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Hi David,

I was wondering- how important would you say your character's sexuality is to the story? Is it something you consciously think about before you create his/her personality or is it something you discover as you create him/her?

Thanks for never forgetting to be awesome.

Much love,


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David Levithan | 22 comments Hi Yash,

It depends on the character, and depends on the story. Sometimes it's essential to the heart of the character; sometimes it's just another fact about the character, but not a determining one. Usually I have a pretty good sense of a character before I start writing -- so it's rare for a character to come out to me after I've started writing. It's the character's relationship with his or her sexuality that evolves as I write. For example, with Will Grayson, I knew he was gay, but didn't know until I started writing that he was both okay with it and at the same time not wanted to share it with anyone else (besides his friends on the Internet)... not because he was ashamed, but because he was private, which was an interesting distinction to explore.

Thanks for the question!

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