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Romance outline for sure(: can i be the girl??? && what kinda them??

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great i like that idea! && um hmm, stick to good ol' high school ??

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yahhhh (: !!!

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you can . (:

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kay .

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Name: Leah Randal.
Age: 17.
Personailty: Outgoing, shy, creative, beautiful, loving, caring, thoughtful, pretty, funny, laid-back, earthy, exciting, lovable, easy going, carefree.
Looks: [image error]
History: Leah Randal is a 5'3 light skin african american girl. Her gorgeous curly dark brown hair reaches her waist when straight. She's shy , outgoing and exciting all at the same time. Leah is really a laid-back person. Her main pet peves are... smacking, suprises, and liars. Leah loves life and the lord. She doesn't care what everyone else thinks, she love flirting with her guy friends and her brother is her other half. Their really close and she feels like she can tell him anything. Leah over all is a normal kinda girl.
Family: The Randals are a pretty normal family. Micheal and Sasha , are Leah's loving parents. She loves them with all their heart and they love Leah. Leah's brother is 21 a brother, son, husband and leah's bestfriend.
Realtionship Status: Leah and her boyfriend Collin just broke up, due to a long distance. He moved and they couldn't stand only seeing each other through skype.
Social Status: Leah has always been pretty popular. She's a cheer captian, student council leader and a member of the gospel choir at her school.

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Name: Brandon McDaniels.
Age: 18.
Looks: [image error]
[image error]
History: Brandon McDaniels is your typically fun loving, girl chasing jock. He's cool, wild, and a sports fanatic. One of his childhood girlfriends was Leah Randal. Their still really close but he wants to be something more. They broke up when a new quater back Collin moved to town. Now that Collin and Leah are broken up he wants to ask her out again. This summer is going to be the write time to do it.
At least he hopes.
Family: The McDaniels are a normal suburban caucausin family. Bryce and Karren are Brandon's loving parents, the only thing they don't like about their son is his huge crush on Leah. Their family's never got along. Brandon's little sister is very annoying and is 5.
Realtionship Status: Single. Wants to go out with Leah again or meet someone new.
Social Status: Jock, and all the girls at his highschool love him.

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Leah Randal woke up on a bright sunny June morning. First day of summer ! She thought and hopped out of her king-sized canopy bed. She put on her hello kitty slippers and checked her iPhone 4 for any new text messages. She smiled she had one from Brandon. Her ex-boyfriend. She really loved him but her parents and his parents hated each other. She replied threw her phone on her bed, and went into her bathroom to take a shower.

Brandon McDaniels waited for Leah to reply, she did and he smiled. This summer were getting back togther. He thought. Hoping it would happen.

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(( opps well i started the RP early lol ))

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(( okay so my charries are texting each other you can have one of yours text Leah to plan the trip (: ))

Leah came out of the shower and put on a pair of Hollister Skinny jeans, a white cami from Forever 21 and some Hollister pink flipflops. She added her matching Tiffan & Co necklace and earrings and her outfit was complete. She got her phone and texted Brandon back.

Brandon was thinking of any and any way he could ask out Leah again.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okayy!

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(( Kay ! Also I'm on my phone right now because I'm not allowed on the computer like after 12 lol. Parents smh! So I can't show what their outfits look like! I'll edit later.))

Leah Randal woke up to start of the last few days of the school year.
After she took a shower she straighted out her curly dark brown locks. She walked out of her bathroom to her closet and began to change. Jeremy and her had a lunch date later that day she needed to look flawless. She pulled on a Juicy Couture strapless pink dress with a lace trim. Leah pulled a pair of floral lace black stockings on and then added a pair of black Gucci 3' heels. She smiled at herself while looking in her body mirror. She pulled her hair into a side pony, then fixed her side bangs. Her hair fell just above her waist. After doing her make up and straying on Victoria secret pink perfume she grabbed her Chanel tote bag and cell. She grabbed a blueberry muffin and walked outside waiting for Brandon to drive them to school.

Brandon pulled up at Leah's mansion. He was happy she wanted to ride to school with him. He got out and opened the passages door for Leah. "Morning beautiful." Leah giggled and he hopped in himself. Brandon was glad he picked out a such a good outfit. Or he would have looked like trash riding to school with Leah. He was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo, a pair of Gucci laggy skinny jeans and fresh new black and white Nikes. To top the outfit of her was wearing his silver chain he got over the weekend. 'I look fresh...' he thought to himself as he turned up Soulja Boy's Speaker goin Hammer. Brandon dressed like a black boy some days because he tried to impress Leah as best as he could.

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Typos are due to me being on my phone lol !

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Leah smiled back a Brandon. "Yeah, of course we are." She waved at Brandon with a kinda see you later look. Jeremy and her walked to her locker on the way there they passed Nadia and her crew of ninth graders. Leah hated Nadia, she always tried to be like Leah. She even had the never to wear a knock-off version of Leah's dress today. That bitch.... Leah thought to herself while Jeremy lead her to his locker.

Brandon parked his silver Range Rover in his normal spot. He locked the car and walked into school confidently. Thinking of how he was going to steal Jeremy from Leah. After all he had known her since they were babies. They even took baths together when they were four. While thinking and walling he bumped into Spencer. "Sorry, didn't see you sitting there hun'. " He said with a smile. He made sure she was fine and continuend on to first period without a book in hand. He knew he was ready for finals.

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Leah rolled her eyes as Nadia and Jeremy had their little fight. Oh grow up bitch! She thought as Nadia stomped on Jeremy's foot. "Jeremy we need to get to class...let the little youngin's do whatever it is that they do." Leah said while putting her hand in Jeremy's. She made sure she stepped on Nadia's foot with her 3' Gucci stalitos before they walked away. They headed to Chemistry.

Brandon walked into Chemistry class and sat in his normal spot. Third row, last seat near the door. Once the final was over he was going to Leah's locker before she would head to lunch with Jeremy. He remembered the Tiffany necklace he had in his pocket for her.

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