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message 1: by Akanksha (last edited Jan 21, 2011 06:57AM) (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Once upon a time long long ago, there lived a clan of story weavers. Their job was to protect the old stories and an age old secret that no one knew about. It was rumoured that these story weavers could create actual characters with the power of their words and it was this knowledge that they guarded with such secrecy. Alas nobody knew the truth. One day, a group of curious teenage story weavers decided to open the vault which according to legend contained the most powerful secrets of all time. Little did they know of the consequence of their actions. When they opened the vault they freed THE WORD WITCH who'd been imprisoned for centuries. Moreover they triggered a century old curse, that damned each human to coexist with all his or her ages in their minds. The freedom of word witch transported many of the fictional characters from their world to ours. Chaos reigned. The word witch escaped and went in search of THE BOOK, which will help her bring the rest of the fictional characters to our world and grant her dominion over them all. The story weavers assemble a team of their best to foil the Word Witch's nefarious plans. They have to find THE BOOK, retrieve the spell to imprison the word witch, send the fictional characters back to their own worlds and of course, get their own selves back, the clock's ticking......

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StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod


c3Po : R2 is that you? Switch on some lights it is dark in here!

R2D2 :buzz tweet tweet eep?

C3PO : Where are we? I can try telling you that if I could see! Can you stop being a bother and just switch on the lights?!

R2D2 : beep twwet buzz tweet faaaart

C3PO : That's better! And wow that's a lot of lights! Looks like a Stadium!

message 3: by StoryWeaver (last edited Jan 21, 2011 08:35AM) (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod

zzzzzzppp !! An intense ball of white light, streaks of enrgy shooting outwards like lightning bolts...

T2: Not again! Now what?

C3PO : R2!! Did you see THAT!!

R2D2 : beep bop beep beep bop

C3PO : What do you mean, you know him?

message 4: by StoryWeaver (last edited Jan 21, 2011 08:38AM) (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod

Prakash/ASH : Yikes!That Tingled!Where are we? (* This place sucks **Any babes around?)

Tanya : I told you to wear your windcheater! Come let's investigate

ASH : Will you give me a break!

Tanya: Woah! What did I say wrong?!!

ASH : I've got two voices in my head, nagging me!

message 5: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments In the village
Guys we gotta move. While we are sitting here wasting time, the Word Witch would be searching for THE BOOK.

message 6: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Jane
Hey Ash, what was that??
*c'mon grl, watchya doing? The guy's Hot!
**That was bright! We must be careful.
((hey Ash, u knw, v cn use * to donate our younger selves talking and ** to donate older ones.))

message 7: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
ASH : Not sure! Looks like something shiny and tall walking towards us with some sort of rolling barrel (*Hope its the Pizza guy!!This place sucks)

message 8: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod

HARI : Wow!That was AWESOME (**yeah!yeah!I feel like puking!)

DEEPINDER : Where's Ash? (*Arey Baba! Where's the closest Daaba! I want Naans and Butter Chicken)

message 9: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Jane
*walks over to Ash*
*flips her hair*
Might be one of those fictional charries.
*hold his hand, what r u waiting for dumbo?
Will you shut up??
Ed: Are you talking to me gorgeous?
Jane: Hold it kid, i was talking to this pest of my younger self.
*oh c'mon admit it Ash is cuuuute
Has everyone gone MAD? Ash, lets go and see what its about.

message 10: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod

ASH : Aaah Jasmine! There you are (** yeah, yeah, with her looks punctuality is never going to be an issue, eh?)

JASMINE : Sorry folks, Got a bit claustrophic thinking of doing a hop together! (**Honey!Move on over closer to Ed,trust me!)

JASMINE: ooooops! What's with this voice in my head (* yeah ! Like you own this body!!)

ASH : Hey Folks! Looks like we're hearing alternate versions of ourselves in our minds ( * duh dude ** ahh, finally ! Now I'll get some freedom of speech)

ASH : Hey Axe! Doesn't that shiny thing look like C3P0!!! (*Too many Star Wars toys eh?)

message 11: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
HARI : Hey Deepu Bhaiyya ,where's your dumbbell? (** couldn't you have just let him be unaware of it *** yeah!And when he finally realizes!!!??)

