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What's your favorite book? Why?

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Derek | 1 comments Mod
Hey all! - For this prompt, I want you to tell me your all-time favorite book, and why. Did it change your life? In what way? Did it change how you think about things? How? Did you read it more than once? Was it different the 2nd time you read it - if so, how? Another way to think about this: Suppose the internet keeps expanding and, with exception to cereal boxes and stop signs, people do all their reading online. Which book do you smuggle into this increasingly (if not exclusively) electronic world? Or suppose the government starts banning and burning books. Which book do you save from the flames of censorship? WRITE ABOUT THAT BOOK.

message 2: by Wayne (new)

Wayne (WayneFuimaono) | 1 comments my favorite book so far is probably the book i just finished which is called "Knights on the Hill Country." Did it change my life I wouldn't say so. But it did change things it made me think of my life for example i know that the book was about football so i took it in consideration of my life what do we have in common so what i learned from the book was you shouldn't always allow people to talk for you and you should always be yourself and not what others think what you should be like.This book wasn't read more than once but i do know it got so interesting i read it in two days.
well to tell you the truth the book i would really save is not this book but the Bible even though i don't read as often but i do feel it should be the one i should save and thats my personal thought.

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Asia Ali (readingfordummies) | 1 comments my favorite book ive read so far of the year 2010-2011 is "wooden" because im come from a famliy of lots of teachers and coaches. and i can relate to his story. Also knowing i want to be a teacher one day it gave me a lot of fundementals in and out the class room. it didnt just talk about teaching it also talke anbout parenting, and how thats related to teaching and coaching as well. the book "WOODEN" is a great book for every body. this book was a positvie book and an out look on life on and off the court. Yes, i would say this book has changed some things i do in life because it talks about being a man to your word and dont blame others for your qwn mistakes, and i have lived up to that every day after i read this book, because those are something I did in life was blameing others but myself about my own actions. i had to read a couple chapters over about two times because the things the author was speaken in the book was real, and it was "LIFE". the book "WOODEN" is great for all athletes , all coaches , all parents.
my mom passed this book down to me when i was oing through a bad time this year and it helped me look at the bigger picture.

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Kevin Nguyen | 1 comments My favorite book so far would still have to be "Only the Strong Survive" by Larry Plat. People know and like him for being on t.v and playing basketball with many other NBA players but after reading this book it change my thoughts. Every basketball player worked hard but Allen Iverson worked one of the hardest by far. He didnt grow up in a rich fancy life style. He started from nothing and became someone that millions of people know and like. This book didnt change my life it wasnt a life changing book. It change my thoughts of basketball players because you think that there lucky having all that money and things like that but they deserve it because they worked at it and never give up.I read it only once but some parts i read it a couple of times. I would save this one from a flame because its one of my favorite book and i would give this to someone who like basketball.

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Adriel Paine  (YingYangMix) | 2 comments My favorite Book would have to be "The Lightning Theft." This book would have to be my favorite because there were sequels so it was never really ending. However, when it did end, it ended in the best way it could, but still leave you asking in what's going to happen next. This book helped me look at how I do things in a quick manner, how I could do things faster in my own way, rather than a way that is boring and longer. So now I do things in my own way which is faster, easier, but still good as in hitting all the criteria’s. Just because in the book they did their own thing and ended up doing better. But sadly I only read this book once, I’m not a type a person to go back and read a book again. Even though I liked lighting theft a lot, I think the book I would smuggle into this increasingly electronic world would be battle royal. Also a book I would have to save from the flames would be a book that helps you find your family tree because it would suck not knowing where your family started, and what you family used to be like. I mean like I would love to know who I was related to and I would like to compare myself to them to see if I act like them. But that’s just me, I don’t know about other people.

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Calvin Chan | 2 comments My favorite book of all times has to be Robert Ludlum's "The Arctic Event." It involves a lot of history about the United States and Russia and my favorite subject is World history. I enjoyed reading this book because it goes by fast. Ludlum has a way of writing that makes the book feel like it is only a day's worth of reading to finish it. There isn't any wasted chapters, every chapter has it's own significance towards the plot and ending. It also changed my outlook on books. I've always thought that the best books were the ones that are at the top of the market and are liked by mostly every teenager. Ludlum changed my reading habits and how I pick my books now. I specifically choose books from the 60's and 70's because of the type of language the authors used them in. Ludlum's books are always filled with twisted events that will leave you hanging if you don't finish the book.

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Omar Martinez (shotta_919) | 1 comments my favorite book of all times would be the one called "The eyes of my princess" written by Carlos Cuahtemoc. I like this book because its not that i can relate to the story in the same exact as it happened on the book, but in a way we can all relate to it. The story is about this guy who falls in love with the new studend who happens to be from another country. And its also the most prettiest girl (as he discribes her) in the world. He tries to get with her but for some reason. The girl thinks hes a perb and tries to avoid him every chance she gets. Then since they never went out and this guy finds out that her "princess" was not what he thought she was. Locks himself in his room for a couple of days and writes his own happy ending. So in the way that i relate to this book is because as he did i felt in love with someone and as he did i will fight for that someone even thouhg now one wants us together. I only read this book once but it left a great impression on me. Now if the government starts banning and burning books i think this is one of the books i would save because to me is the book that has left the biggest impression and has change my way of looking at think. it changed the way a want to treat women. And it changed the way i used to look at "love" things.

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Calvin Chan | 2 comments Wayne wrote: "my favorite book so far is probably the book i just finished which is called "Knights on the Hill Country." Did it change my life I wouldn't say so. But it did change things it made me think of my ..."

