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message 1: by Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (last edited Jan 17, 2011 02:51PM) (new)

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 33 comments Mod
I realized we didn't have one of these, so....

1. Try not to swear TOO much.
2. Not a lot of detail in profanity, please.
3. If someone is gone for a long time and they want an update, give it to them, even if you don't know what's really going on yourself. Just try. It helps. I promise.
4. If you don't use correct grammar, bad things will happen to you. Honestly, if u tlk lyk dis, I'll kill you. I really will.
5. Make it realistic to the movie, but not a copy of. I hereby ban all names and pictures of the movie. Sorry.
6. There's no need to look up how to say everything in Na'vi. Just say *BLANK* Bob said in Na'vi.
7. Your characters have flaws. No one is perfect. Make them have flaws, or, again, I'll kill you. I really will.
-As a side note, your character is not the best, it's okay to lose a fight.
8. Let's not have an overflowing basket of girls, kay? For every girl you make you must make a guy. I myself will be following this rule too.
9. I won't make you be approved first, but if I tell you to fix something, you better fix it before you roleplay any more.
10. We're in the forest. The roleplay will take place in the forest. Be in the forest.
11. Don't do anything to another character without their permission. No saying, "Bob punched Jim in the face, knocking him out, then walked off."
Also, if you get knocked out, don't say "Jim wasn't really knocked out, he was just pretending, then he got up when Bob walked away and shot him in the back." Don't. I will be enforcing this rule, probably the most.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 28 comments :O Nasty!

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 28 comments Well, I'm a Canadian, have a healthy respect for all religions,and don't really care about American politics. She should just really mind her own business.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 33 comments Mod
What's the person's screenname, so I can keep an eye out?

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 33 comments Mod
As a part of Rule number five, I know this is kinda rude of me, but whoever has a name/picture from the movie for your charrie, could you please change it? Thanks, I really appreciate that.

message 6: by Justin (new)

Justin | 13 comments mine is tom cruise :P

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 33 comments Mod
I believe there are two people, actually.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 33 comments Mod
Who have pictures'names from the film.

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