HARI : Woah! What's this ! Surround Sound Creepy Tunes???!!

DEEPINDER : eh Hari Puttar?The Dumbbell? I've got it in my cargo pants! Love the pockets! (*Yo! **Yo!)

message 12: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Axe
Might be Ash. Can't be sure until i match it up on my i phone. Here, gimme a sec....
*wow a toy! I wana play
Oh do shut up!
Hey jazz, what took you so long?
**You have more important things to do.
Where's Hari and Dumbo, they are always late! Buck up people!

message 13: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments In an isolated section of the forest.
Where are the books? Where's the library gone, i hope this is not another one of those tiresome tricks of Fred and George. Where am i? Lumos*a light appears at the tip of her wand* Is this the forbidden forest? Its so dark! *rustling of leaves * HELLOOOO?! Anybody there?!
*sees an old man walking towards her*
Professor Dumbledore? Are you alright Professor? Where are we?

message 14: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
ASH : I guess we've all arrived in one piece! So! Let's do a summing up of what we've been told and what we've understood so far
1. We MESSED UP big time!
2. It is our almost impossible task to rectify that mistake!
3. Ed told us that as per the MET Dept sensors he'd found very high Electromagnetic spikes in this region which is why we used Cecil Tower Portkey to bring us to the Beijing National Stadium, which we know better as the 'Bird's Nest'
4. We seem to be hearing our own I guess we can pretend not to hear our voices or try requesting to ease up a bit...but we'll be needing them later, who knows!!? So when you want some feedback from them just say "Voices?" ( * yeah yeah whatever ** This Stadium is impressive, but you folks had better do a perimeter check before you bump into a baddie!)
5.All of you have your OCR Phones ?...
Yes Hari?

HARI : I've brought the phone along . What's that Oh See Yaar thing?

ASH : O.C.R. or Optical Character Recognition. Aim your iphone at any fictional/fantasy character upto 10 feet away and the software will cross match it against the database loaded and identify the character.

HARI : Cooool Man! WooW! When can I try!

ASH : Why not point it towards those two coming our way!

[R2D2 & C3PO are approximately 10 feet away approaching the group]

HARI : WoW! It says R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars! Isn't that one of your favs Ash?

JASMINE : Yeah! He even has those tiny action figures preserved from his childhood on his bookshelf!hee!hee!


T2 : What the heck! Need to start scanning around for some gear and clothes again! No point talking to myself! Time to start hunting!

DEEPINDER! Arey Ash! Look there Man! Who is THAT!

JASMINE : Looks like a guy, your height, weight and age...but...Voices? ( * yeah honey that's a T2 , ** Correction my dear that's the T2 without his clothes on!)

message 15: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Jane
Whatever you say Ash. ** Stop flirting girl.
* Ew....uncle!
Im so fed up of these voices.

message 16: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Axe
Ash, lets go and talk to them, see if they know something.
*I want that toy.
Oh and think of some way to control these voices.

message 17: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Dumbledore
Miss Granger?
Hermoine: Yes professor. What is this place?
Dumbledore: I don't know. But if I were to guess, we have somehow come out of our world.
Hermoine: But how is that possible professor? Isn't ours the only world?
Dumbledore: Reality speaks otherwise.
Hermoine: How will we go back now? What's that noise?
Dumbledore: Lets find out. Stay behind me Miss Granger.
*They start walking towards the noise.*

message 18: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments while following the voice, they suddenly come face to face with Sephiroth, the famed killer and dark wizard.
Sephiroth's eyes light up as he had always wanted to kill Dumbledor. Dumbledor takes out his wand and shoves Hermione in the woods. Sephiroth does not need any wand to perform magic, so he gets ready for the battle too.

message 19: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Dumbledore:
What sort of abomination are you?

message 20: by StoryWeaver (last edited Jan 22, 2011 03:09AM) (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Meanwhile at the Bird's Nest

Ash: Hello C3PO, Greetings to you and R2!

C3PO: Hello everyone! Has anyone seen Master Luke? Can someone tell us where we really are?...R2 here says SS18P3 but I find that hard to believe!

