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Character registration:


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SpazzyJazzy Name: Blazingstar
Gender: Tom
Rank: Leader


A dark grey tom, whose pelt is adorned with the weaving patterns that mark him a as a tabby and marred by scars of previous battles. The stormy colour fades into a more silvery-grey around one of his forepaws, chest and underbelly. He's somewhat larger than most cats, in both height and muscle, and will happily use this to his advantage in any situation. His eyes are a bright blue-green colour, with barely-there flecks of silver.


A stubborn and rebellious cat, who makes it clear it's his way or the highway. Even as a kit, he never did what was expected of him, and refused to meet others expectations. He frowns upon the Warrior Code because it's restricting, and never gave him the freedom he truly craved. He didn't like being contained or controlled, and I suppose one could almost say he had some issues with authority. Still, he had his Clan's back regardless, and strived hard to earn their respect. Respect that helped him climb the social ladder and get where he is today.

It helped, in many ways, that the tabby also has a lot of charisma. And with charisma comes confidence. He rarely stammers, and he speaks with utter belief in his words, with the sort of aura that doesn't make you second guess him until later. And if that doesn't work, there's always manipulation. Twisting others thoughts to suit his own purpose, to make them see things the way he wants them to see them. Being leader, it's hardly necessary anymore, though.

Orders are made to be followed. In a way, Blazingstar is a bit of a hypocrite with this. Whilst he always obeyed orders, he used the wording to not obey them the exact way cats wanted or expected him to. However, if one were to disobey him- regardless of the wording- they'd most likely be on the receiving end of his claws. Excuses only anger him further, and sometimes it's really best not to provoke him. Disloyalty is dealt with thoroughly, and his already thin patience is best not to push.

Although he has an explosive temper, this leader does not simply charge into battle. Behind those cruel sneers and cold glares, he's carefully planning his next mission. Many make the mistake of thinking he doesn't care about his Clan, but they couldn't be further from the truth. He carefully considers their safety, and won't throw them into battle if the risk is too high. Yet, at the same time, he still views many of them as expendable warriors. Nobody is irreplacable, unless they've wormed their way into his heart.

Other than being a proud and ruthless cat, Blazingstar is also... almost... caring. He's defensive of his Clan, and despite them being 'expendable' he'd defend each of them individually if the time called for it. He may expect them to be able to stick up for themselves, but sometimes enough is enough. And, believe it or not, Blazingstar can actually be flirty and charming when he wants to be. Whilst he has not considered another mate in some time, he is beginning to grow sick of the whole 'Blazingstar's so lonely and heartless' comments that seem to swirl around.


Blazingkit, Snakekit, Adderkit and Dawnkit were the three sons and daughter of the ex-RiverClaner Seastone and his ShadowClan mate. His father was unknown to him and the Clan, for Seastone was fearful they would feel discriminated by the fact their father was from RiverClan and had been made the ShadowClan Deputy. Because of this, Blazingkit always felt like the spotlight on him, and wasn't afraid to perform. He'd constantly 'strut-his-stuff' in front of the Clan, and perform all sorts of tricks. Seastone often frowned upon such antics, and despite promising to seperate himself from his kits lives he couldn't help but interfere, occasionaly reprimanding Blazingkit for his behaviour. This didn't go down well for the little energetic circus clown after it became a common occurence, and eventually he snapped, remarking that Seastone wasn't his father and so he should stop trying.

At some point in his life, WindClan raided ShadowClan's Camp. Blazingkit had tried to enter the fray with his two brothers on his heels, having always viewed Blazingkit as the leader of their litter. Adderkit and Snakekit were trampled, and Blazingkit found himself lost in his own Camp. It was only Seastone making a sudden appearance that saved the kit's life. Back in the Nursery, two WindClan toms had attacked it, killing Lilysong and a number of other kits and Queens. Dawnkit survived by hiding underneath her mothers lifeless body.

The incident turned Blazingkit into the cat he is today. A furious unquenchable thirst for blood began to take hold of him. Or, more specifically, WindClan blood. The mad drive for revenge consumed him, and he strived harder than ever as a kit and apprentice, training, training, and training to perfect every battle move- to learn the easiest way to take down and kill a WindClan cat. Dawnpaw, who had taken an interest in healing, began to become afraid of her own brother. It was like he had been transformed into a completely different cat. Sure, he still surrounded himself with friends and 'loyal followers,' but she was his sister. She didn't miss the burning fire in his eyes, or the dark aura he carried around with him. So, through an event that should've brought the two littermates together, the two found themselves more distant from eachother than ever.

Dawnpaw took her concerns to Seastone. He was, of course, Blazingpaw's mentor afterall. Seastone told her not to worry, but she did notice him keeping a closer eye on her brother. And she wasn't the only one. Blazingpaw began to grow hostile at how suspicous Seastone seemed to be getting, particularly since it was like he was trying to be the fatherly figure Blazingpaw never had and, in his opinion, didn't want or need. Seastone was the one cat Blazingpaw went deliberately out of his way to disobey. The only one who seemed understanding was the RiverClan Medicine Cat Apprentice, a pretty she-cat by the name of Featherpaw, one of Dawnpaw's friends.

