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Nanci | 89 comments I guess to be official I had better start my book list.
January 2011
1. Sprig MuslinGeorgette Heyer This is a reread from many years ago. Georgett Heyer is one of my favorite authors. I love all of her romances. I am not as enamored of her mysteries but they are OK. I will most likely reread several of hers this year because I love them so much.
2. The Christmas Chronicles: The Legend of Santa ClausI didn't get this in time for Christmas but it is a delightful story giving explanations for many of the mysteries of Santa.
3. Someday Soon
4. Carla Neggers The Mist
5.Nora Roberts Happily Ever After
6.Always the Baker Never the Bride
7. Walk Two Moons
8.My Fair Godmother
9.Sundays at Tiffany's
10.Seduce Me at Sunrise
11.Love in the Afternoon
12.Devil in Winter
13.I am in the middle of Reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ancestors of Avalon hopefully I will have that one done in Jan. as well.
I have had a bit more free time this month, I think the next months won't be quite so prolific. However, most of these are pretty quick read-in-a-day books.

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Lesley | 149 comments OMG... I haven't met anyone else who reads (and re-reads) Georgette Heyer! I read The Nonesuch AGAIN last year and was just thinking about Frederica yesterday. Sigh, now I have to find the time for reading another old favorite!

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Nanci | 89 comments Glad to know you enjoy her as much as I do. I picked up Cotillion a couple of months ago and I remembered how much I loved it. I am hoping to find a copy of The Reluctant Widow and reread that one soon. I also enjoy listening to her stories on CD almost as much as reading them. In all that I have heard, the reader is great. So maybe you could "read it" while you clean house or get ready in the morning. That is how I find time to "read" so many books.

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Lesley | 149 comments I have an audiobook addiction... I think it is the best way to get chores done. Kind of funny... I teach at a community college and walk alot on campus and I listen to audiobooks as I walk... and I don't use earpphones so I always startle people as they go by and they hear a voice coming out of my clothing!
I haven't listened to any Georgette books, are they read by the same reader? Hope you don't mind, I went to your booklist and see that you also like Amelia Peabody! I have read and listened to that series :)

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Nanci | 89 comments Nanci wrote: "14. Safe Havenby Nicholas Sparks
15. Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village by Laura Amy Schlitz
16. [book:Criss Cross..."

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I don't know if all of the the Heyer books are the same reader. I haven't listened to them in close enough proximity to remember. I think the Amelia Peabody mysteries are so much fun! I have read all but the last couple twice and I am sure I will read them again in the future. I love learning about the Egyptian stuff.

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Nanci | 89 comments 19. Slightly Married by Mary Balogh
20. Slightly Wicked
21. Slightly Dangerous
These three are rereads but I love Balogh's characters and her stories are such that I love to revisit them again and again.
22. Pegasus This book was hard for me to get into. It seemed like the pace was slow for the first half. Then I started to get into it and enjoy it. Then I found out it is the first in a series. It just cuts off and leaves you hanging. Argh! Not sure if I will go on with it when the rest come out.
23.Across the Universe I liked this book. It was an interesting premise and it held my attention. I liked the main character Elder quite a bit. Once again, I found out it is the first in the series. Sigh!
24. Insatiable Oh man! Another series opener! Where are the warning labels? I liked this book, Meg Cabot is always fun and I felt like she was taking some satirical jabs at some of the other vampire genre books which made me laugh. I wasn't as fond of it as other Cabot books I have read but it is fun.