HARI : In fact R2 is right it is planet 3 of this solar system. What surprises me is that he says SS18!! So there are 17 more solar systems eh?! Wooow!

C3P0 : Young master here thinks like a Jedi!

ASH : He's Hari one of our brightest when it comes to things related to science and general knowledge. I am Ash, my friends Jasmine, Deepinder,Akanksha, Jane and Ed.


C3PO: 'sweet' ??! Why do you say so R2?

HARI : Cool! He's already picked up colloquialisms ! He means nice C3PO! It is the way some of us talk out here on Earth.

C3PO: And who is that beautiful tiny lady with wings and pointy ears?


JASMINE: Tanya who?

C3P0 : My OLED transceiving sensor plates pick up 9 trillion frequency patterns that are filtered by my zygmoid processor. In short, yes Master Ash both R2 and I can see Tanya.

R2D2: burp.burp.

C3PO : R2!!!

ASH: What did he say? It is okay...

C3PO: No Master Ash! He had his oil top up a bit late today. That was R2 burping.

HARI: Ha!ha!ha! Awwwwesomee!!

R2D2 : bleep,bloooop! BBupeep!

C3PO: R2 likes young master Hari. He also reminded me about the T2 Skynet Cyborg we spotted earlier.

DEEPINDER : I thought so yaar!He was walking towards us! Full nude! Then he turns and vanishes into the athletic complex.

Just Then Exiting the Athletic Complex Now clad in black and blue spandex the T2 is spotted walking towards them

ASH: Wait folks! Let me double check! (Aims phone, clicks, identifies)
No hassles it is the T2 version, this guy is a friendly worth having!

T2: Greetings Humans. I come in peace. Take me to your leader John Connor.

message 21: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments Back at the fight.
Sephiroth blocks Dumbledor's attack and says, "You've grown feeeeeble Dumble-Dor! Ha take this!"
Sephiroth forms a black ball of chakra in his hand and throws it on Dumbledor!

message 22: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Seated above the two, high up on a branch, the Riddler decides it is time for some fun and shouts out:

Why such might
just for spite
why this jest
should I recite

Ask me what's the TEST

where are we
you, he and me

away from the rest
did u ,a spell, incite?

If not? What's the TEST!!?

message 23: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Hermoine
Excuse me, but do you know anything about what's going on here.
*looks up* Just what we needed, another distraction. He maintains the shield charm.

message 24: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Jane
*checks her make up*
Ooh, another hottie!! Hey T2, i'm glad you could join us. I'm your greatest fan, how about an autograph?
Stop it, Jane. He seems confused.
Guys hold on, i can get him to listen to us but for that i'll have to reprogram him. We'll have to subdue him somehow.

message 25: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Hari: I have a divx file of Terminator 2, the movie, on my iphone...let me play him the section where he asks John Connor to reprogram him...he'll understand !

message 26: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Back in the forest

Riddler: Sephi right? Love the hairdo man! Great bleach job! So! Why you pickin' on old men?

Dumble dee Dumble dore
Can't you see the opened door?

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StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Back at the Bird's Nest

Hari : See!Piece of cake! He'll reboot in 30 seconds now.

Tanya : Hey Ash! Some kid eh?!!

ASH : C3PO can you tell R2 I want him to access the internet through the WiFi/WiMax/3G networks this area should be having and start accessing the IMDB.

JASMINE: The Internet Movie Database eh? That's a good thought Ash! C3 asks him to also access GoodReads and WikiCharacter for book and character updates.

Hari: Neat Jas!

message 28: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Back in the forest..

Riddler: BOY! Are you a slow one!

I like the hair, but you are a bore
can't you see it ain't like before
It wasn't you, me or Dumbledore
who opened the inter-dimension DOOR!!!!

So my dear boy , quit kicking Dumbel's butt and ask yourself what can be done that's much more

message 29: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Hermoine
You mean, we're in a different dimension?
Do you have a name, sir? And what pray, has triggered the door to open?

message 30: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Ed
*takes out his lappy*
Bravo man, what technology!! This is one hell of a cyborg, hey old man, do u have the blue prints for ur design?
Can you reprogram him, Ed?
I suppose so. Hey jas, hold this, will u?
What are you upto Ash? Imdb?

message 31: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
In the forest...