Keep working hard and apply the lesson that you've learned from this book Wayne. Even if you feel like there are eyes glaring at you in the stand, screaming out "You're horrible," don't let that get to you. Keep looking forward, because in life you don't ever look to the side and distractions, because that will keep you from your true potential and goals. I would also agree on your decision of saving the Bible. If the world was ending (because the government has decided to burn away literature, our education) people would need faith and hope to survive in a corrupted world like that

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Bryan Diaz (BNAZTY) | 1 comments My Favorite book of all time might have to be "Friday night Lights by H. G. Bissinger." I say this is my favorite book beause it's a book that i can relate to when it comes down to football season. when the whole team get's along with eachother and bonds as a family. It also makes me want to push myself and be better as a person in life. This book is about a team that pushes them alomst everyday to be better then they can ever be and that makes me think of our football team because we all try to push eachother in the weight room and to go all out for our senior year.

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My favorite book, or series, would have the be The Hunger Game series. Each book keeps you hanging and wanting to read more. I had to read the first book for class and I completely got ahead of my group and finished it way too early. I couldn't just limit myself to three chapters a week. The plot is twisted in so many ways throughout the entire book. It's almost like the TV series Pretty Little Liars on ABC because it makes you think that the antagonist is one person for a while, then an event happens that makes it impossible to be that person. The fact that reading a book can be as suspenseful as watching a movie is amazing to me. These books also made me really think about the future of America, because this book is based on what happened to the US after a major war had occured. The states were now divided into 13 districts and for the most part, they did not get along. These districts were also ruled by what they called the capital, almost like America became a communist country. The Hunger Games and the other books that follow in the series are great books to read, and I recommend them!

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Hana Feseha (HanaFBaby) | 3 comments My favorite book has to be "Dont Hurt Laurie" because its a book i can read over and over again without getting tired of it. Although it is a lower level book i believe this book has a lot of meaning to it. It did change me because it made me realize that you can not judge someone without seeing what they go through.i read it twice, and the second time i fell in love with it even more because i noticed more details.

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Hana Feseha (HanaFBaby) | 3 comments Byran wrote: "My Favorite book of all time might have to be "Friday night Lights by H. G. Bissinger." I say this is my favorite book beause it's a book that i can relate to when it comes down to football season. when the whole team get's along with eachother and bonds as a family"
I like how you found a book that relates to you but maybe you should go into more detail about how in the book shows a football team bonding and how it reminded you of your team.

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Hana Feseha (HanaFBaby) | 3 comments *bryan

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Bubi D (omgitsbubi) | 3 comments My favorite book so far is "Makes Me Wanna Holler" by Nathan McCall. This book has possible changed my life, to see what one man can go through in his younger life and then eventually have his dream carrer come to a reality. The book should me that anybody can be/do anything Nate has been to prison, shot. I The author does a great job with not making the next element in his life obvious, so the book is not just a typical " hard times for black people" type of book. Nathan doesn't have any sports dreams, nor is he into cars; he wants to be a writer in the newspaper. reccomend this book to anybody that doesn't understand the struggles that black lower class people went through in the 60's and 70's.

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Bubi D (omgitsbubi) | 3 comments Bryan wrote: "My Favorite book of all time might have to be "Friday night Lights by H. G. Bissinger." I say this is my favorite book beause it's a book that i can relate to when it comes down to football season...."

I havent read this book, but from the sounds of what you have written I can relate also. I feel like if our football team have the type of work ethic,and just work as a team we can be perfect.I understand how you used football like for your life, ( It also makes me want to push myself and be better as a person in life.) when you feel like your working hard in a sport you love; it also makes you want to achieve things in life that you haven'nt. You should definitely let me see this book if you have it because the book seems in inspirational in a football mindset.

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Adriel Paine  (YingYangMix) | 2 comments Wayne wrote: "my favorite book so far is probably the book i just finished which is called "Knights on the Hill Country." Did it change my life I wouldn't say so. But it did change things it made me think of my ..."

Adriel wrote: "I think that how you want to save the bible from a fire is a really good thing. Even though not all people believe in the same god, just having the bible be saved is good because that would keep religions. Meaning if the bible was gone than that’s two or three religions lost, and forever. So I believe that you saving the bible is pretty good, and that the other religions that use it should be thankful that you’re willing to do that. Also I think god should be happy that he made a person like you that is willing to save the bible and not some playboy magazine."

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Vanessa Lawson | 1 comments my favorite book would have to be shooter because it shows suspence and real life things that hapen every day. Reading this book helped me change my perspective on the lives of people that they might look fine one minute and go crazy the next because they are hiding behind their selves. i read this book more than once to better my understanding and to see if i read over some of the good parts that ties into the rest of the book , sort of like when you watch a movie a second time and you catch something and then the whole movie makes sence and ties its self together.

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Andrew Dyer | 1 comments If I had to choose A book I probably say “Trader" is my favorite book. The story really spoke to me of how you need to really enjoy your life and be out going and try to live life to the fullest, because you will never know when it will be taken from you. this book was written very well and I loved in the end even though nothing really was turn back to normal it still had a happy ending because I dislike books that are always cruel from beginning to end, and there should always be hope at the end of the tunnel and not more rocks. This book was deep, realistic, and surreal with a new different feel then all good and all bad.

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Bubi D (omgitsbubi) | 3 comments My favorite book to this day that I have read so far is still "Makes Me Wanna Holler," by Nathan MaCall, but i purchased a new book called Monster that i feel will change this answer.However Ive read this book twice, this has to be the most inspirational book ever. Nate really explains how anybody can get through any obstacle in your way. Whenever I feel as if Im in the wrong, sometimes I think about what Nathan would do. This may sound corny, but very true. When you read this book you we really visualize what he had to do in different situation. This book is definitely worth cherishing because it's not one of these cliche black guys that says he grew up rough and ended up incarcerated. Nate loved to write and changed his life in prison and a fought to get to his dream, which was to be a news article writer.

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