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message 1: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (lilkat) | 6 comments I'm a mature reader for the fourteen year old that I am, and I've just started reading My Sister's Keeper. I have House Rules as well, but am planning to start that after I finish MSK.

However, after those two books, I'm not sure which of Jodi's books would be appropriate. It's not really a concern for me as much as for my mom, but I'm just curious which books you would (and wouldn't) recommend for my age. Thank you for the help!


message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy (mommy_of_angels) | 12 comments Hi Kathleen, You might like Handle with care, that was one of my favorites by her. Also,
Nineteen Minutes, it's about a school shooting
The Pact was also really good, &
Plain Truth, it's about an amish teenager accused of killing her baby.
All of those I think you would like & they would be appropriate.

message 3: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Foster | 2 comments Keeping Faith had a mature intimate section in it- I think this should be avoided for now.

message 4: by Grace (new)

Grace (XxxGracexxX) | 3 comments I've been reading Picoult books since I was 16, and I really don't see what's wrong with some of the 'intimate' sections of her book. It's only a book, what's the big deal? It's not going to make you go mad...Just words!

message 5: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (lilkat) | 6 comments Thank you for the advice and recommendations! Grace, I do understand what you mean, I'm okay with what happens in the books but keeping it at least moderately appropriate is something my mom is concerned about. I'll remind her that it's just words and see what she says! (:


message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Foster | 2 comments Grace, she was seeking advice for was appropriate and not appropriate. If I were a mother- I would prefer that my 14 year old not read some sections in that book-it all depends on how conservative you are. I also believe that 16 is a little bit different than 14.

Out of all of the books that I have read from Picoult-I think that Keeping Faith has been the steamiest- thus, my recommendation.

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy (mommy_of_angels) | 12 comments I agree with Rebecca. I am a mother of two girls. neither one of them are teens yet, they are just little girls but there are books that I would prefer they not read because of the "steamy" parts in the books. I love Jodi Picoult. She is one of my favorite authors & I own every one of her books. When my daughters are old enough I hope that they read her books, but a few of them will have to wait until they are older than 14. It will also depend on their level of maturity. Every teen is different.

message 8: by Kathleen (last edited Feb 01, 2011 07:40PM) (new)

Kathleen (lilkat) | 6 comments I do know what you both mean and appreciate that. I wouldn't be scarred by the perhaps more mature parts of some of her books (My Sister's Keeper, for example), but if Keeping Faith has very mature parts then I appreciate you letting me know so that I can avoid that one for now. I think I'll just read MSK and House Rules for now then ask my mom what she thinks would be alright as she's read some of Jodi Picoult's books.

Thanks again (:


message 9: by Dara S. (new)

Dara S. (dara85) | 6 comments I think every teen should read Nineteen Minutes. She really has a Handle on what is like for a child to be picked on.

message 10: by Megan (new)

Megan (MeganJC83) | 9 comments Salem Falls is probably another one to avoid. It also has some "steamy" parts that I wouldn't think are suitable for a younger teen. Nineteen Minutes is a good one. Also, The Tenth Circle may be appropriate. There may be some "questionable" sections but I think, since it deals with a young girl, it may be good for younger girls to read....but maybe 16.

message 11: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (lilkat) | 6 comments I loved My Sister's Keeper. The few scenes that were inappropriate were no worse than some of the books I've read that are actually meant for teens.

Thanks for the suggestions, still, everybody! I appreciate the help.


message 12: by Booksdingle (new)

Booksdingle | 5 comments I agree that some books that are meant for teens can be far steamier - some Judy Blume books spring to mind! Can't imagine I'd have bene interested in Jodi Picoult books aged 15/16 far too intellectual - but anything that had a bit of x rated content did the rounds of our school 5 times over! It is good to see a teen concerned about what she is reading or at least taking account of her mothers wishes! I have read several Jodi Picoult - am thinking The Tenth Circle wasn't too bad? They are all gritty reads though aren't they.

message 13: by Amy (new)

Amy (mommy_of_angels) | 12 comments I agree Booksdingle! I hope my daughters come to me at that age for advice on what's appropriate to read & I hope they are as mature as this young girl. It's nice to see that!

