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Jhenn (letthemeatcxke) | 17 comments Last year, I got more than halfway through with the challenge and never finished it. My goal this time around is to balance out the light reading (chick lit, romance novels, urban fantasy novels) with some international relations and nonfiction books that have been in my TBR pile for the last few months.

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Jhenn (letthemeatcxke) | 17 comments Updated my list again after finishing Bloodfever. I went to the Amazon bookstore last night and downloaded the rest of the series because I have to know what happens. Does Mac get revenge against her sister's killer? Will Mac & and Barrons act on that delicious chemistry they have? I cannot wait to find out.

So, far I'm doing pretty good with this challenge. The toughest part is deciding what I want to read once I'm done with a book.

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Jhenn (letthemeatcxke) | 17 comments I've been on a paranormal and IR romance reading frenzy for the last two weeks, but I'm currently reading Guests of the Ayatollah by Mark Bowden and You Can't Hide by Karen Rose.

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Jhenn (letthemeatcxke) | 17 comments I've been rather busy so I haven't really had time to read. And when I did find five minutes, I wasn't too interested in A Rogue's Proposal. It started off really promising, but started to drag.

I'm heading over to the Kindle store to burn another hole in my card. I'll cross my fingers that I can actually find something to grab my attention and keep it.

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Jhenn (letthemeatcxke) | 17 comments Updated with books 16-20.

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