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Last night was my first time seeing the movie The Blind Side and I've watched it again this morning. I've recorded it, when it came on this morning.

This is a good funny movie. This movie shows that family is color blind.

I know that although a movie is based on someone's real life, things are added in the movie for entertainment and that's why I thought that Sandra was bringing extra to her character, but after watching commentaries on the show a few minutes ago - I've learned that was how the real Leigh Anne was.

The movie reminds me of For The Roses by Julie Garwood. A tight family. They had each other back.

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Ghostfreak | 4 comments I liked this movie a lot...I wish people saw it for what it was...

I think the term 'color blind' isn't quite the word one should be using nowadays.

Ideally, it would be perfect if the world was color blind. But Leigh Anne was aware of the lack of diversity at the school and wanted to address it...

I'm glad they brought this point up. That it wasn't just another white family adopting a minority child and pretending there's no difference between the two. Leigh Anne was very aware of their difference and was ready to make her son as comfortable as he could be.

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I've used color blind, because the family was color blind.

A lot of people would not adopt a child, unless it's the same race as they are.

I'm color blind. I don't see color.

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Ghostfreak | 4 comments But they did see color...Why else would she address the lack of diversity within the school?

In fact a 'purely colorblind' parent can have scarring effects on a child within an interracial adoption.

The parent must be aware of the child's race and the world around them.

There perhaps is some color 'blindness' to Leigh Anne but I like the fact that she was aware of potential issues which would make her son uncomfortable.

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When I speak about color blind, I'm talking about they didn't care that the young man was black. That's color blind. They didn't treat him any different than they treated their birth children. That's color blind.

He wasn't their adopted son, he was their son. That's how they've introduced him.

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