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I have only read one book so far which is "The Winter Ghost". I found it a disapointing read which seemed to drag so found myself rushing to finish it.

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No 2 The Dark Room by Walters, Minette
I have never read books by this author before so it was a nice change for me. I really enjoyed reading this book, which kept me guessing to the end who the murder really was......

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No3 Hard Girls by Cole, Martina

One of my favorite authors, so was looking forward to reading this and was not disapointed.

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No4 The Family by Cole, Martina

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No5 Legacy by Steele,Danielle

I enjoyed the book as the story was based on researching the leading Character family tree, which is also a hobby of mine. I just feel that earlier Danielle Steele books are so much better than the more recently published books.

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No6 The Alchemist by Coelho,Paulo

Did not like this book at all :( I found it boring & a struggle to read.

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No7 Marshmellows for Breakfast by Koomson,Dorothy

When Kendra returns to England, she rents a flat from Kyle & starts a new job. She gets to know her landlords two children Summer & Jaxon which became part of her life. With help from Kyle & the kids she faces a dark secret from her past.

Easy to read book which was fun to read even thou it covered some serious issues.

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No 8 44 Charles Street by Steele, Danielle

Francesca life has been turned upside down , when her partner of 5 years moved out. Putting an advert on the net for lodgers to help pay the bills, she ends up becoming close to each one & seeing them as family instead of just roommates.

Enjoyable, easy to read book with a simple plot which was easy to follow even thou it was dealing with strong subject matter.

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No 9 The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ by Pullman, Philip

I did not enjoy this book as much as I wanted to as this is not a subject I would tend to read but was just looking for something diffrent from the norm. I appreciate how clever the author was by looking at the story of Christ from another point of view and putting a totally diffrent spin on the story.

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No 10 The Driver by Heller, Mandasue

Eddie Quinn is the hardest man on the estate. Everyone knows that it’s a bad idea to cross him, or his pit bull. But everyone also knows he's honest, as drug dealers go. Joe’s pleased when Eddie offers him a job.
But then he meets Katya. A prostitute. A slave. And desperate to escape from Eddie.

I was expecting the story to be in the same league as Martina Cole, but to be honest though it was the poor man`s version. So you can imagine I was a bit disapointed in it.

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No 11 Blood Brothers by Cox, Josephine

About Alice who was to marry Frank , but fell in love with his brother Joe. Realising she made a mistake by marrying the wrong brother, she had to face the outcome & how it affected both families.

It was an easy read but was predictable on how it was gonna end.

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No 12 Lament by Stiefvater, Maggie

About a young girl called Dee , who is a talented musician. She also finds out she is a cloverhand, someone who can see faeries. When she meets the attractive Luke, she realises her life & her family could be in danger.

It was a dull & disapointing read for me. After reading Shiver, I expected the same quailty but did not get it.

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No 13 Famliy Ties by Steele, Danielle

Easy to read book about relationships between a woman & the 3 children she brought up, when her sister & husband died in a plane crash.

Enjoyable & worth a look at .....

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No 14 Broken by Cole, Martina

The story is based around Kate(police office), her partner Patrick (gangster)& the case she is working on to do with children being abandoned.

I love reading Martina Cole as you can tell by looking through the list & she is always entertaining right up to the end.

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