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message 1: by αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє, tнє нαℓf-вℓσσ∂ ρяιи¢єѕѕ :3 ♥ (new)

αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє єvαηs | 830 comments Mod
Located at 93 Diagon Alley, it is a joke shop in owned by Fred and George Weasley. It sells practical joke objects, such as Extendable Ears, a Reusable Hangman, and Fred and George's special WonderWitch products, such as love potions and ten-second pimple remover. There is also a section of Muggle magic tricks in honour of their father Arthur. They're not big sellers, but they do fairly well.

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Laura went in and bought a Pygmy Puff.

message 3: by ●Aaron● (new)

●Aaron● (aaronvail) | 128 comments Aaron walked in and bought a fake wand :)

message 4: by αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє, tнє нαℓf-вℓσσ∂ ρяιи¢єѕѕ :3 ♥ (new)

αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє єvαηs | 830 comments Mod
((Just a question... But what good does a fake wand do?))

message 5: by Minh (new)

Minh (cassandrale179) (( Ohm, you use it to trade some person's real wand))

message 6: by αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє, tнє нαℓf-вℓσσ∂ ρяιи¢єѕѕ :3 ♥ (new)

αℓℓєx / ℓєxι / ∂αиαє єvαηs | 830 comments Mod
((But wouldn't they notice? It would look different...))

message 7: by ●Aaron● (new)

●Aaron● (aaronvail) | 128 comments ((Its one of George and Fred's prank inventions! You switch it out with someones real wand and the fake one will do something crazy like turn into a rubber chicken.. lol))

message 8: by Talia, sǝʎ (new)

Talia | 439 comments Mod
Talia goes in to check out the wide array of interesting pranks, this was her personal heaven.

message 9: by Minh (new)

Minh (cassandrale179) (( LOL, Talia is so naughty))

message 10: by Minh (new)

Minh (cassandrale179) Irene came in and saw Talia. " Hi", she said. " What are you going to buy?"

message 11: by Talia, sǝʎ (new)

Talia | 439 comments Mod
"Not sure yet," she smiled wickedly "I could always buy everything"

message 12: by Talia, sǝʎ (new)

Talia | 439 comments Mod
Cite179 ( Irene ) wrote: "(( LOL, Talia is so naughty))"

(( ;P ))

message 13: by Helena (new)

Helena (wwwgoodreadscomhelenasavolaine1) | 386 comments Helena walks in and sees Talia, standing and looking with wide eyes at the array of amazing pranks.
"Hey Talia! SO, what are you gonna buy? I might buy a powder puff or a fake wand, but then again, 10 second pimple remover wold be helpful if I ever need it, but maybe a get sick quick potion for me and my best friend to get out of exams would help to, but them the teachers would probably think something is going on because we both got the same thing at the exact same time, oh and please let me now if I ever talk to much because I don't want to be a bother to you or anything like that because sometimes I make run on sentences and I don't notice because I run out of breath and then I faint, but that usually doesn't happen until I talk for 5 minutes on end, but you know I do feel kinda woozy....." Suddenly, Helena Fainted and everyone stared directly at her. Even though Helena was out cold, she could feel the cold stares staring straight at her unconsious body. She was sweating, she could feel it. Even though she was out cold, she new that she was sweating with nervousness and of course, a lack of air in her lungs.

message 14: by Talia, sǝʎ (new)

Talia | 439 comments Mod
Talia was listening to Helena drone on about something to do with exams when suddenly BOOM she fainted. "OHMIGOSH! I'll call 911...wait NO we're in England. DANG. ILL GO GET THE NURSE" She ran out to get the nurse

message 15: by Helena (new)

Helena (wwwgoodreadscomhelenasavolaine1) | 386 comments As Helena laid there, she could sense her friend Talia Coming to her with the nurse. Even though she wanted to get up, her muscles wouldn't move. She was still alive, but in a state of slight coma and unconsiusness. She hated her problem with run on sentences. She MUST see someone about that.....

message 16: by Helena (new)

Helena (wwwgoodreadscomhelenasavolaine1) | 386 comments As the nurse treated Helena and tried to get her to come to, Helena just shot back to life and yelled,"NOOOOOOO!!!!!! GET AWAY!" and then fell back to the floor, in a worse coma than before.

message 17: by Minh (new)

Minh (cassandrale179) " Poor, Helena", Irene stood there worriedly and looked as the nurse bend down to help her. " Why do you talk so much?"
(( LOL ))

message 18: by Helena (new)

Helena (wwwgoodreadscomhelenasavolaine1) | 386 comments (( I can't tell you. I'm in a coma))

message 19: by Minh (new)

Minh (cassandrale179) (( ok ))

☮ Brielle ☮HP Addict | 129 comments Roxy walked in and headed straight to the pygmy puffs. "Wow, they're even cuter in person!" she squealed. She picked one in the middle and bought it straight away. Too bad I spent all my money...

message 21: by Omega (new)

Omega | 3 comments Omega runs toward the pygmy puffs with her friends.A blue one longingly stares at her.She takes no hesitation to pick it up.Putting it on her shoulder she walks to the cash register.But before she gets there she sees the love potions.She thinks of that cute boy she saw in Herbology who does not even know she exists,but she turns her head ashamed she even thought about it.

message 22: by Helena (new)

Helena (wwwgoodreadscomhelenasavolaine1) | 386 comments Shaylan walked over to the pygmy puffs. She got a Purple one and a blue one. She smiled.

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