy from hp) or hugo weaving (elrond from lotr).

you should create a thread for casting all of tmi: simon, alex, isabella, magnus, luke, jocelyn, etc. i'm having too much fun with this! :-)

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That's what this thread is for! :) And I'm having lots of fun too! Yay!

Oh! Either of those guys would be good! Man, I'm gonna be so disappointed if the movie sucks. But I actually think it's gonna be really good. I mean, look at the hype already, and they haven't even started casting it yet! They better get it done fast!

What do you think about Lily Collins for Clary? I haven't made up my mind yet.

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) perfect! :)

i don't think they could mess any book series up worse than they did twilight, imo, so i have hope for the tmi movies.

i'm not sure about lily collins, either. i was thinking more molly quinn...i haven't actually seen her in anything but i'm basing it on what i pictured clary would look like. i saw her listed as a possibility for 'foxface' in a hunger games casting poll (http://alicemarvels.squarespace.com/h...) and she was absolutely how i envisioned clary.

here are my casting picks at the moment but are *very* much subject to change:

jace: alex pettyfer
clary: molly quinn, assuming lily collins drops out :P
simon: aaron johnson
isabelle: i could see lucy hale in this role, but i'm not sure she's kick-butt enough
alec: gaspard ulliel
magnus: ed westwick, maybe?
luke: i always envisioned alec baldwin from beetlegeuse, but i think he's a little old for this part now...lol
jocelyn: julianne moore
valentine: jason isaacs
hodge: gary oldman
madame dorothea: there's a lady at work that i think would be perfect for this part, but as of right now, i don't have anyone else in mind =)
raphael: maybe alex meraz, but he seems a little older than i thought the character was

yeah, i know those are gonna change...lol.

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Gary Oldman as Hodge and Julianne Moore as Jocelyn would be so totally perfect! Wow, awesome picks! Have you heard any other rumors about the other actors?

I don't know any of the other actors on that list though, but I'm sure they're great! *goes to imdb to look up other actors*

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Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) unfortunately, i haven't heard anything else, except this, which will break my heart if it's true: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/.... he wouldn't do that to us, would he? i haven't even heard of that other book series before...i should just stop reading rumors and wait for an official announcement. it's agonizing! :(

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That article isn't coming up! What's it say?! I'm nervous to hear it haha. Bad news?

message 13: by Starry-Eyed Jen (new)

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) pretty much says alex pettyfer is a no-go. :(

here's the text from the article:

Alex Pettyfer Ditches One Young-Adult Movie Franchise for Another
• 1/27/11 at 10:30 PM

Photo: Walt Disney Studios
Talks between Screen Gems and reps for Alex Pettyfer have reached an impasse, and insiders familiar with the situation say the young Brit won’t be starring in the studio’s adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling young-adult books, The Mortal Instruments, after all. What happened? Insiders tell Vulture that Pettyfer has been offered the lead role in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' adaptation of Joseph Delaney’s best-selling YA series The Last Apprentice (known to U.K. readers as The Wardstone Chronicles), about a teenage boy training to be an exorcist in the 1700s. The project is heating up fast, our spies say, with Oscar nominees Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Lawrence possibly playing roles as well; Bridges is being offered the part of the exorcist to whom Pettyfer would be apprenticed, and Lawrence that of a suspected witch.
Meanwhile, a generous, multi-million-dollar offer to Pettyfer from Screen Gems remains on the table for Mortal Instruments. But even though he's a top choice of vocal Cassandra Clare fans to play the role of Jace, insiders now say a deal won’t be made: We’re told that as much as Pettyfer likes the Instruments series, he likes The Last Apprentice books even more. Perhaps it can be chalked up to fond childhood memories — a Brit like Delaney himself, Pettyfer is just 20, which means he’s old enough to have grown up with Delaney’s Spook’s books, which debuted when he was only 14 — but we hear he's mostly excited about working with visually inventive Russian director Sergey Bodrov, who directed 2005's Nomad and 2007's Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan.

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Oh no! I'd be so sad! He has to play Jace! :(

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**This post has SPOILERS for those who haven't finished City of Glass.**

Ok, so I have a somewhat rhetorical question about The Mortal Instruments books. I thought they ended so good in City of Glass. I mean, Jace and Clary were perfect. But Cassandra Clare is known for messing with relationships. My question: What the heck is she gonna do to mess with Clary and Jace?! They better not break up or anything. Ugh...I'd be so bummed!

Hmm...but I don't think she'll make them break up. She'll just make them have problems and stuff like that. I'm nervous though. What do you guys think?

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Shakira Laufer (shiver623) | 28 comments Amy wrote: "**This post has SPOILERS for those who haven't finished City of Glass.**

Ok, so I have a somewhat rhetorical question about The Mortal Instruments books. I thought they ended so good in City of Gl..."

I agree. She will definitely introduce more problems into their relationship--which will surely suck, because haven't they been through ENOUGH already? Also, I'm glad that their are more books coming out in the Mortal Instrument series because I'm totally in love with these books, but I think it's just a little bit of an overkill because City of Glass ended so well...What do you think?

