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The Owlery is a room on the top of Hogwarts Castle's West Tower, where the school owls and the owls belonging to students live during the school year.


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Danae walked up to the owlery with her cage occupied by her newly-bought pet in hand. She gently open the cage and held out her arm for her to jump onto. And so it did, and Danae smiled. "I think I'll name you... Athena. After the Greek Goddess of War."

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Minh (cassandrale179) Irene walked behind. She stroke its head - Witch - her owl. She put out a letter then gave to Witch, " Send for my family, ok", she asked. The owl made a small sound like an agree, then flew away.
She turned her head then asked, " Hey, is that your owl, it's so cute."

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Danae turned at the sound of someone speaking to her. She looked at Athena, and back at Irene and smiled. "Yes, I bought her just today. I love tawny owls... they're pretty cute."

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Minh (cassandrale179) (( wait, you are professor or student?))

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((Well, in Charms class I'm a professor, and I'll say if I'll be roleplaying as the Headmistress, so right now, I'm a student.))

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Minh (cassandrale179) (( Thanks for the information))

"What's your owl name?", Irene asked. She walked toward Danae and her beautiful tawny owl.

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●Aaron● (aaronvail) | 128 comments Aaron comes in and gets out his new snowy owl named Garry. "Nice looking owl Lauren. Take a look at Garry" as he smiled petting Garry on the head

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●Aaron● (aaronvail) | 128 comments "Cool!" Aaron replied as he fed Garry a treat

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Cite179 wrote: "(( Thanks for the information))

"What's your owl name?", Irene asked. She walked toward Danae and her beautiful tawny owl."

Danae smiled brightly. "Her name is Athena, after the Goddess of War! The storekeeper said she was... eh... violent." She said in the same tone of the manager. "Haha. I thought it was fitting."

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Danae raised her eyebrows. "That's awesome! What kind of owl is yours?"

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Danae smiled. "He's so cute."

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"A tawny owl! I love their big eyes. I think this one has bigger eyes than usual... and she kinda looks like she was born a midget or something, so its even better!" She exclamied with pride.

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"I agree!" Danae laughed.

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"Thanks, you as well!" Danae said. "I'll see you later." And smiled.

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Minh (cassandrale179) " I think I'll be late for my class, too", Irene said as she looked Lauren walked toward her Art class, " Nice talking", she said to Danae.

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Minh (cassandrale179) (( Yeah, maybe, I don't know))

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Jessica | 205 comments Jessica walked in with SnowAngel and said "This is your new home and you can make lots of friends." While SnowAngel made herself comfortable, Jessica left.

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Sarah Nolasco (gollywomp) Euphoria ste[pped in and petted a owl

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Maryann (little_book_worm) *looks around, find a snow white Owl and names it Angel*

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Hanna[h] Cumberbatch (andthetheyburiedmemummble) | 1520 comments hanna went on and put her white owl Courage back in he's cage, she always new which one was hers because of the small black mark that was above his right eye. not to mention how he always whooted crazaly when he saw her. Hanna chuckled at the thought and left the room but not before giving Courage a small kiss.

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Diana Diana went into the owlery and looked for her owl. "Cassius! Com here." She held out her arm for him to land on. When the owl landed she took a letter from the pocket of her robe.
"Take this to father," she said. "And make sure no one but father or mother reads it."
She then gave the owl the letter and walked over to the window while it was still sitting on her arm. When the owl flew away with the letter she kept standing there watching the owl with a smirk on her face.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Felicia walked in with a letter that she sent out with one of the school's owls. She decided that she would have to get herself an owl sooner or later.

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Diana Diana turned away from the window and saw Felicia and sneered.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Felicia watched the owl fly away and turned to look at Diana with a fake smile and a rasied eyebrow.

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Diana "Sending a letter home to tell your mum and dad about your new boyfriend and how I followed you here?" she drawled.

((Same goes for me.))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Sending a letter home to tell your mum and dad about you new plan to kill all muggles and make Slytherin the only house in Hogwarts?" she replied as she made sure her wand was in place. She wasn't going to be caught off guard again.

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Diana "You caught me, Johnson. Now what are you going to do to stop my father, mother and me? Make up a plan with your blood traitor boyfriend?" she said smiling evilly.

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Felicia laughed a little. "It's amazing how you always use the same words. 'Mudblood' and 'blood traitor'. Hey, try saying 'egocentric narrow-minded shell'," she said, saying the last three words very slow like the way you speak to a child when you teach them a new word.

