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Wingstar Lose your partner? Tell us here.

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Not cat ((my best friend practicly..)) is getting older and hes overweight...i know hes not going to live much longer and whenever i think of it i cry my eyes out...i'm trying to figure out what i'll do if hes gone...

And dont you dare say "You'll move on" because it's harder than you think...

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Wingstar I wont say "youll move on" because I know what its like. My dog that I raised from a small puppy in kindergarten, she is getting old and she is overweight. (im in 8th grade now). I have a picture of her on my profile, but yeah. I start to get sad when I think of it.

A few years back we had a dog named Bayley. She was born with heart murmur, (heart skips a beat sometimes) and a hole in her heart also. When she got older she had arthritis and the very last days we had her, she had olsers on her tongue and throat and belly. She couldn't eat, she could just lay there. We had to put her asleep, she was 12. When my dad had taken her, the olsers had eaten away her tounge and she didnt have one anymore. The last few seconds I had with her I was crying and I remember that I hummed to her, saying "Everything was going to be alright" and "Youll be happier". It was about 5 years ago, and im crying right now telling the story and remembering her. Im crying tight now.

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So am i...

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Wingstar Im ok now. I lost my fish, Togan to, but I got a fish named Buddy, its all good now.

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I dont have a fish but i have a lot of other pets...

message 7: by Dibily Do (last edited Jan 17, 2011 08:37AM) (new)

Dibily Do | 8 comments Last year I lost my dwarf rabbit. We called him Bunny because he never got to real size for a rabbit. Bunny....such a original name

message 8: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar sorry nsa. Bunny...what an original name. I almost named my dog puppy cause i called it that soo much.

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SpazzyJazzy 3 or 4 years ago, I pratically loss my best friend >.< I didn't raise my dog since birth, but he was handed over to us when his original owners moved and didn't have enough space for him. He was a big dog- a Rottweiler Hunterway Cross- but he was such a sweetie. And he loved children. Anyway, all sorts of things with him went wrong. In the end, I think it was something wrong with his windpipe or something. I had to choose whether to put him down or see if he lasted the night at the vets -_-' I was only 11. Still, I refused to put him down. I wasn't going to end his life if there was still a chance he might live that much longer.
He got his operation and everything, but then in the following January he died. At least he was old, I guess... I still miss him. And my dad's got a photo of him on his shelf and I still can't look at it without cying.

message 10: by Hayden (last edited Jan 18, 2011 10:36AM) (new)

Hayden  (littlemisshayden) | 10 comments My hammy Sparkey died last february. Hamsters are supposed to live for 2-3 years, but he lived for 18 months because he had a tumor near his heart. I still cry thinking about this: when he was dying he had hardly any strengh to move, but when I gave him to mum to hold, he jumped back on to me. That's how much he loved me. Last march I got a new hammy called Hunnie. I love her soooooo much.

If you get a choice to put your pet down, I suggest you do it. If they will live for a few more days if you don't do it, they will suffer. Do you want your pet to spend it's last hours suffering?

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SpazzyJazzy It was something that could be fixed if he had an operation, and I wasn't going to end his life when there was a chance he would survive. So saying that I was causing him to 'suffer' is hardly a valid point.

message 12: by Hayden (new)

Hayden  (littlemisshayden) | 10 comments I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to people in general. You done the right thing :)

message 13: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Ah, sorry :P It just seemed that way

message 14: by Lyla (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 78 comments Here is Mario's story.
I wanted another cat. I asked my dad and he said we might run to the shelter and get another one soon. Later that day we got a call from our friend Casey saying her friend found a tabby kitten in the hood of his car. Casey asked if we wanted it and we said yes.
While we were waiting for her to come, my dad was watching some show about murder. One dude's name was Mario something. that caught my attension but then she pulled up in the driveway with the kitten. She held the kitten out to us and I took 'him' and petted him. When I took 'him' inside the house, I decided to name 'him' Mario.
Months and months later, Mario had become an out-door cat. 'He' got fatter and fatter and my suspicions grew. I tryed to tell my parents I thought it was a girl and she was preggo but they stood on teh idea Mario was a guy. (most likely they didn't want it to be true and tryed to convince themselves so).
A normal morning, it was the day before Easter, we heard a loud yowl and Scamp(my dog) bark. We ran outside to see Mario sprawled out of the deck and Scamp franticly licking her cheek. We shoo'd the dog away and my mom helped deliver the kits. My dad got a cardboard box and a towl and we set the kittens there as Scamp investagated them.
Mario had five kittens. (we now had seven cats total).
They were all named after cats from Erin Hunter's series 'Warriors'.
Jaggedfang- boy (They light brown tabby, clone of his motehr and my gardian angel for over a year).
Sweetheart- girl (the sassy marble tabby)
Tigerslash- boy (the unsocial black tabby)
Nightclaw- girl
Darkstripe- boy

The last two we gave away when they were 2 months old to the Animal Shelter, along with there mother(Mario) and there jealous godmother(Cupcake- I got her as a kitten from my ex-crush/best guy friend).
I hope they are all still save as we dont have any of them anymore... >.>

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