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so medieval magic?

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right here!

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Rcathers | 7 comments yep! can you put your profile first? I like to work off others! :3

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yep! wait a boy or girl?

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Rcathers | 7 comments doesn't matter to me!

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kk I'll do girl

Name: Jessie
rank: villager
Personality: hates being a girl. she acts like a boy a lot. Tries to wear pants a lot, and acts like a boy. Smart and caring bu poor. She never likes when people do favors for her, and always tries to replay them. Also she seems to have a "Connection" with animals, handling them and caring for them. She doesn't own any pets, too poor. She does love learning and goes to the book store a lot. Hates dresses and fancy things
family: none
history: both her parents and brother are dead. Her father died from a sickness, and her mother died from childbirth. Her mother though is a "witch" or had the power to talk to animals. Jessie can do this to, but she never told anyone because they would think she is crazy.
other: talks to animals. She does "Odd jobs" doing what ever she can to make money

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Rcathers | 7 comments kk!
Name: Keegan
Age: 16
Rank: Servant of the Royal's.
Personality: Caring, loving, smart, quick thinker, thinks about other people before himself.
Family: His father's dead because he faught in a battle and got killed and his mother is in another village. He ran from his village to the kingdom because the people were close to finding out his secret.
History: He's known to be oblivious to girls liking him and usually has more girls as friends than boys.
Other: He's a warlock and he has a black cat called Jiji that he saved when he was 10 and follows him around willingly. They're like best friends because he can understand what Jiji is saying.

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ok cool! i added things to Jessie! shall we start?

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