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Meap | 290 comments this roleplay is for Selana and Taylor and Annebeth and Justin

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Meap | 290 comments selana was sitting at home listning to her favorite artist ....eminem

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Meap | 290 comments she was trying to figure out the words, listning to one song in particular over and over she just couldnt figure them out!

she was getting really fustrated

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Justin qas at home doing homework

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Meap | 290 comments Annebeth was in her room getting annoyed because selana was playin one song over and over

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Taylor came into the kitchen and sat down across from Justin "can you help me with this?"he asked. Justin nodded and helped him with the math problem. Taylor finished his homework and looked around "can we go skateboarding?"he asked. "1 sec"Justin muttered as he finished up the problem. He got up and smiled "sure!"he said smiling. Taylor smiled "thanks!"he said running outside. Justin chuckled and ran out aftwr him. They grabbed their skate boards and then rode them down the street doing tricks.

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Meap | 290 comments she finally just got really frustrated and gave up "ill ask Taylor" she thought then went outside to shoot some hoops

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Taylor saw her and stopped. "What?"Justin asked then sighed "Go ahead be home before 6:00!"he warned. Taylor smiled and skated over to her.

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Meap | 290 comments she turned around smiling as Taylor skated toward her "hey Taylor" she said cheerfully

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"Hey mind if I join you?"Taylor asked coming to a stop.

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Meap | 290 comments "not at all, but i have to warn you ...

im terrible!!" she said laughing

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"I'm ok at it"Taylor said laughing

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Meap | 290 comments "im a good defence but TERRIBLE shooter!"

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"I can help you"he offered

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Meap | 290 comments "ok! that would be great"

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Taylor smiled getting the ball "Ok so just shoot at the baskets ok?"

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Meap | 290 comments "i cant see the baskets, umm i have an idea!you shoot once and get it in then ill know where to shoot, ok?

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'Oh umm right sorry"Taylor said. He took the ball and shot making it in

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Meap | 290 comments " its ok" she heard the noise and now knew the general direction that the basket was in she shot and it almost got in "darn! Almost!"

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"Here"Taylor said handing the ball back. "Try moving your arm up higher"he suggested standing behind her and moving her arm up

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Meap | 290 comments she smiled "ok" she shoots the ball again and it went in "yes! Thanks!" she was about to hug him but she stopped herself

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Taylor smiled "good job!"

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Meap | 290 comments she sighed "thanks.I'll be right back" she went inside real quick then came back out "It's almost 5:30 i have a concert at 6 ummm do you maybe want to come?" she handed him an ivitation

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"I think I can let me call my brother"Taylor said getting his cell phone out. He talked with Justin and hung up "yep I can!"

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Meap | 290 comments "yay!" she heard Annebeth calling her "I have to go get ready. I'll see you there."

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'Ok bye!"Taylor called and rode his skateboard home

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Meap | 290 comments she ran inside she had a beautiful dress and makeup on

makeup: lipstick: eye shadow: ((ignore the eye ring))

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Meap | 290 comments she curled her blonde hair and put a nice necklace on.

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Taylor just put on some jeans and a nice shirt.

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Meap | 290 comments it was time to go she was so nervous, she had forgot she had a solo

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Taylor walked over to her house

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Meap | 290 comments she heard him at the door and ran over to open it but first she fixed her bangs tring to look better for Taylor

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Taylor smiled as she opened the door "wow! You look great! Oh is annabeth home cause Justin wanted me to ask her something for him"Taylor said

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Meap | 290 comments "really? her eyes sparkled at the praise "Thanks and yea she is right here" Annebeth walked over " i heard my name?"

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"Yea my brother Justin he's in your math class. he is having trouble with one of the math problems and was wondering if you could call him"

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Meap | 290 comments "oh Justin is your brother??? Anyways course i can"

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"Thanks and are you ready?"he asked

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Meap | 290 comments "yea totally ready.We can walk the place is only right around the corner."

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Taylor smiled and took her hand

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Meap | 290 comments selana blushed and smiled "C'mon lets go."

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Taylor smiled "Ok"he said walking down

Justin sighed and put the pencil down

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Meap | 290 comments she shut the door and started to walk down the street with Taylor

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Meap | 290 comments Annebeth called Justin

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Taylor smiled "You really do look nice"

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Meap | 290 comments she blushed "thanks, Anne picked everything out for me, she knows i love the color blue."

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"Who's anne?"

Justin sighed and called Annabeth

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Meap | 290 comments "my sister Annabeth"

annabeth picked up "hello?"

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"Oh"taylor said smiling

"Hey Annabeth its Justin"

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Meap | 290 comments she laughed "there it is." she said looking at the big building

"oh, hi Justin.Your brother Taylor told me you need a tutor?"

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