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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) 1/14/11
It's like everything wants me to quit, give up and give in. I cant though. Things are hard now...balancing my friends, school, my family, my emotions, and most important currently...managing "her". Shes all I think about...all that matters really. I need her, im not going to go all Edawrd Cullen like she's my drug but shes what eases the pain. I hope in the future im not a wreck, my familys not imperfect. I want the future I admired as a kid. Too bad one day you gotta let go of the games. The innocence of a child no sex, no drugs, no abuse, no murder, no bullys, no day you gotta break free and see the world as it is.
I wish we didnt.
If not, I wouldnt have these huge secrests, and big problem.

message 2: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) 1/15/1

Wow, I thought everything would be okay. Ofcourse, im wrong. The fights from yeseterday carried on to today. Maybe im being stupid, saying this mean stuff. But I mean it. Now the only person who gets me, doesnt seem like they do. She changed, yes in a good way...but idk if I can change too...just for her? Now she decides to become how I always think she shoupld have been, right when I decide she shouldnt! It's so hypocritical what shes saying...I wish it was easier.
She keeps trying to tell me if I change my life perspective things are okay, but I know they arent! I just cant at all forget that night! The faded scar on my face, and the still huge scars on my heart.

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