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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
The Witch Orianna has a foul and dark soul, unlike her appearance.
Black silk hair reaching the floor with the softest purple eyes, Orianna dresses in black robes; the best to hide in the dark.

Acting like a queen, her home is full of slaves.
Children slaves, that is.
She would lure them into her home with whatever they desire the most, and lock them up with the simplest of spells.
The children do her dirty work, including getting all of the human souls she wishes.

But if they misbehave once -only once- she will eat their own soul and incinerate the body.

Her spells might seem weak to on-viewers, but do not be fooled.
The spells she uses are ancient and powerful, and can last for centuries...

Difficulty ranking: 9/10 (She's just that good -erm, i mean, bad...)

This witch will probably be rp by me, Juliet.

This mission is only available to students who have received a rating 8/10 or more on their previous mission(s), and can only be challenged with a group of tree meisters and their weapons.

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Juliet | 400 comments Mod
This is the village that witch Orianna lives in:

This is the witch Orianna's mansion/castle:

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