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message 1: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Enuton (gooberella) | 23 comments Hi,

I'm currently trying to help my aunt with her non-fiction manuscript. She has sent out the manuscript to some agents and have gotten some good feedback on it however no offers of a contract. I suggested to her that maybe a swap with someone else who writes non-fiction/memior to get some unbiased feedback. Would anyone be interested in doing a swap? Preferable non-fiction/memoir so she can stay focused on that type of writing style. I did put her manuscript through Lulu for her so she could have it in book form and see what it would look like as a book. Her goal is to find a traditional publisher.


message 2: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Pilgrim (oldgeezer) | 140 comments Why?
Why does it have to be a 'traditional' publisher?
They'll take ALL the rites and most of the money.
If any conventional publisher finds out it's already been through Lulu, they won't even bother to read it! You'll get a 'nice' letter saying 'thank you for considering us, but unfortunately it doesn't fit with our current publishing strategy' or something similar, that's if they bother at all.
Unless your aunt is a celebrity, you'll get very little help even if you do find one, however compelling the book might be.
I'm not trying to put you or your aunt down, far from it, I'm just telling it how it is. I take it you have already formatted the manuscript for Lulu, if you have the file, ready to go, complete with cover, have a word with Richard Fitt, the boss of Authors OnLine. He's as straight as they come, ask what you like, you'll get an honest answer, it might not be what you wanted to hear, but I promise it will be honest. I've published 3 books with him and will be useing him again. They use P.O.D. the quality is brilliant,and they are pretty quick, where you live doesn't matter. But beware, there are sharks all over the place looking for an easy meal. Always do a google search on any potential publisher before agreeing to any thing. Writers weekly [Angela Hoy] is a good place to check.
I wish you and your Aunt all the best in your endeavors.
All the best Paul Rix [oldgeezer]

message 3: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Enuton (gooberella) | 23 comments hi, thanks for your reply and advice. As for the traditional publisher route, it's just a nice way to have your books available through the bookstores. I myself am self published. I write kids fiction fantasy and am now in the marketing phase which is a butt kicker itself. I go to schools, book fairs etc. My aunt would rather not go the marketing path, she wants her book available for people she may be able to help go through what she went through. That's why she is seeking a tradional publisher. As for Lulu, I did not publish her book with them, I just put it in book form. Therefore, there is no ISBN or barcode. And I agree when you say unless you're a celebrity...It's a pretty sad day when Snookie can put out a book. I'll check out your friend Richard Fitt.

Thanks again,

message 4: by Nina (new)

Nina | 3 comments Unfortunately, the publishing industry is not what it used to be. Even with a traditional publisher your aunt will be doing all the marketing/promotion work. I also highyl recommend Anglea Hoy- I am published through her POD company and it has been an incredible experience. It is a fam ily owned and run business and they are wonderful to work with.

message 5: by A. (new)

A. Mcginley (amcginley) | 5 comments I am interested in a Non Fiction Memoirs Group. Tell me where it is and I will be there. My book fits in that category. It is a true story of my life from 5 to 72 called Attic Alone, An Ex Jehovah's Witness Finds the Church. I published with iUniverse after trying the traditional route and most want to be contacted by an agent. I figured that if needed to pay an agent, I might as well invest in myself and self publish with an Internet company. I have been pleased with iUniverse. All the companies have gripes/complaints against them, but some people go into it thinking they have a best seller and should be an overnight success and makes lots of money. When it doesn't happen, they blame the publisher. My book is only out four months and someone asked me how many books have I sold and how much money did I make. This person thinks authors should have a day by day account of sales and royalties. I explained the process to him and told him that if money is his only motive for sharing his story, he might be very disappointed.

message 6: by Erin (new)

Erin Lale (erinlale) | 11 comments Hi Gooberella, if you're interested in doing a review exchange, I'd be interested. I'm the author of a recently published memoir, Greater Than the Sum of My Parts: My Triumph Over Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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