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Nanci | 89 comments Sorry, I haven't had a lot of time to post or even do more than a cursory reading of other posts for a few weeks so this is going to be a long one. 25.Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
26. Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There I haven't read these since I was in High School forever ago. The funny thing is that I liked them better when I read them at 16. I wanted to review them before I started on
27.The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. I think it was a good call. I think I liked this book more, having had that refresher. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books.
28. The Reluctant Widowby Georgette Heyer. This is the first Heyer I ever read. Although not my favorite, it is a fun read. I love what she does with dialogue.
29.The Pirate Lordby Sabrina Jeffries Who doesn't love a good Pirate turned hero story. It was coming on Valentin's Day. Had to have some spicy romance to put me in the mood.
30.The Seduction of His Wife
31. The Handmaid's Tale This is a strange but compelling book and I liked it. I hate having an ambiguous ending though. I am one of those people who like to have all the questions answered nice and tight.
32.The Unfinished Angel by Sharon Creech. This book didn't quite do it for me. I don't quite know what it was but I finished it and thought, "What was the purpose of that?"
33. The Widow by Carla Neggers.
34.The Whisper
35.The Forbidden Lord by Sabrina Jeffries
36.TimelessAlexandra Monir Once again, the first in a series. I liked the look at the history of the eras Michele traveled to. This author did some great research and I like that she added some books at the end if you want to read more about them. I look forward to reading the rest in the series.

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Nanci | 89 comments 37.The Widower's Wifeby This was a sweet story but I didn't like the way the author told it in flashbacks. For some reason that type of writing bothers me.
38. Julietby Anne Fortier This was interesting.
39. Once in a Full Moon Ellen Schreiber I didn't really love this book. It was a little too manufactured in the dramatic feelings and the story was predictable and unoriginal to me.
40. The Giver Lois Lowry I love this book! This is a reread for me. It has been at least 12 years since I read it. I have never read the 3 books in the trilogy as a set. I read them separately many years apart so this time, I wanted to read them together to get the whole story in continuity.

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Nanci | 89 comments 41.Gathering Blue Lois LowryLove this book.
42. Messenger
43.The Big Crunchby Pete Hautman I am still thinking about what I think of this book. I liked it, I read it in a few hours, but I am not sure how I feel about it. I know, weird. Maybe I am too old but I hesitate to recommend it to a teen that is very young because it deals with teen sex kind of like it is a given that it will happen. I don't think I want to give that message to my loved ones. A couple other things bothered me a little. Maybe I am over thinking. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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I saw that you have Juliet on your list. I have it on my to read list. What did you find interesting about it?

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Nanci | 89 comments Barb wrote: "I saw that you have Juliet on your list. I have it on my to read list. What did you find interesting about it?"

I liked that she gave a back story to where Romeo and Juliet may have come from. It is interesting how she tells the old story (1340's) and how it interacts with the contemporary story. I thought that the research she did was pretty in depth and I could see the places she described in my mind. As I was reading, I got to a certain point in the middle where I got a little bored and put it down for a couple of days. When I picked it up again, it didn't take long for my interest to kick in again and I had to keep reading till I finished. I will be interested to hear what you think.

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Nanci | 89 comments 44. Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi I liked this book. It was a little more violent than I like but I thought it was an interesting sci fi. The characters are dark and you aren't always sure if you like them or not but they seemed pretty well thought out and portrayed.
45.The Emperor of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan This isn't out in the US yet but I got a copy from a friend who went to New Zealand. If you are familiar with the Ranger Apprentice books, this is one of the best of the bunch. If you aren't familiar with them, I recommend them. I started reading them with my boys and my husband back when there was only the first two out in the US. They are a terrific series for YA boys (or girls).
46. Be CentsAble Chrissy Pate I like this book. It has some good ideas on how to trim down a budget if you are willing to spend a little time. I thought the ideas and presentation was realistic and doable.
47. Only a Duke Will Do bySabrina Jeffries
48.Darkest Mercyby Melissa Marr I wanted to finish this series because I wanted to find out how it ends. I liked the ending. As far as the series goes, I was just OK with it but I was interested in the characters. I think this series deals with some pretty adult themes as well as adult language in this last book.I wouldn't recommend it for a teen under 17.
49.The Wedding Bargainby Victoria AlexanderI wanted to try a new romance author. She is Ok. I like that I got a chance to chuckle while reading this.
50.The Pursuit of Marriageby Victoria Alexander
51.Dust to Dust byHeather Graham Again trying a new author. This was OK. I liked the storyline, that of saving the world from the demon Bael and the end of days. Has good vampires and evil demons. Language was a little strong for me. I don't think I will read this author again.