Riddle me that Riddle me this

Call me by my nature

why use a silly name

Do you get it pretty young Miss ?

message 32: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
At The Bird's Nest!

JASMINE : Hey Ed, I feel silly holding this cable..tell me where to plug it in!

ASH : Yes Jane, Let's use the Droids to their best natural ability, data harvesting and processing.

R2D2: beep beep BEEP !

C3PO : What do you mean playable format? Use the Holo Projector

(R2D2 turns on the Holo Projector. In brilliant 3D a scene from Terminator 1 plays with astounding acoustic effects)

HARI : I am going to throw this lousy iphone away and get a DROID! Aweeesome

ASH : C3Po! Ask him to lay off the torrent sites will ya! We'll have time for that later!

message 33: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Ed
Hold on a sec, darlin'*winks* Here, give it to me!
All set, Hari let me know when i cn start, and plz b careful, i don't want to die yet, i have to take Jas on a date. What do you say Jas?
Ed*stares angrily* concentrate!!

message 34: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments In the forest
I wish there was a library here*sighs*
Riddler, is that it??

message 35: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
ASH : Hey Ed, Get serious bro! Our lovely ladies aren't leaving anywhere in a hurry :-)! And Dumbbell what's the plan buddy?

DEEPINDER: Don't know Ash ! Your call yaar! But I think we need to move out of here. Check the maps for isolated parks or any forests in a 300 km radius..

message 36: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
HARI: How about the Olympic Forest Park they'd made for the archery events?

message 37: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Ed
Ohhhkay Ash!!
A forest, hmmm?! Not a bad idea Hari, i heard that one's very dense, we mite pick up something there. So Ash, that's ur new destination?

message 38: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments after sephiroth sees all the mess happening around.
Seph: What the hell! i seriously thought i could Kick his butt! Huh! Anyways, heyyyy i'm HUNGRY! i need Pizza!
he takes out his cellphone and calls Ash!
Seph: Hey pizzaboy, bring me macaroni!

message 39: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
ASH : This isn't Pizza Hut ! But as I wasn't expecting any call at all considering some strange recent events , let's chat a bit and I just might get you a Pizza...

message 40: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
ASH : (hitting the mute button) I need a trace and a voice search folks! Just in case....!!
(Hitting the button to unmute it, Ash waits for a reply)

message 41: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments Seph: thanx and no thanx! are we here to chat or fight???

message 42: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
HARI : The signal triangulates to a spot right in the middle of the Olympic Forest Park

message 43: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments Seph: God knows what people babble about in important situations...i am hungry, isnt that enough???

message 44: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
ASH : Guess that makes two of us. The only thing is there isn't any Pizza or fast food joint visible close by. If there was even one Pizza visible , nice hot and yummy, I'd probably dumb the banter and fight for the food :-)!

HARI (whispering)'Sephiroth' MAJOR BAAAD!!

message 45: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Meanwhile back at Sephiroth's end!

Riddler: Hey 'Goldilocks' bleach edition! What's with the ET Phone Home thingy? Don't tell me you've forgotten the lovely little lady and the old wizard and charming me?

message 46: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments Seph: Hey! Forget the fight! that gal looked cute! what was her name? Aaahh! Her-my-knee Green-jar! who cares for the name, she looked cute@

message 47: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Riddler : See! I told you my charm would rub off on you! Yeah , Hermione is a lovely lass, but mind you Dumbledore will kick your ...!ha!ha!

message 48: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Hermoine and Dumbledore sneak off
These people are evil, here this way, lets escape while they are otherwise engaged.
But professor, we mite learn something if we stick around with them.(that sephiroth guy was a seriously hot baddie.)

message 49: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments Seph: Yes Yes Professor! i am sorry if i ever tried to hurt you. i would like to be her - i mean YOUR...Accomplice? ;-)

message 50: by Akanksha (new)

Akanksha  Singh (akankshasingh92) | 122 comments Hermoine
There's no harm in that Professor. We don't know what we're dealing with here. We need help.
You may be right Miss Granger. But for now, we can stay with them.

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