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Treasure Island
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Robert L Stevenson Collection > Treasure Island - Parts 3 and 4 Spoilers

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Trisha | 492 comments Post comments for parts 3-4 here.

Trisha | 492 comments I have been flying through this book! I am actually surprised at what a fun and entertaining story it is! I suspected that it would be an easy read, but Stevenson did an excellent job with keeping it exciting and adventurous. He builds suspense and keeps the action coming, which makes the plotline move very quickly.

The only things that I dislike are the stupid decisions that Jim keeps making. I understand that he is very young and that we are probably supposed to feel frustrated with him, but seriously...when is it EVER a good idea to sneak onto a rowboat full of mutinous pirates and strand yourself on an island. Not exactly a well thought out plan! But I guess if the Captain and the doctor were able to secure the ship and sail away, than it would have made for a pretty dull story.

Oh yeah, did any one else think that Long John Silver was just the name of a fast food restaurant. Hmmm...perhaps it was just me. Imagine my surprise!

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