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Diana "Well.. Johnson what would you rather have I call you? My sweetheart? 'Cause that won't happen," she said ignoring Felicia's last comment.

((I've become so bad at this! Sorry Felicia! It's not like back in the old days! D:))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Felicia walked away from the window towards the door - or whatever sort of thing that leads out of the owlery. "No thanks, I'd rather you didn't."

(( No, but back then you were forced to answer quickly, so the comments and answers kinda just came to you. ))

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Diana Diana followed her. "Good. Cause I couldn't stand to call someone as filthy as you something like that.. Actually.. I might start calling you that, since I wouldn't call anyone I actually like sweetheart."

((Yeah, and I haven't done this for years! So it might get better.. I hope.))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Felicia looked back at her. "Wait, you're following me?" she asked. "I do hope you don't stalk me like that everyday, because you should have better things to do."

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Diana Diana raised an eyebrow. "You do know that this is the only way out of the Owlery? Well.. Except for the window, which I refuse to take."

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Oh," Felicia said with a smile at the idea of the window. "Try. It might be fun."

(( Okay, I gotta go, but keep posting. I'll be online tomorrow and since we'e on the same time, I think it'll work xD ))

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Diana "I'm not suicidal.. But why don't you try? I would love to give you a helping hand on the way out." She grinned evilly.

((I hope to be only tomorrow.. Depends on my homework and how much I have to do in chinese..))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "No thanks, I enjoy being alive," she said. "It's really fun, especially when you're around. Aren't you glad that you make another person so happy?" She smiled sweetly at Diana with eyes full of hate.

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Diana "Now I can die happy knowing that I made your life worth living!" she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "But are you sure you wouldn't try the window? If it the hight your afraid of.. Just close your eyes and I'll push you." She flashed Felicia a fake smile.

((Why do you have to distract me from my english essay, Felicia? D: I still need over half of it, chinese homework and psychology homework. Sigh.))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) "Nah, I'll be all right," she replied. "But I'm gonna go. I have better things to do than talking to you."

(( Sorry! :D ))

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Diana "If you say so, Johnson.. Just say the word if you need a push, right sweetheart?" she said and walked passed her and out of the owlery.

((It's okay. I've done quite a lot of it while waiting for you to answer. :D))

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Felicia (feliciajoe) Felicia turned to look out of the window again and waited a little while before she left.

(( Damn you! You took the sweetheart-line. I planned on using that. ))

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Diana ((Sorry. xD You can slap me when you see me? Then we're even? xD))

☮ Brielle ☮HP Addict | 129 comments Roxy smiles and finds Kara, her owl, and grabs the bag of owl pellets. "Hi, girl. Do you like your new friends?" she asks while taking in all of the different owls. Roxy lets Kara eat a few pellets then waves at the owls and walks out, heading for the library.

☮ Brielle ☮HP Addict | 129 comments Roxy walks up to Kara and nudges her a bit, waking her up. "Sorry to wake you up, but can you take this to mum? It can wait until morning, but mum might send Terra tomorrow, so if you can, just take this now. I'll get you some treats tomorrow if you do." Roxy whispered. The owl nipped her finger, but chirped as if in agreement. Roxy tied the envelope to Kara's leg, and Kara flew off. "Remember, to mum!" She called into the darkness.

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Minh (cassandrale179) Irene walked to the Owlery. She waited for Witch to came back. But she didn't have to wait for a long time 'cause Oh, there it was. She could realized its whole black body on the sky. When it landed, she realized it was a letter from a mom. She picked up the letter and hided in her cloak, then she gave Witch a sad look.
The owl seemed understand her, it gave her back a small cry like a solace.

☮ Brielle ☮HP Addict | 129 comments Roxy walked in and looked for Kara. She figured Kara would be slower than usual, she'd left a bit later in the night. I should get those owl treats... She'll be wanting them when she comes back. And if I don't oh God.. My finger'll be pecked off. So with that thought, Roxy raced off.

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Minh (cassandrale179) Irene walked back to her dormitory and glanced at Roxy. She haven't met her before. Maybe she was a new student.

☮ Brielle ☮HP Addict | 129 comments Just as Roxy was out the door, she caught a glimpse of Irene and wondered if she was being rude not to say hi. She sure didn't want to be re-named as a rude first year, so she ran back inside. "Hi! I'm Roxanna, but Roxy is a better name, I think." Roxy smiled.

☮ Brielle ☮HP Addict | 129 comments (( Brb I have to take a shower right quick ))

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Minh (cassandrale179) " Ohm, nice to meet you Roxy", Irene replied. "But if you are in a hurry, then you can go."

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