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Nanci | 89 comments 52. A Vintage AffairbyIsabel WolffI really liked this book! It is about new and old, mistakes and redemption, relationships, love, friendship, WWII history, and great vintage clothes with the stories that go with them.I hope you will give it a try.

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Nanci | 89 comments 53. Truly, Madly byHeather Webber This was a fun light mystery. I am looking forward to reading more. If you want serious suspense and tension, this isn't for you but I thought it a fun read. If you have ever read Nancy Athertonyou will most likely like this.
54.Stolen: A letter to my captor byLucy Christopher. I can't say I loved this but it was an interesting read.A little creepy and very earthy. I have always wanted to understand how a captive might feel. This captive was treated as a treasure, in a wierd sort of way so there wasn't anything to difficult to read about.
55. Bearers of the Black Staffby Terry Brooks. Classic Terry Brooks. I happen to really like him so this was a fun read for a new series following the Heritage of Shannara series.
56.Glimmerglassby Jenna Black I liked this book. Another YA Faerie book but I liked the story Ok. Maybe 2.5/5
57.Shadowspellby Jenna BlackThis is a sequel to Glimmerglass. I rate it about the same. There is a new and interesting twist to the story though. Has some adult language so my library categorizes it as Adult rather than YA. I am interested enough to read Sirensong when it comes out in July.
58.The Stanislaskis: Natasha & Mikhail by Nora Roberts.
59.The Stanislaskis: Rachel & Alexby Nora Roberts

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Nanci | 89 comments 60. A Discovery of Witchesby Deborah Harkness I LOVED this book! It has your demons, vampires, witches etc but it is smart and has depth. The witch (who tries to live as human a life as possible)has made an accidental discovery that has all the other "species" after her as she and the brooding vampire hero search for answers to the age old question, "Where do we come from?" WARNING: This leaves you hanging waiting for the next in a series. Did anyone else know this already?
61. The Stanislaskis: Frederica & Kate by Nora Roberts
62.This Magic Momentby Patricia RiceOnce again trying out new authors. This was a fun read. Light paranormal romance as opposed to dark.

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Nanci | 89 comments 63.FlygirlSherri L. Smith So many of you recommended this book I just had to read it. Thanks!! I loved it.
64.Heist SocietyAlly Carter This is a reread gearing up for her new book to come out (Uncommon Criminals) I love Ally Carter! Anything she writes is something I am going to read.
65.How to Woo a Reluctant LadySabrina Jeffries

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Nanci | 89 comments 66. The Maze Runner by James DashnerI loved this book. I can't wait to read the next one. It is a great story.
67. A Creed In Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller Who doesn't love a sexy cowboy? The guy who reads this on the audio book is great.
68. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore I liked this book. Not great literature but a fun read.
69. Dragonfly by Julia Golding This book was one of the nominees for the Beehive Book Award YA category for the State of Utah. My goal is to read all of the nominees to see if I agree when the winner is announced. I give this book 4/5 stars. It is about a prince and a princess from who must marry to cement an alliance and who hate each other at first sight. They are kidnapped and have to learn to trust each other as they try escape and get help for their allied countries in the war against the conqueror. They have to deal with issues of slavery, religious prejudice and politics.

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Nanci | 89 comments 70. Bruiser by Neal Shusterman Wow! I just finished this book and I really loved it. It is also one of the Beehive Book Award nominees and I think this one might get my vote. There were pages where I was just laughing out loud and pages where my heart cried out. I don't know how much I can give without giving too much away. The story is written in 4 different voices. The main two, Tennyson and Bronte who are twins (Their parents are both English professors) and they are trying to deal with parents on the verge of divorce. Then there are Brewster (Bruiser) and Cody who are brothers living with an alcoholic uncle in a somewhat abusive situation. Bruiser has been a loner reject all his life until Bronte starts to get to know him and finds out what an amazing person he is. Just how amazing, you have to read the book to find out. Wow! I hope you will. "There are so many profound insights, so much to think about. The great bonus is that each chapter begins with a power vocabulary word ( again, the English professor parents)so YA readers, keep that dictionary nearby.

