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Ministry of Magic > Atrium (Main Ministry area where fountains,and fireplaces are)

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General RP for the Ministry of Magic.

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Nyx and Patrick arrived in the Ministry. "Well come on, we'd better be going," Nyx said, "But don't forget to cover your head. I'm not sure all the Ministry employees would enjoy students in their midst." Patrick did so, and led Nyx over to the directory. "Looks like the courtrooms are on level 8... but I think we should fid you sister and Serena, what do you think?" Nyx readily agreed. "I think I know where we can find them..." And with that, Patrick and Nyx set off to the Dept. of Mysteries.

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Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) Serena was small. So far she had gone unnoticed. She kept to the edge of the walls. When the door was clear, she ran out. Once outside, "Accio broom." Her broom came right to her. She hopped on and flew away back to school.

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