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new dog!!!!!!!!

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Yahoo!!!! I got a new dog. She's a beagle and her name is Penney. She's one-year-old...

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I will, when I get one, Catty (from Collage rp) has the same one. Wonder how that happened...

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Catt (furu) LESLIE!!!!!!!!! Join us yeees join us come to the dark side! Come young skywalker to the dark side!

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..... OMG! I LUV STAR WARS!!!!!!!

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Catt (furu) I know young skywalker!! *Evil grin*

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Tyler (racefanty) | 17 comments Leslie you can't even name 15 people from starwars!
And in dog years she is six

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Catt (furu) Hehe.Isn't that a little mean Tyler?What do I care??

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watch this:

Princess leia (hope that's how u spell it)
Darth Vader (one of my fav's)
Darth Maul
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Darth Sidiuos
Count Dooku
Jabba the Hutt
Quenn Amidala
Qui-Gon Jin
drum role plz, for the fifteenth one:


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