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Kristi (kristicoleman) OK, that we have had our catch up week lets get back to our discussion!

Wow, so what did everyone think of this section? I must admit that I think this section really puts forth how much Sir Percival, Count Fosco and Countess Fosco are truly slimy smarmy nasty people! I also have to say that I am not very sure weather Laura Lives!

What are your thoughts?

Andrea This section had me red in the face angry and what shenanigans those two fraudulent S*B's were conducting! Can I say that without offending anyone?

Kristi (kristicoleman) absolutely...I think we all feel the same way! I seriously am wondering what mischief they are up to...

Andrea my lips are shut tight........

Kristi (kristicoleman) Well...I bet I'll still find out! In fact I may just go read it right

Andrea It's so hard to stop! I just closed it out so I wouldn't keep reading.

Denise (momtoconnor) I was so angry too!!!!

Kristi (kristicoleman) I's pretty infuriating!

Jillian ummmm.....I have a different edition than other people I think...or I just read too far ahead. Wow. I...just wow. Fosco and Percival are two of the most disgusting, slimy, scumbags that I have ever had the joy of hating. Again, I don't want to spoil'm shocked...

Andrea Jillian, the same thing keeps happening to me. Where the group finishes I'm a little past that point. Then by accident I read a week ahead to make matters

Denise (momtoconnor) I have a different edition too...was this section supposed to stop when Hartright starts up again or before? I think I read ahead also so didn't want to write too much in case I gave something away.

Jillian Denise--I finished right before Hartright's narrative....but I'm not sure if we were supposed to...

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Kristi (kristicoleman) No, you should have finished where Hartright is kneeling at Laura's grave. Grrrrr!

Sorry for the tiny spoiler there Jillian...

Denise (momtoconnor) Kristi wrote: "No, you should have finished where Hartright is kneeling at Laura's grave. Grrrrr!

Sorry for the tiny spoiler there Jillian..."

Ahhh...I've got to read some more!!

Jillian Okay, so I read to where I was supposed to....and now I have more questions than answers!! I've got to keep going...

Kristi (kristicoleman) yep...see, frustrating...and you just want to smack Fosco and Sir Percival...

AM10000 I just finished this section today! Wow.. Crazy stuff!

Denise (momtoconnor) I read to the correct part...I had a feeling something fishy was going on!


I had thought that Laura might be still alive but I didn't know why or how they did it. Can't wait to read further ahead.

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