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Nanci | 89 comments 71. In Too Deep byJayne Ann Krentz I really enjoy the Arcane Society Novels by Jayne Anne Krentz and her other alter ego's Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick. This one doesn't disappoint.
72. Quicksilver: Book Two of the Looking Glass Trilogy by Amanda Quick Book two of the Mirror trilogy following In Too Deep. Again, a fun offering. Looking forward to the contribution from Jayne Castle. I love how she takes it from Victorian to modern to futuristic.
73. The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare I love this book. I read it last when I was in Jr. High I think and I just wanted to enjoy it again. It is a classic that every girl should read sometime.
74. Soulless by Gail Carriger This is a fun paranormal steampunk offering. I have the next one on the shelf ready to read. I love a book that can make me smile and laugh.
75. Erak's Ransom by John FlanaganThe Ranger Apprentice series so great. Somehow I missed this one in my reading so I had to go back and include it. John Flanagan has humor and very clever adventures and just a touch of romance. This is a YA offering but we get all ages checking them out at our library.

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Nanci | 89 comments 76. The Hunchback Assignmentsby Arthur Slade This the first in a series of steampunk fantasy for YA readers. It was also a nominee for the Beehive Book Award. I didn't like this one. The main character is named Modo, he is a hunchback, taken in by a rich man as a toddler and trained in mind and body with discipline and very little love. He is a sensitive soul but trained to be a ruthless agent by his benefactor Mr. Socrates. There was very little happiness and the tenor was so dark I just couldn't enjoy it.

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Nanci | 89 comments 77. The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen I like this author and enjoyed this offering from her. I love the completely non-typical paranormal element she adds to her books that gives them a little extra interest.
78.Escape Velocityby Mark Walden I thought this was a great addition to the H.I.V.E. ( Higher Institute of Villainous Education ) books. It had a great adventure that was not too predictable.It starts out with Dr. Nero being kidnapped and so you know there has to be a rescue attempt but the twists and turns are surprising and fun. If you haven't read any of the H.I.V.E. books, they are sort of like a video game brought to life. They are a children's/YA series but they are delightful even for a mature who woman who has never played a video game in her life. The worst part is waiting for the rest of the books to be released in the US.

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Nanci | 89 comments Just a little note, I am having a hard time getting into Changeless the next book after my number 74 so I may or may not finish it. It may just be that I am too distracted by all the other books on my list I want to get to. Also, I started listening to The Scorch Trials, the follow-up to my number 66 but it is a little too intense for me. More so than the Maze Runner which was about my limit. ( I am the type who has to hide my face or walk out of the room until intense parts of movies are over) I might just have my husband read it and tell me what happens. Hopefully you all won't think less of me after this confession.

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Nanci | 89 comments 79. Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher I happened to just be looking through some books on CD to take on a car trip and I came upon this book. It sounded interesting so I picked it up. I am really glad I found it! It is like one of those novels that gives more story to the fairytales but it is about the princess in the Tales of the Arabian Nights who has to tell a story each night and stops at just the right spot so that the Sultan doesn't kill her in the morning. She is at night 939 and has born the Sultan 3 sons but still had to tell stories and she is at her wit's end trying to find a story the Sultan isn't bored with when she meets the servant girl, Marjan, and hears the story she tells. The adventure goes from there and the little tidbits of wisdom for life and storytelling that begin each chapter are interesting things to think about.

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Nanci | 89 comments 82. A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee This is the first book in a YA Victorian mystery series. I look forward to reading more. This is a thumbs up for teen girls.
83. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom I read this because my 17-year old son, who hates to read, read it for English and actually liked it. I had to see why. I liked it too. Can't believe I hadn't read it before.
84. One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland
85. A Crimson Frost by Marcia Lynn McClure
86. Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool Ok, I loved this book! It is this year's Newberry winner and I highly recommend it. I think this is my pick for this quarter's best book.
87.Camilla's Fate by Judith A Landsdowne This was a reread of an old favorite. She's kind of like Heyer but not as classic.
88. Entwined by Heather Dixon Another take on the 12 Dancing Princesses.