message 14: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (Ashlee_) | 83 comments I always read a few levels higher than usual for my age. While I do understand that some parents rather keep their kids from the more "intimate" natured books, I say if your mature enough to handle it, age doesn't matter. I can tell by your grammar and how you cared about what your mother thought, that you seem pretty mature, but that's just me. I would recommend "19 minutes" although there is a little bit of a disturbing scene in that book, but the overall message is important. Come to think of it, alot of JP books have sexual/intimate sections in them, so if your mother doesn't want you reading those kinds of things, you may want to look more for YA (young adult) type books. I read my first JP book when I was a Junior in High School, but that wasn't because I wasn't allowed, I had just never discovered her before then.

I hope you find some books that you'll enjoy!
my favorites by her were- The Pact, Plain Truth, 19 minutes, and Salem Falls! :)

message 15: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (Ashlee_) | 83 comments Oh, and a side note- even if a book has a "sex" scene, that doesn't make the book raunchy and gross. Nicholas Sparks is a perfect example of how to tastefully write an intimate scene of a book, I love his works too!

message 16: by Anna (new)

Anna | 81 comments The one I don't recommend is The Tenth Circle. Personally I didn't find a redeeming character in the book and it especially portrayed teens in a negative way.

message 17: by Erin (new)

Erin (ee1025) | 1 comments hi Kathleen. im also 14 and i love jodi Picoult. i read my Sister's Keeper and loved it! i definately think you should read Ninteen Minutes as it deals with teens. The Pact has some intimate parts but not that many. i think this is a good choice, also. all her books are pretty good though. except Song of the Humpback Whale. I did not care for that one.

message 18: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee (Ashlee_) | 83 comments Hmm, that's odd. I really wanted to read Songs of the Humpback whale, it actually sounded like a good one. I didn't care for "The Perfect Match" though.

message 19: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Kennedy (laurenxo) I am 15 and have been reading Jodi Picoult since I was 13 and there is no problem with reading this books no matter how "mature" they can get. My parents know I read these books and my mom often reads them after me or even before me and tells me I should read it too. I think if you're mature enough then go ahead and read it. It's only a book and all these issues may/will have to be addressed at some stage. Even her books with sex scenes or rape scenes... it doesn't matter. They're all books and it's not real. If anything it can be educational to know about these things and be prepared.

message 20: by Ashlee (last edited Jun 26, 2011 12:55PM) (new)

Ashlee (Ashlee_) | 83 comments Lauren, please keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions. Not all 15 year olds are mature for their age, or mature at all for that matter, so some parents really do need to stay away from certain books if their children aren't mature enough to handle them. While I do agree that a good lot of the scenes JP writes about will be addressed at some point, that "some point" doesn't necessarily need to be when someone is 13, 14, or 15. I personally will let my children read whatever interests them (as long as I get a good preview of the book) but to each their own. So while you may think there is no problem with reading a JP book at any age, some people feel differently, that's all.

message 21: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Kennedy (laurenxo) I know not all 15 year olds are mature but a lot are. All I said was if you are mature then there is no problem. And I know everyone has their own opinion, I was simply giving mine.

message 22: by Ashlee (last edited Dec 21, 2011 07:26AM) (new)

Ashlee (Ashlee_) | 83 comments Ok.

message 23: by Paolai (new)

Paolai | 5 comments has anybody here read picture perfect? what are your thoughts on the book? thanks :)

message 24: by Tomek (new)

Tomek Geres | 6 comments Top picks for you, in my opinion are :
My sisters keeper
Leaving time
Lone Wolf
Handle with care
Change of heart
The storyteller
Hope this helps (:

message 25: by Tomek (new)

Tomek Geres | 6 comments These are the books I read and I'm the same age as you. However I would not recommend Nineteen minutes

message 26: by Tomek (new)

Tomek Geres | 6 comments Rebecca wrote: "Keeping Faith had a mature intimate section in it- I think this should be avoided for now."

Keeping Faith is nothing compared to Nineteen minutes!

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

You can read The Storyteller, Between the Lines, Off the Page

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