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dateDown arrow    newest »  (openbooksociety) | 6 comments We would love to have you on OBS Staff. Please be willing to put in at least an hour a day before you apply.

We have the following staff positions open:

Book Club Chapter Summaries (writers) – read chosen book, summarize chapters and come up with discussion questions.

YA book club manager – choose YA books for a monthly book club and manage the staff to make sure all the work gets in on time, also participate in the monthly book club by taking on some chapters to summarize.

Author chat manager/Author interviews – contact authors for a scheduled chat or email interview and help come up with questions. (We also need a chat host.)

Book Reviewers – write reviews for your favorite books. If you choose to be a reviewer, you must submit at least 2 book reviews a month.

News Blog Posters – staff has a daily list of blogs that need to be posted. Please be willing to do at least one a day. We will teach you to use Word Press, you must comment on the news and come up with a discussion question.

Mature Book Club Chapter Summary Writers – We are looking to broaden our book club and add mature/adult. Choose a book, help write the chapter summaries with discussion questions.

OBS Speaks Out Article writers – need to rant about authors/books/characters/movies etc…? Write an article for OBS Speaks Out.

Marketing – contact sites for affiliation. Stumble, Buzz Up, Google and Digg our articles.

Supernatural/Paranormal TV Show – Pick a supernatural/paranormal TV show and review it. Fringe, Being Human, Supernatural etc..

Supernatural/Paranormal Movie Reviewers – watch a movie and review it. Please be willing to do at least 2 a month.

Exclusive content tasks ( be willing to do at least one a month):
A-Z – do an A-Z on a book, movie, character, series.
Casting Couch – choose your dream cast for a book or series.
Top 5/10 – come up with top 5 quotes from a book, or top 5 ghost movies, etc..
Quizzes – create a quiz about a book, series, tv show season, etc..
Author/Actor/Director/Character/Superhero profiles – pick your faves and write the profiles.
Read-A-Likes – choose a book and suggest other books that are similar.

Please contact me at if you are interested.

All positions are on a volunteer basis.

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Open Book Society, I'm moving this post to the self promotion, anyone interested will find it there!

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