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Lesley | 149 comments WOW, Nanci, you are smokin' through the books this year. You have twice as many books read than I do... way to go!

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Nanci | 89 comments It is all those audio books. I am getting a lot of weeding and household projects done.

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Nanci | 89 comments 89.Only the Good Spy Youngby Ally CarterI really love this series.This is a reread, Ijust had to revisit in preparation for the next book coming in Jan.
90. The Storyteller's Daughter: A Retelling of "The Arabian Nights"by Cameron Dokey My daughter is really having fun reading this fairy tale series. She liked this one so much she had me read it. I enjoyed it as well. Dokey does a great job with this retelling of the Arabian Nights story.
91. The Last Olympianby -Rick Riordan- Love this series, loved the way he ended it.
92. The Lost Heroby Rick RiordanThis sort of continues with new hero's at camp half-blood and a new storyline. I love how Riordan weaves adventure and humor together. I love his characters. We listened to this as a family on a road trip and it is so great. There is something for everyone.

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Nanci | 89 comments 93. The Illuminationby Karen Tintori Didn't love this book. Too many dead bodies and not enough story for me.
94.The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima I am liking this new series. The characters are interesting and I like the story. The best thing is that the last book in the series is coming out in the next few months so I don't have to wait long for the ending.

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Nanci | 89 comments 95. Tyger Tyger by Kersten HamiltonThis book was OK. YA Fantasy having to do with the Irish legend of Finn MacCoul. 3/5
96. The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima The second book in the series after The Demon King. I am enjoying this series. I can't wait till fall when the third comes out. If you like YA Fantasy, you will most likely have fun with this one.4/5
97. Indelible by Kristan Heitzman. Heitzman is a Christian author and I thought this was a great read. I would put it in the category of Romantic Suspense. I will definitely read more of this author.
98.The Secret Duke by Jo Beverley. I liked this. The hero had integrity and was a complete hunk and the heroine was interesting and not a complete pushover. It seemed mild for Beverley which I also liked. This was the third in the series so now I have to read the first two.

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Nanci | 89 comments 99.Dark Life byKat Falls This was on the nomination list I have mentioned before. It was a fun read. I give it 3.5/5.
100. Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry I liked this light romance. This author is a fun YA author.3.5/5.
101. Aurelia by Anne Osterlund This was also a fun read. I don't know why but it took me a long time to read. I kept reading other things in between but it is a cute story. Again another light teen read. 3.5/5.

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Nanci | 89 comments 102. Exile by Anne Osterlund I liked this sequel to Aurelia better than I liked Aurelia I think. Now I have to wait for the third book. Somehow I need to do my research better. I thought it would end with this book.
103. The Body at the Tower by Y.S. Lee Loved this second offering from Y.S. Lee. This is a fun mystery series. Mary Quinn is a great character and she gets to team up with the love interest James Easton once again to solve the mystery. However, the ending leaves you hanging as to their relationship in the future. I was all excited because I saw a third book was coming out soon. Then I found out it is only in the UK and doesn't come out in US till next spring. Argh!

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Nanci | 89 comments 104. Secrets by Kristan Heitzman The add book/author can't seem to find this author or her books. My second by this author, it is older than the one I read at #97. This had a lot more religious reference and belief. I liked it but it was more than I was looking for.

Hooray! I made my goal!. I mostly just wanted to actually find out how many books a year I read and this has been a great chance to do it. I might try to see if I can double it.

105. Abandon by Meg Cabot. This is a modern version of the story of Persephone and Hades (sort of) and I really liked it even though it is sort of dark and downer. I hate to have to wait for the rest of the story but it did end in a good place without too much of a cliffhanger.
106. State of Wonder by Ann Patchett I read this because Parade Magazine ranked it as one of the top 12 summer reads for the year. I guess I have no real depth or something but I didn't love it. I listened to the audio book and maybe that was partly to blame. I just kept thinking this was leading up to something more and then it kept getting closer to the end and I just couldn't figure out how it would all wrap it up and then it ended and I just wasn't satisfied. I was actually disappointed.

