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The Sixth book in the trilogy

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message 1: by Druss (new)

Druss  (stansnig) | 2 comments Yes. So-so attempt. Better I feel if it had been left alone.

message 2: by Druss (new)

Druss  (stansnig) | 2 comments Joel wrote: "Made an effort to read it. It was like reading a plot summary on wikipedia; complete lack of rhythm and life."

Agreed there. The least enjoyable of all of the series.

message 3: by Ana (new)

Ana Méndez (intentionallyblankpage) | 1 comments Anna wrote: "How sad. I felt that way about Mostly Harmless though. It didn't have the same kind of joy as the first four."

I agree. I didn't like the Mostly Harmless at all and i had to force myself to finish the last one, a shame it didnt make justice to the first books :(

message 4: by Billy (new)

Billy | 1 comments And another thing is yet to be another book to read, but just the fact its not by adams is leaving me feeling deflated

and i agree wirh you guys, mostly harmless was poor, i loved so long and thanks for alll the fish but mostly harmless couldn't cope with the rest, shame really as i am yet to find another book such as the hitchikers series

message 5: by Micke (new)

Micke Nimell (nimell) | 3 comments I didn't mind Mostly Harmless. It was ok.
Adams last book, The Salmon of Doubt still kinda felt like his writing style but lacking that final knotting together at the end.
The Douglas Adams-feel was definitely lacking in the Sixth book. It was good but not the same as the other five books.

If you liked H2G2 I recommend the Dirk Gently-books

message 6: by Ana (new)

Ana Perišić (anaperisic) | 1 comments Art3m1ss wrote: "im enjoying it kinda.but i do perefer the original."

Same here. I'm currently reading it and I do like it. Of course it's not like the rest of the trilogy but it's funny and sarcastic.. I didn't expect anything more...

message 7: by Kritarth (new)

Kritarth Jha | 3 comments Glad to come here, was thinking of starting the sixth.

message 8: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Baker I read the 6th book. I am glad I read it just for the sake of saying I read it, but it was certainly not my favorite and not at all like the Adams books. I don’t consider it cannon to the series. I consider it more like fan fiction. Like a possibility of what happened to the characters rather than what actually happened to the characters.

message 9: by Micke (new)

Micke Nimell (nimell) | 3 comments Sydney wrote: "I don’t consider it cannon to the series"
Same here. Even Starship Titanic felt more like an Adams book than this 6th book.

message 10: by Pragya (new)

Pragya (wonko_the_sane) | 1 comments it's a better attempt than the cursed child but still would love to believe there's no sixth book

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