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message 1: by Kassidy (new)

Kassidy | 2 comments Hi all, and advance apologies if this has already been covered (relatively new to librarianship). Having been cataloguing my book collection I've noticed that there are several different nomenclature standards being used when it comes to Star Wars novels.

Star Wars: Corellian Trilogy: Showdown at Centerpoint
Dark Nest 2

In other words:

Series: Sub-series: Title
Sub-series Number

My thinking would be that there should be a standardised naming convention across the whole series, so the above titles, for example, would be:

Showdown at Centerpoint (Star Wars: Corellian Trilogy #3)
Invincible (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force #9)
The Unseen Queen (Star Wars: Dark Nest #2)

With series, sub-series and numbers governed by the appropriate fields in the books' descriptions.

While I think it may be limited to different editions of a same book (so the same book may have instances with both the optimal and sub-optimal naming), would there be an issue with renaming editions (of the same language, so this would not impact translations) that are named differently?

So summarising:

- What should the correct naming format/standard be for these?
- Is it appropriate/acceptable to rename editions in a same language that do not follow this standard?

Again, my apologies if this is already covered in another topic, but my searches did not yield any concrete results for this minor dilemma.

Many thanks in advance.


message 2: by Kassidy (new)

Kassidy | 2 comments Clarification on the examples given with the proposed naming standard: The element in brackets would be the auto-generated part from the fields set for series, not the actual title itself, IYSWIM.

message 3: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments Eventally, we'd like to have nothing but the actual title of the book in the title field; however, the series names and descriptions are not yet searchable, so where they still exist on books we're leaving them in the title field so that the books remain findable using the existing search. If you put the series names in a single set of parentheses after the title in order to standardize this in the meantime, they'll be hidden and replaced by the series name instead.

As for the formatting of the series name, you can see some of the discussion of how this would be done with series and subseries in this thread using Star Trek as an example (if you'll forgive the crossing of the Star Wars/Star Trek streams! *grin*). Basically, yes, the primary series on a book would be "Star Wars: Corellian Trilogy" and there should be a link in that series' description to a centralized "Star Wars" series which lists all of the Star Wars subseries.

Unfortunately, we don't have a good way of handling series which are named differently in translation. All editions will show the same series name; you can list the translated names of the series in the description of the series, but they won't be searchable, so you should also leave them (in parentheses) in the title of the editions so that they can be found.

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