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ASDFGHJKL; | 32 comments Character List:

Main Boy- Mayten((Sister Grimm))

Friend 1-

Friend 2-

Friend 3-

Friend 4-

Friend 5-

New Girl- Lyra ((Emmy-chan))

16-19 years old, please

Friends can be either gender.










☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 123 comments Name: Mayten

Gender: Male

Age: 18


Sad Anime boy

Personality: Depressed (for now), Holds the people that he loves close to him.

History: His girlfriend recently down and he's been avoiding people.

Crush: No one, currently.

Relatives: Um... Idk.

Other: Fear of water. Keeps a safe distance from it if possible.

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ASDFGHJKL; | 32 comments Main boy?

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ASDFGHJKL; | 32 comments Name: Lyra

Gender: Girl

Age: 18


Personality: Kind, and generous. Does lots of community service in her free time. Happily works at a local cafe

History: Just moved to town, got sick of the city and the selfish people there.

Crush: Newp <;

Relatives: Open :D?

Other: loves the beaches.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 123 comments I guess. I could change it if you don't want him to be, I just wanted to get this rp started. I love this song! ^_^

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ASDFGHJKL; | 32 comments Lol, it's fine, jus checkin'
Owl city is awesome|~

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Kat (sugaraddict) Name: Jasmine Scnider

Gender: Female

Age: 17
Appearance: Black spiral locks drape down her back, landing at her fingertips. She has shockingly bright peridot (Light green) eyes, that can warm a heart or shoot daggers at any given moment. She has dark, pouty lips that contrast her ivory skin color. Long legs and arms help her in track, and she's also a gymnist.

Personality: Though most time she's the quiet girl in the back of the class, she's very strong and independent and won't hesitate to share her opinion or fight for what she believes in. She hates how she looks, and shames herself all the time.

History: She grew up in the shadows, but since the town is so close knit the kids just labeled her 'Quiet girl'. She has a close few friends, and the other moms of her peers either pitied her or warned their kids to stayaway from her. She never told anyone but her father and mother fight alot, and her father abuses her and her mother ever since her brother left to college and couldn't protect them. She often wear skin concealing clothes to hide bruises.

Crush: She doesn't have time for a social life

Relatives: Her mother, father and older brother who's at college.


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Name: Kasumi Ito


Age: 17


Personality: shes pretty shy. Kasumi loves music, prefurablly japapnese, and ehse's an awesome guitarist. But, she likes to keep that a secret, though all her friends already know that. Sometimes she gets picked on because she's japanese (racists!) and that makes her even quieter.

History: She moved from Japan when she was 6, and loves it here! She plays some soccer, gets good grades. Her mother used to own a resteraunt in japan and she always gets the best japanese food ever! She is very quiet, but her music's not! Even though she wont admit it, shes the best guitarest in town!

Crush: none yet

Relatives: mom, dad, loud younger sister.


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ASDFGHJKL; | 32 comments Omigod awesome picture~

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lol, thx, i <3 Haruhi Suzumaya lol

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ASDFGHJKL; | 32 comments Lmao, same.

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hey Emmy, when are you going to start the rp?

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