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I loved the ending of City of Glass! I thought it was perfect! But I agree with you. Even though I love that everything ended well, I still crave these books and three more are great! I think she'll mess with their relationship, but they'll still be together. There'd be a fan outcry if they didn't end up together!

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I've been stalking the imdb profile for The Mortal Instruments. Some dude named Gaspard Ulliel has been cast as Alec. Anyone heard of him? I haven't, but he's pretty hot haha.

Oh, also, Jeannette, imdb says that Alex Pettyfer is no longer attached to star, so I guess you were right. I hope he changes his mind!

Who would you guys want to play Jace if Alex Pettyfer doesn't? I was thinking Garrett Hedlund, because he's super hot, and I can kinda see him as Jace (even though he's way too old!). I don't know who I'd want to play Jace!

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Shakira Laufer (shiver623) | 28 comments Yeah It's kind of depressing that Alex Pettyfer wont play Jace, but I know he also just filmed I Am Number Four (which I'm totally psyched about because that book is amazing) so he's a pretty busy guy.And I looked up that guy Gaspard Ulliel and apparently he is a french actor that has done a few movies here and there. He's pretty hot though, I will admit. To bad he has to play a gay guy...

message 20: by Shakira (new)

Shakira Laufer (shiver623) | 28 comments Max Thieriot would play a great Jace or maybe Jeremy Sumpter. Drew Roy would be a good Alec, too. What do you think?

message 21: by Starry-Eyed Jen (new)

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) Amy wrote: "I've been stalking the imdb profile for The Mortal Instruments. Some dude named Gaspard Ulliel has been cast as Alec. Anyone heard of him? I haven't, but he's pretty hot haha.

Oh, also, Jeannette..."

hey, that's who i thought should play alec! he's just what i pictured alec looking like, ya know?

also, i saw douglas booth (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3150488/) is meeting with screen jems for the role of jace. he's hot...i think he's a good second choice since alex pettyfer is out. also, i read that alex was meeting with lionsgate to potentially play the role of peeta in the hunger games movie. if he had to give up on the mortal instruments for another series, i'd be glad it's that one!

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Shakira: Hmmm...I don't know about Max Thieriot. He's not quite what I pictured haha. But dang! Jeremy Sumpter is hot! I wouldn't mind him! He's definitely grown up since Peter Pan...yum! :)

Jeannette: Wow, he is totally hot! He's so young though! But maybe that's a good thing? Staying truer to the characters. But the girl playing Clary is like 21. That would be weird lol.

Alex for Peeta?! No! He's Jace!!! *expletive!* Ugh! I guess he would be ok as Peeta, but, *sigh*, why can't he play Jace?! Lame!

message 23: by Starry-Eyed Jen (new)

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) did you see that cassandra clare is releasing the first chapter of city of fallen angels in pieces via five different blogs?!? http://cassandraclare.livejournal.com/ eeep!! i'm so excited for this book!!! :D now i just need some more teasers from clockwork prince!!

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OMG! I was at B&N the other day and the whole first chapter of City of Fallen Angels is in the back of the paperback copy of City of Glass. I totally stood there reading it for like fifteen minutes and I was late to school! I am so obsessed with this series!

I can't wait for the cover of Clockwork Prince! I think it comes out in May right?

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Geetha | 4 comments Amy: I can't wait for the cover of Clockwork Prince! I think it comes out in May right?

OMG! The cover comes out in May? Now only if the book would come out sooner.

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I know! Ugh! So long to wait. It's like Cassandra Clare likes to torment us!

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Darren Criss rumored to be playing Magnus! I've never heard of him! Haha :)


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Bethany Amy wrote: "OMG! I was at B&N the other day and the whole first chapter of City of Fallen Angels is in the back of the paperback copy of City of Glass. I totally stood there reading it for like fifteen minutes..."

WHAT!?!?!? I have to find that book!! OMG!!!
I like Jeremy sumpter for Jace...he played Peter Pan and he was sooo cute and a good actor even at a young age.
I like gary oldman for hodge.I think lucy hale is too short to play isabelle...i picture her really tall and thin.
Darren Criss is from GLEE and he's awesome!!! I love him. I hope that one sticks cuz he's only rumored on IMDB.

Amy, I mean this in the nicest way possible but, i really don't like you because you've read the first chapter of CoFA, lol. No, i'm happy for you...just REALLY, REALLY jealous.

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Bethany! You totally have to be like me and go stand in the Teen section of Barnes and Noble for 20 minutes just reading the first chapter of CoFA from CoG! Only the cool people like me get weird looks from other people :)

message 30: by Bethany (new)

Bethany I am all for dirty looks!! I would live in Barnes and Noble if I could. I live in Port Angeles, WA. It's a small enough town that we don't have a B&N. We do have book stores though...i'll will have to go hunting for that book now.

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Yes you definitely should!

Oh, wait! I was just looking at The Story Siren's website. Cassandra Clare has posted five parts of the first chapter at five different blogs. I think it's like a puzzle or something. I would be way to lazy too figure it all out, but if you're not, here's the post from the Story Siren!


