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Alexa walked into the club in designer clothes head to toe. Lousi Vuttion heels, a black Channel mini skirt and a light pink lace trim Alice+Oliva low-low cute tank. All her accesories came from Tiffany & Co. She sat down at the bar. "Sex on the beach.." She told the bar tender with a pure-white smile.

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy walked around town with a tank that hugged his muscules and too big of skinny jeans that hung loosely at his hip bones. He headed to the bar where he usually hung out at and had gigs. Once he walked in, one of the guys that worked there greeted him.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Jake smiled at Alexa as she sat and poured her drink. he look at her up and down and thought 'wounldnt it be nice to not have to work of anything'

Belle dressed in her short short and her tight low cut shirt with matching heels she smiled and turned the music it up it was a Blood On The Dance Floor song she danced as she turned the bass up some

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Rcathers | 16 comments ((<3 Blood On the Dance Floor! :3 Is it ok if she reconizes Jayy from the band???))
Jayy smirked as they played Sexting. He lip sang along with it as he mad his way to the bar and order himself a beer.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments (( hell yeah! btw love the band and Jayy ;) ))

Belle walked to the dance floor showing off alittle bit of her moves she made up to go with the song she did a flip and ran into someone at the bar (Jay) "opps im s-Sorry" She said as she looked up at him 'oh wow is that Jayy?!' she thought to herself.

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy helped to steady her. "It's fine! You must love this band to be dancing like that." Jayy smirked, dropping his hands from her arms and returned to grabbing his beer.
((YAY!!! My friend showed me the band but I think Jayy is WAY hotter than Dahvie.))

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments (( me too! lol))

" i do love this band but i also love to dance," she got closer to him to whisper in his ear "and if im not mistaking ur Jayy from the band, or am i wrong?" she backed away again and smirked

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy smiled. "Yep. I'm Jayy Von Monroe." Jayy said before taking a sip of his beer. He smirked at her. "I'm surprised you reconize me." Jayy smiled crookedly. He had his green eye contacts in so he looked totally hot and the emo girls in the club were glaring at Belle

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle smiled "your cuter in person and im not surprised really i have seen u in concert before" Belle leaned against the bar and asked for a water she smiled at him "maybe we can talk or something sometime" she smiled widely and took her water back to her station to play the next song.

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy smirked. "Sure. Just ask the manager for my phone number. I'll be in touch." Jayy winked before watching her walk off. He finished his beer and left to the streets again.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle finshed her job getting off around 4 in the morning she had Jayy's number and walked out she walked home slowly she would call or text him later in the day

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Rcathers | 16 comments *Skips to around to noon.*
Jayy was walking around with sunglasses on with Dahvie at his side, talking to him about another idea for a song or concert.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle sent Jayy a text 'Hey, Belle the gurl who ran into you in the bar last night' Belle got dressed into tight skinny jeans that were bight yellow she wore a tight shirt that was ripped and showed her belly it was hot pink her bra matched and was wearing different bright colored beads,hot pink hello kitty necklace,Blood on the Dance Floor necklace and her arms had matching bracelets with yellow 5 inch heels to pull it all together she put her sun glasses on and head for the park.

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy stopped and pulled out his phone. 'Hey. Wat's up? Dahvie's w/ me right now. We're talking about new ideas.' He texted back. He was wearing the same clothes in his Death To Your Heart video as well was Dahvie.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments 'oh nothing much im hanging at the park swinging on the swings :P, lol ideas huh sweet!' Belle texted back

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy and Dahvie were walking in the park now and they were talking about Belle and everything when Jayy got the message. 'Really? We're in the park right now! This is Dahvie! HI!!! XD' They texted back.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle Giggled alittle 'Hello Dahvie! :P yep im on the swings cant miss me wear bright yellow shinny jeans and and a hot pink top' Belle pushed herself side to side on the swings she looked up at the sky she had her cat like contacts in

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Rcathers | 16 comments Dahvie and Jayy saw her and waved. Dahvie looked REALLY excited. They head over, Dahvie running and Jayy sprinting a little after him.
"Hey! It's nice to meet you!" Dahvie smiled. Jayy rolled his eyes.
"Hey." He said casually, trying to act cool.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle smiled "Hello nice to meet you again, Dahvie"

"Hello Jayy" she stood up and smiled at them "what r u guys up too?"

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Rue sat on a bench, whistling. Her orange curls blew in the gentle winds as her blue eyes gazed around. Rue had a simple outfit on: a green lace tanktop, dark blue jeggings, black flats, and a black cropped sports jacket. She had just watched her little brother play baseball and now she was tired. She crossed her legs and looked at the time. Time to work.. she thought, heading off to the guitar store. She really doesn't know much of guitars, but likes the music they make. She personally plays the piano and sings, but no one needs new talent. Many people in her old school called her 'Red head Amy Lee', for she looked like the lead singer of Evanescence. Rue entered her workplace and waited for customers.

Wearing a hot pink tube top and short shorts, Cassidy walked merily around campus. She smiled as the wind blew her curly blonde hair. Her big brown eyes looked around at people, knowing that they all have no reason to be glum. She smiled and started to spin around.

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Rcathers | 16 comments "Not much. Just hanging out. So, I'm surprised you actually texted me." Jayy smirked. Dahvie rolled his eyes.
"She's probally more into ME than YOU Jayy." Dahvie joked. Jayy rolled his eyes.

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Alexa smiled at Jake as he noticed him looking her up and down, she fixed her boobs and gave a sexy smirk to him.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle looked at Jayy "well i wanted to get to know you" Belle chuckled at Dahvie

Jake gave a shy smile and handed her her drink

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy smiled. "I hope I don't disappoint you." Jayy smirked as Dahvie looked at a text he recieved.
"Well, I better get going. You be good little kiddies." Dahvie smiled, giving Jayy a 'be a gentleman' look.

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle smiled and waved good bye to Dahvie. Belle looked at Jayy "i dont think ull disappoint me"

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) (any way I can get involved?)

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments ( sure can :) )

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy smiled. "So, you wanna go out for lunch or something?" Jayy offered. He didn't feel like screwing her up yet. ((Surprise! He's gonna actually FALL FOR HER! OMG! lol. XD))

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments (( omg she actually going to fall for him too!)) Belle smiled at him "oh, sure" Belle stood up

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Rcathers | 16 comments Jayy smiled and lead her to one of hs favorite restruants, Kabuto's. He looked at her. "Have you been here before?" He asked. ((YAY! :3))

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* | 2 comments Zac sighed, he was outside leaning on the wall, smoking a cigarette, a nasty habit and he knew it but it helped with the anger. Zac was wearing dark navy blue Jeans, a white shirt that hugs his skin, showing off his well built frame, and a black leather jacket,

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle smiled up at him "ummm no i havent"

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Kristie (Kay2448) | 21 comments Belle smiled up at him "ummm no i havent"

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