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HELP! Want to buy this!

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Ashley Does anyone know where I could buy this book or would like to sell their copy of Tigers Quest? I am new to the series as of a few days ago, and just got done reading Tiger's Curse. I would LOVE to start reading Tiger's Quest!!!! I honestly don't think I can wait for June to get here to buy the new one. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!! :)

Jennifer Good question. It's an awesome series. It was self-published in e-format a few years ago but I don't think it was in print. Good luck!

Tessa They were actually printed so there may be a few out there for sale. I could not part with my signed hardbacks--they are precious to me. Believe me they are worth the wait. It's been over 18 months for the 3rd book and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series. It's been fun to watch Colleen's journey from self-published and struggling to best-seller lists and movie deals! Best of luck and welcome to the Tiger fan club!

Deedee Gardner I love this book cant wait until the end of may because the book store i gets from gets it a week befor gets out in stores

Atarah Poling I just got my copy at wal-mart so if there's a wal-mart by u then u can get in there. If not i'm sure your bookstore could order a copy for you

Grace Barnes and Nobles

Kelseycutezz ARGH! please, please! anyone, help me! i've been to all the book store around my hometown and there are no tiger's quest books! i;ve been wanting that book for soo long... like, so so so sooooooo long... please! if you know any store around Asia that have the tiger's curse book,please let me know! any information about the tiger's quest book is very much appreciated!

Lindsay download it to your computer from any bookseller? the Barnes & Nobel Nook versions can also be read on a computer. I'm sure other e-versions can be also.

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Big W =young adult fiction reading section .... among all of the goth books. :) hope this helps

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