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Crystal and her parents pulled up to her new home in their silver 2011 Range Rover. College. She was wayyy to excited, her parents helped her unload her stuff in her dorm ( Kellie Hall ) and get set up. Her roomate would arrive later that day.
(( her dorm room looks like this...
http://sororitysecrets.files.wordpres... ))

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Crystal finally wandered out of her doom room, she locked the door and put her keys around her neck. She walked out into campus, she decided to find her classes to make the following week easier. On her way out into the quad she bumped into a guy that had just stamped out a cigarrette. "Sorry." She said looking down at her hollister navy blue flip-flops.

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"Yeah. Freashman Friday. What about you?" She said looking up more confidently now.

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Crystal could tell he was trying to come on to her. He was different from all the other guys she'd once liked. "In other words your a...mhm?? I can't tell." She smiled.

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"Didn't wanna guess wrong. So you a week early? I thought only freshman were on campus this week." Crystal said.

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"Oh, my classes don't start till next week luckly. I was about to go try to find them. But wanna go eat instead?" Crystal smiled.

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"Uh, its up to you. Wanna stay on campus?"

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"Ahh, I guess Papa John's?" She laughed.

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"Most, all food places smell good inside." Crystal giggled and they walked to the campus Papa John's.

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Crystal laughed and then remembered to thank him for holding the door open. Their was a small crowd, they choose a two-sitter table near the drink fountain.

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"Crystal..and yours?" Crystal said.

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Crystal smiled. A waiter came over and took there order. "So how is it here? I'm so worried I won't fit in."

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"Yeah, I guess your right. So where are you from?" Crystal asked playing in her short curly black & blonde hair.

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"Indiana." Crystal smiled.

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"It's cool sometimes. Indianapolis is where I'm from, I just can't stand all the snow in the winter."

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" It's pretty going falling. But then it looks like crap after a few days." She giggled. The waiter brought over their pizza and drinks. "So what do you like to do?" Crystal asked Gale.

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"Same." She smiled.

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"Yeah, singing is my favorite thing mainly."

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"I draw too, I could show you my journal sometimes." She smiled.

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"Maybe later today." She smiled taking a sip of her drink. Time passed and they walked back to the quad.

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Laker was on his morning run

June felt sick today, she didn't want to go to classes, but she started toward her first class anyway.

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(she deleted her account)

Austin was walking around campus, looking at everything.

Rayne walked out of her dorm room and wandered.

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Laker was running pretty fast and not really paying attention.

June sat down on the edge of one of the water fountains they had around the school

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Rayne at under a random tree on campus and started writing in her notebook, she either wrote random journal entries or songs or anything else in there.

Austin almost ran into a girl(June), "Sorry" he said

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Laker smiled at the girl he saw.

June chuckled, "Haha, that's fine."

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Rayne didn't see him, she was too caught up with writing in the notebook.

Austin smiled, "I'm Austin"

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Laker chuckled and walked on

June Smiled, "I'm June."

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Rayne looked up and saw a guy laugh a little and walk off, she shrugged and continued to write.

"That's a pretty name" he smiled

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Laker kept on his morning jog.

June blushed, "Thanks'

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He chuckled a little, "No problem"

Rayne sighed and stood up. she walked around campus.

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June smiled, "What's your major?"

Laker nearly smashed into her

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"Medical Science" he said... "You?"

Rayne almost got knocked over, she was tiny so that wouldn't be hard to do.

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June bit her lip, " Jornalism"

Laker stopped, "Oh my God, I am so sorry"

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He smiled, "Awesome... My sister is too"

Rayne smiled, "I-It's okay" she said shyly.

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June smiled, "Cool..."

Laker smiled, "Haven't seen you around much"

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He nodded a little, "Yep"

Rayne smiled shyly, "I'm a freshman"

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June looked around.

Laker, "My sister is a freshman"

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"Soo..." he said.

Rayne nodded a little, "Really? What's her major?"

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June chewed her lip, " Maybe I'll see you around some time? for now I have to go to class."

Laker, "Journalism."

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He nodded and smiled, "Yea... I'll see you around"

"Me too" Rayne said.

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June smiled as she went toward her class, smiling the whole way there.

Laker smiled, "Wow, that's cool"

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He wandered around after June left.

Rayne smiled a little, "Yea..." she said shyly. She was extremely shy.

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June went to her first class, bubbling with hapiness.

Laker chuckled a bit, " Hey, since your new maybe sometime I could take you out to eat sometime?"

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He was happy.. He went to his first class.

Rayne smiled and blushed slightly and it was barely noticeable, "I'd like that"

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June went through her fisrst class and had to report on some stupid things.

Laker smiled, " Alright then, lunch today?"

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"Sounds good" Rayne smiled and agreed.

He recorded the teacher on his voice recorder thing while he took notes and everything.

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June was focused on school and on Rayne that for once she wasn't thinking about the past.

Laker Nodded, "Great, see you then?"

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