Oh, I think she's posting the whole thing sometime next week too!

Port Angeles from Twilight?!

message 32: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Nope, that's the one. I live like an hour away from Forks.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Haha that is so awesome!

message 34: by Bethany (new)

Bethany It is pretty cool in some ways. When my friend and i went to watch New Moon and the part comes where Bella and Jessica come out of the movie theatre in Port Angeles...I totally started laughing and was like, "that's the same theatre that we are sitting in...weird." Not literally because the movies weren't shot here, but still...it was funny.

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Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) okay, amy, i saw 'i am number four' this weekend, and you're right...now i can't imagine ANYONE else playing jace other than the pettyfer. nothing's set in stone, so i still have my fingers crossed, lol.

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Guys! So I was watching Race to Witch Mountain this morning, and I had an epiphany! This kid could totally be Jace if Alex Pettyfer doesn't do it! His name is Alexander Ludwig. Here is his imdb profile and a pic:


He's hot, even though he's pretty young. I could see him playing Jace!

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Bethany I saw I am number four too!!! So goood.
Yeah, i dunno...he seems too young, he doesn't have a manly enough face yet, but he is really cute.
I like Drew Van Acker. He is really HOT! Picture him with like bleach blond hair...whew!

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He's hot too!! Man, all this speculation is bumming me out! Please play Jace Alex Pettyfer!!

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So....Ed Speelers rumored as Jace? Hmmm..........not sure about my feelings on this one. I didn't even know who he was until I looked at his imdb profile and, oh ya!! ERAGON! Wow! I don't think I would mind him as Jace! Even though on imdb, both him and Alex are "rumored" as Jace. I don't know what to think anymore. How do you guys feel about this?


message 40: by Starry-Eyed Jen (new)

Starry-Eyed Jen (starryeyedjen) i could see him as jace, though i'd still prefer the pettyfer play the part. :P

message 41: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Arrrrggh!!! I don't know. I think he looks too innocent, honestly. But, as i've said before, it all depends on whether or not the guy can act. If he can portray the character then more power to him. Please, please....just pick a good actor!!!

message 42: by Bethany (new)

Bethany I have to add....I'm getting awfully peeved with IMDB!!! I hate that they taunt us with terms like 'rumored' and 'unconfirmed'...it's sooooo damn frustrating. I just want them to leave the stupid page alone until the actor IS confirmed....all the speculation makes me CRAZY!!!

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you! That's what I want too! We should write a letter! Haha :) But I actually think it's the fault of the casting directors of the movie. I bet they already have all the parts cast and just haven't told imdb yet!

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Guys...If you've read CoFA, then READ THIS BLOG POST by Cassandra Clare! She gives hints at so many unanswered questions! And she's super hilarious. Don't read it if you haven't read CoFA because it has spoilers!


Also, should I make a separate thread to discuss CoFA (jeez, we should have already been discussing it!) or should we do it in this one? Because this is a spoiler thread for the whole series, so that would make it ok, right? I'll take a quick survey! :)

message 45: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Thanks Amy! That was super funny and very informative.

I don't know about everyone else, but I REALLY liked the ending. I like those kinda crazy endings that leave you to wonder...'How the heck are they gonna get out of THAT?'

message 46: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 23, 2011 05:35PM) (new)


The ending was kinda a WTF moment for me. I was like, did that really just happen?! Everything ended great and bam! massive cliffhanger. Darn you Cassandra Clare! I get what you mean though, I want to know how they're gonna get out of it! Freaking Jace...

message 47: by Shari (new)

Shari (sharik) | 18 comments I read CoFA a few days after it's release and loved every word, until the final two paragraphs and then I was mentally yelling "NO! NO! OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT!" lol. I love a good cliffhanger but OMG I dunno how I'll handle waiting in this unknown until the next book :)

message 48: by Beatrix (last edited May 20, 2011 06:37PM) (new)

Beatrix (smiley_omnomnom) As for Jace, in my opinion, Alexander Ludwig. <3


I loved TMI and IF so much. I think I love IF a little more, but they're both pretty amazing. <3
I have my little crushes in both series, of course. Jordan Kyle in CoFA and Jem in CA. Jem Jem Jem Jem. <333

CoFA sort of ruined TMI for me, just because I didn't like how it was executed. The plot fascinated me, but the writing, eh eh.

message 49: by [deleted user] (last edited May 21, 2011 03:57PM) (new)

Alexander Ludwig would be great! I don't think they're even considering Alex Pettyfer anymore...lame. Alexander Ludwig is playing Cato in the Hunger Games though. I've heard they're in talks with the guy that played Eragon. I think he would be pretty good.

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Jace has been cast!

Jamie Campbell Bower!


His imdb profile pic is super ugly. Go look at the pic on Cassandra Clare's blog post. And while you're there, read what she wrote about him...


I'm really sad it's not Alex Pettyfer, but after reading what Cassandra Clare had to say about him, and seeing his picture, I can kinda see it. I'll think he'll do pretty good, but I'm reserving judgement until the actual movie haha. I'm just glad things are finally happening! So excited! :)

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