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Sarah ∞ (stargalgirl) | 401 comments Mod
Want to be on the team for your house?

All you have to do to tryout is answer these questions
1. The house you will be playing for
2. What positions you are willing to play
3. Answer the question 'Have you been to flying class yet?'
4. Put the name you want people to call you on the team.
5. Why you want to be on the team.

You must be a pretty active member to be on the team.
The teams and their players will be posted on the home page, once they are assigned.

We will pick 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Goalkeeper, and 1 Seeker from each house.
We will take a poll on who should be on each team.
So If you want to really be on the team, you can make your own topic for your campaign under the folder 'Quidditch Campaign', so that you can get followers who will vote for you in the poll in the next week or so.

message 2: by Sёkoya♪♫ (new)

Sёkoya♪♫ Dixon (Skoya) | 116 comments Great !!! I've been practicing my flying skills!!!! I hope I make it in. Go everyone else...Yippeee!

1. Gryffindor
2. Beater (I'm good at baseball so I should be good at this role!)
3. Yepperz
4. Koya, short and simple
5. Why not?

message 3: by literariel (new)

literariel 1. Ravenclaw
2. Seeker
3. Yep!
4. Miss Epic
5. Why not?

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