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Daisy | 446 comments Hello! Welcome to my cubi! Just wanted to start off with some reflections. So last year it looked as if I wrote nothing well, if you count all the fictional writing I've done for my English class you would be suprised. The first semester I would write 5 page fictional stories for my english teacher in three days. I've been completly lost in schoolwork and everything else, I've read almost nothing because the only time I have to read during the school week is lunch and at lunch I want to eat and I'm trying to be more sociable and get more exercise. I used to walk home from school everyday, it was two miles. So now I walk none because of the 13 mile commute in cold weather on highways in the middle of nowhere. If you walk two minutes in front of my school you would lose all cell phone service.

This year I plan to exercise, write, sprite, and keep up with my homework. Maybe fit a social life in there too.

Up front as you enter the topic on the discussion board you are immediately rewarded with a field. It’s not too exciting, has a playground that looks to have been adapted for older children and adults, shady trees, heavy duty hard plastic swings, picnic tables, a variety of climbing gyms with sturdy silver bars, and a large track around the entire set up.
Relatively nearby, off toward the far left, is a cottage, it looks like a cottage but it’s really just a shed. The wood is painted white with neon splatters, glitter, etc. It doesn’t look very attractive and the shabby wooden door needs replacing but there is a beautiful stone area out front. A lantern is hanging off a metal hook on the outside of the shed, it is candle and match only so Daisy can practice her lighting skills.
Off to the far right on a hill (with a wheelchair accessible ramp) is a very large house (bigger than the house of Daisy’s snotty rich kid in her class, this means you must scroll the picture to capture the entire house, both up and down). It is painted whatever color it feels like, depending on the day, the weather conditions, and other factors. The house is like an oversized home, looking cozy in gargantuan size. What is inside is unknown but a large parking lot including tunnels from underground, space for a variety of sizes of cars, large poles for tying animals too, and pools of water suggest something really insane is going on.


Xanthus Randi
Matho Randi (Also known as the Randis for easy grouping)

Age: 12 (but they’re very smart so they’re at their stupid and perverted age)

Gender: M

What is his favorite food/drink: Orange juice, water with bitters
Seltzer water
What foods/drinks does he detest:
Virgin margiritas, any soda but brand name Pepsi, strawberry milk
Drinks with artificial sweeteners, things without bubbles, plain water

Does he like coffee: If yes, how does he prefer to have it served: No, however Xanthus will drink it if it keeps him going and will drink it black if he’s trying to look manly

How about tea: Matho likes white tea, with it’s mild flavor and soothing heat
The only kind of tea Xanthus drinks is iced tea

Pizza next! Yea or nay: the Randis love pizza, it’s their first meal suggestion whenever anyone asks them what they want to eat, they like every kind of pizza including a pizza made during a bad breath experiment including garlic, onions, and anchovies

Is he the type to experiment with preparing food: Xanthus will experiment with food so long as he thinks it will do something of his interest (for example make his breath smell really bad or blow up)
Matho will experiment with preparation so long as it tastes good, but he eats almost anything.

Does he like to try new foods, or stick to familiar flavors: Xanthus prefers familiar flavors while Matho clutches to certain normalities but will try anything new so long as there is at least one flavor he knows of.

Does he even like to eat: Or does he love it: The Randis love eating, nuff’ said

List his favorite candies and candy flavors: hot, or cinnamon, or slightly bitter
Anything very sweet
are there any flavors that he can't stand, like grape: Xanthus hates sickly sweet flavors, and anything he has to suck as he has no patience
Matho hates artificial grape

The Randis both like Salads a lot, but they don’t have such a taste for fruit

Their parents are divorced and they had to fight to stay together so they’re bruvvers and nothing will separate them. They get their father on weekends, thanksgiving break, and summer vacation and their mother during Fall and winter break, and weekdays.The Randis like to shut both their mom and their dad out. They have a sister who they both dislike and has been pushed aside by them. She likes to tease them but is helpful when they actually need it.

Their aunt Trisha is their best friend and her three boys are the only family they actually like. Their grandparents annoy them to no end, and their great aunt is their babysitter. She’s rather confused and the boys like to tease her. The boys have declared themselves atheists and do not appreciate missionaries. They have a betting pool to see who can pull the best tricks on them. Despite being tricksters they have little interest in sports and enjoy more artistic hobbies, they also take some pride in their academics and try to stay above Cs (only failing this goal in Social Studies), they have a large vocabulary as they try to use the word of the day in their vocabulary.

The boys both have curly brown hair, and her little sister calls them the ‘pube-heads’. They like to keep their hair above the ears because god-forbid they must actually wash and comb their hair. They boys both have wide green eyes with brown freckles and slender faces. They’re tall for boys their age and pretty unmuscular but not fat. Their ears stick out a bit and are slightly pointed but their noses are fairly small.

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Madeline sprite?

message 3: by Daisy (last edited Jan 31, 2011 02:40PM) (new)

Daisy | 446 comments Ah...hard to explain. Making tiny, detailed computer images out of pixels.

Anyway I have decided to start bringing my characters in to live with me! How exciting! I figure I'll probably be able to write a lot that way, just making the characters interact (they come from a ton of different realities after all). Before I bring them in I will probably post a little bit about them to help me in character development (because once I know their favorite food, I pretty much know everything about them).

Feel free to bring your characters by as well!

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Daisy | 446 comments 1/31/11

257 words

Xanthus and Matho are sitting in a green carpeted room with bookshelves, comfy chairs, and a game floor with games like Othello, chess, checkers, mancala, etc. They boys are seated on the floor, Matho is obviously winning with a checkmate.

Xanthus: That's not fair you thimblerigged me!
Matho: Nope. Pay up. Ten bucks.

message 5: by Daisy (last edited Feb 07, 2011 12:16PM) (new)

Daisy | 446 comments Well, today I am supposed to be writing a crap two page paper for my English teacher about how bad humans are when really I need to work on my NHD. So, because I'm too lazy to go get my book to write the paper I'm on here for the moment! Yay! I'm going to bring Xanthus and Matho around to visit everyone!

message 6: by Daisy (new)

Daisy | 446 comments SO far, thanks to my English teacher (mostly) I have written over 5,000 words this month, which is impressive since most of the words had to be written after school, but I can't log any of them because none of them are fictional.

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