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Nanci | 89 comments 107. Uncommon Criminals by [author:Ally Carter|56224. So much fun to read/listen to. I listened to the book on cd and it was fantastic! My daughter read the book but I opted for the CD because the reader is so great. Listening to the voice inflections and the interpretation of the characters through what she says and how she says it adds a layer of depth that you can't get just reading the words. I love that this heist stands alone but leaves the option for more adventures in the future. I hope she will write another soon.

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Nanci | 89 comments 108. Flecks of Gold by Alicia Buck 2.5/5 Young people will enjoy it. Just Ok for me.
109. Hero by Mike Lupica 3/5 stars. It was cute and I think 3-8 grade boys/girls will like it. The ending leaves it wide open for more books to come. I don't know if that is the plan or not but it would make a good series.

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Nanci | 89 comments 110. An Engagement in Seattle: Groom Wanted\Bride Wanted by Debbie Macomber
111. Beastly by Alex Flinn

I liked this. Has anyone seen the movie? Is it worth the time?

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Nanci | 89 comments 113. The Fairy Thorn by Dorothy M. Keddington I read some books by this author when I was a kid so when I saw this, I picked it up. Very sweet light read. If you like spice, you won't find it here. Sometimes I like it when the romance is the focus.

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Nanci | 89 comments 114.Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland I really liked this. I learned a great deal about the time period, stained glass, the struggle for womens rights and I hard a hard time putting it down.
115. Sea Change by Aimee Friedman Cute book, light reading, not a great deal of substance. The ending leaves much room for sequels. Very open-ended. I liked it anyway.

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Nanci | 89 comments 116. Megan's Hero: A Novelby Sharon Gillenwater Very Christian but I Liked the characters, the values, and the story. I can't think that there are really people so generous and non-judgemental though. This is not the book to start with as I discovered it is actually the third in the series. I was looking for a sweet romance and that is exactly what I got.
117. The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann I like the storylines this author comes up with. She usually has a present day story and a story from the past that unfolds as well. I just wish that she would tone down the language. It seems like every other word is profanity. Do people really talk like that? Not in any conversation I have ever had.

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Nanci | 89 comments 118. Sirensong by Jenna Black Hmmm. This was a disappointing ending to me. Maybe something comes later? I don't know. I finished the book thinking it was just not worth the time? I hate that feeling.

119. Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck Love this book. I started it thinking it would be a trilogy ( I am not sure why) and the last one would come out in November. Bummer to find out there are 5. Oh well, I really liked it so I guess it would be worth reading again when the last two come out. I have to say that this has one of the very best, most romantic kissing scenes I have ever read, and I have read a great many. Wow, I was ready to melt! I wonder if it made a difference that I was actually listening to it rather than reading it. The reader's were fantastic!
120. Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck Loved this one too. No kissing scene to compare with #1 but there is enough feeling there for any romantic soul. I also broke down and read the first 4 chapters of #3, Tiger's Voyage, on Colleen Houck's website. Just wanting more of the story. Sorry, this is way to much gushing for a woman of my age. Maybe I should have waited till next week to post.

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Nanci | 89 comments 121. The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt This was an interesting look at the life of a young soldier returning from the war. The damage it does to a sensitive young man and what it does to his family as they also have to live with the consequences of his choice to serve. I feel like it portrays the confusion many people have about this war we are fighting. I am not saying that I espouse the ultimate message but I liked the way this author dealt with it.

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Nanci | 89 comments 122. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
123. Where She Went by Gayle Forman Interesting set. The first book gives the experience from the girl's point of view, the second takes the story further from the boy's point of view. I liked that approach. I am not a huge fan of the flashback mode of storytelling and that is how these two books are presented. Not sure I applaud the way the ending wrapped up. Didn't ring true for me. Language and some of the elements of the story belong on the adult shelf, in my opinion. Mixed feelings for me on these two.
124.Out of the Rain: Marriage Wanted\Laughter in the Rain by Debbie Macomber liked the first story, didn't like the second so much.

