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Should Novels Carry Messages?

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Gerald Samuel Goldwyn (or G.B. Shaw, or somebody else) supposedly said, "If you want to send a message, call Western Union." Myself, I write my novels to deliver messages, but the reason I use novels is to involve the readers so they "experience" the messages in empathy with the characters. The novel, therefore, must strongly engage the reader as a "good read," not as a Western Union telegram.

But some reviewers attack novels that carry messages, and some writers swear they eschew messages as bad literature. So, I'm asking you. as readers. critics, and authors, how you feel about messages hidden in stories.

Gerald BTW, Weinberg on Writing is also available as a Kindle book. eBooks are one more way to send messages.

• Amazon Store: amazon.com/-/e/B000AP8TZ8

Tony The Kindle book is a mess, though — probably the worst I've ever bought. Random line-breaks everywhere, and most of the first chapter has only one sentence per page. If the content wasn't so good, I'd have been trying to get a refund!

Gerald Tony,
I'm sorry it was a mess. I checked into it, and somehow the first chapter of what I sent up got mishmashed. Pretty much it seems to be only the first chapter, so I fixed it and uploaded the book again. It usually takes 2-3 days for Kindle to complete the process for a new book, but I have no idea what it will take for uploading a correction, as this is the first one I've had to do. At least it was the first one that any reader was as kind as you, Tony. I really appreciate the feedback.

I believe you can download it again at no charge--give it 2-3 days. If it doesn't improve, email me and I'll send you as clean a copy as I have in any format you wish. I now have a mobi copy that looks much, much better. (Also, check from Chapter 2 onward. If my research is right, those chapters should be in a much more readable format.

Again, Tony, thank you very, very much. [I tend not to be superstitious, but maybe this was a Friday the Thirteenth happening. ;-)]

Jerry Weinberg

Tony Wow. That's excellent, thanks. I'm pretty sure there were some problems beyond Chapter 1, but I'll keep an eye out for any others, and let you know about them.

Gerald That would be super.

Thanks, Tony.

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