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Nanci | 89 comments 125.Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson I didn't really like this one all that much. I pretty much guessed how it would end and it just didn't satisfy.
126. The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter I tried a new author and I thought this was very cute. Quick little pick me up read. I will read more of this author.
127. A Convenient Wife by Carolyn DavidsonAnother cute,quick romance. After reading heavy stuff I have to have a little candy or I get depressed.

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Nanci | 89 comments 128. The Wedding DateClare Kilner Just Ok on this one.
129. The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima I really love this series. I know this just came out this month,but does anyone have knowledge of a time frame for the fourth book?

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Nanci | 89 comments 130. Unwind by Neal ShustermanThis was a very interesting book. The premise is that the 2nd civil war was fought over pro choice vs. pro life and the compromise the lawmakers came up with to end the war was the opportunity to unwind children between 13-18 using every body part in helping others like an organ donar. There are many issues that come up not just about that issue but many others. The main characters are teens set for unwinding that escape and are on the run. It was unpredictable and even thought it was so weird, I liked it.
131. The Stranger She Married by Donna Hatch I liked this story. It was a quick romantic read.
132. Kissing Cousins by Marcia Lynn McClure

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Nanci | 89 comments 133. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson I liked this. It was a cute read. Again I feel like it is more for the 16+ set. The author shares some fun things about different regions of the country as the story progresses. Very fun read. I had quite a few chuckles while reading it.
134. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
135. The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
136.The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa
I like this set. Nothing to rave about and a bit predictable but I liked it and am looking forward to the last book ( at least I hope it is the last), the Iron Knight, coming out this month.
137. The Villa by Nora Roberts Classic Nora Roberts. Interesting story, characters who are strong and interesting, great twists to the solving of the mystery.
138. Peter and the Sword of Mercy by Dave Barry I somehow missed this one when I listened to the other books in the Starcatchers series. I love listening to these on CD because Jim Dale is the reader and he makes it so much more fun. This is a great series for kids and adults alike.
139. Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. Wrede
140. Across the Great Barrier by Patricia C. Wrede These two are part of a series I am hoping will end with the next book. They are cute, if you like regency romance tales and don't mind putting them in an alternate reality where magic is common, you will most likely enjoy these books although they are set in the alternate reality of the American West. Many who are into the edgier fantasy will probably be bored with them.
141. Dark Passage by M.J. Putney I have been waiting for this book since I read the first in the series, Dark Mirror. This is Mary Joe Putney's foray into YA. They are much tamer than her adult books and completely YA appropriate. Again, a regency tale with magic but there is some time travel to World War II England. I liked this one better than the first book. I am looking forward to the third book next summer.

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Nanci | 89 comments 142. Venetia by Georgette Heyer I had forgotten about this book. It has been so long since I first read it, it was like a new discovery. This has all the things you love about a Heyer book. Romance, great dialogue, interesting ways to solve the problems, interesting twists and turns to the plot.
143. The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan Loved this second installment in the Hero's of Olympus series. This one tells the tale of Percy, who has also lost all his memories as he learns how to live with the Roman side of the demi-gods. The only thing I hated about this is the fact that I have to wait another year for the next book. I listened to the Cd and the reader is great. A fun way to experience it. (I did read the last few chapters just to get the end done faster)
144. Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs If you really love Disney Channel movies, you might like this book, otherwise, I would give it a pass. 12-13 year old girls might like it but it didn't cut it for me. I didn't love the characters and I just found myself just wanting to get it over with sort of speed reading it just to get done.
145. The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch This is book two in a series and I really liked it. I am a fan of a good regency romance so Donna Hatch is a new must-read author for me. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Nanci | 89 comments 146. Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck Loved this third book in the Tiger's Curse series. Adventure, heartache, interesting facts about myths,dragons, Hero's to die for. What's not to like? I will tell you....Having to wait forever until you get the end of the story!

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Nanci | 89 comments 147. The Beekeepers Apprentice by Laurie King This was a very interesting book. I loved the way this author put together the meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell and they way she explains away any inconsistencies that might occur in the way she presents Holmes. I look forward to reading the rest of this series of mysteries. I feel like this book set the stage. If you try them, you should definitely begin with this one in order to get the important background.

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