Time passed, and Blazingpaw grew into Blazingwing. That wasn't the only thing that grew. Featherpaw and Blazingwing often went out of their way to talk to eachother at Gatherings, and even began meeting up on a regular basis. It was the one time in his life, other than when he was a kit, that Blazingwing actually felt truly happy. Featherpaw, who later evolved into Featherpool, brought some shocking news one day- she was fearful she was carrying. Everybody knew it was forbidden for a Medicine Cat to mate, and the poor shy thing was full of dread. Her worry infected Blazingwing, and he was plagued with insomnia for some time as he tried to think of what he would do. If cats found out, he couldn't just leave her to face it along and pretend like nothing happened between them. He knew she wouldn't say anything, the she-cat was too nice for that, but he also knew that he did that she would be beyond hurt. At the same time, if he openly declared the kits were his then he would lose a lot of respect from his Clan, and his dream of becoming leader would be trashed. Having a mate from another Clan was bad enough, but another Clan's Medicine Cat? That was beyond forgivable.

The next time he saw Featherpool, she wasn't much better. Her mentor was beginning to suspect something, and she had a bad feeling that he already knew. Blazingwing tried to tell her that they'd sort something out. He pondered it for many nights, but the same answer kept coming up. He'd trained for it his whole life, right? To slaughter as many WindClan cats as possible. Why should a RiverClan cat be any different? The next day, Blazingwing covered himself in WindClan scent and descended into RiverClan territory. He found luck was on his side, and Featherpool's mentor was alone collecting herbs. He killed the old tom, and dragged him back to WindClan's territory where he dug him a shallow grave.

He got away with that one. It would've helped, though, if he knew his sister Dawncloud had spied on him through the whole ordeal. More frightened than ever, she began to shoot her brother strange, sideways glances, which was more acknowledgement than they usually gave eachother. Blazingwing became suspicous, but otherwise ignored his sister, convinced he had gotten away with murder.

Things sort of got better from there. Snowleopard, Featherpool's warrior sister, discovered that she was pregnant and was convinced to help out. When the time came, she claimed the three kits as her own. It didn't take long for Blazingwing to get restless again, though- this time it was over RiverClan having all three of his kits. Ever sly, he spread a rumor across the Camp about Half-ShadowClan kits being in RiverClan and convinced his best friend Blackhalf to claim them as his own. The warrior obliged, and he went to RiverClan with a patrol to claim the kits. Blazingwing wisely stayed out of it, so he could play innocent the next time he saw his mate.

Blackhalf returned with all three kits, and the daughter of the same Queen who raised Blazingwing after his mother's death offered to look after her alongside her own kits. Blazingwing was quick to ally himself with the generous daughter Rainflower.

Shadowkit was made Medicine Cat Apprentice soon after, about the same time Blazingwing advanced to Deputy. The night before this happened was when Featherpool had her second litter. This time, she gave both kits to Blazingwing- two toms by the name of Smokekit and Falconkit. She didn't want to risk her Clan figuring it out, and decided it was best if they just went to ShadowClan. After this same meeting Blazingwing told Dawncloud he didn't want Shadowpaw becoming a Medcine Cat, and the two got into an all-out battle over it. Unfortunately, Dawncloud was no fighter, and she submitted to her brothers wishes.

More time passed, and Blazingwing was beginning to feel bored. He'd had his first apprentice, yes, but the only problem was... now he wanted Deputy. And he knew that if Seastone became leader, he'd never make his life-long dream. So, the warrior lured his old mentor out of the Camp one night, telling him that he wanted to talk about something. The two left for WindClan's border, as Blazingwing had insisted, where the warrior committed his second murder. He then dragged the body over to WindClan's territory, covered him in WindClan's scent and made to go back home. Or he would've if Dawncloud didn't come out and confront him halfway across. She was furious with her brother, as she'd been hoping one murder would be it. They got into an argument over pretty much everything and anything. Blazingwing is less than pleased that his sister has been spying on him, but it's all over once Dawncloud lets slip that Seastone was their father. The tom was enraged that he wasn't told, and Dawncloud made some tardy remark that turned out to be the wrong thing to say. Blazingwing snaps, and commits he second murder that night. This time, he lay her out on the Thunderpath, making it look as if she got hit by a monster.

Then, something went terribly, terribly wrong. Blazingwing generally just had a really bad day. He thought he might feel better by seeing Featherpool that night. He went to go tell her, only to come across another tom flirting with his mate. That night he was angry enough without hearing the next news she delivered him with- that she now knows that he was responsible for taking their first litter away from RiverClan. An argument similar to the one he had with his sister begins, and it ends very much the same way. He was horrified when he came to terms with what he had done, covering her in WindClan scent and taking her body back to RiverClan the next day, his story having been that he found her on WindClan's border.

Kin: Hawkflight, Shadowfang, Ravenheart, Falconpaw and Smokepaw (Offspring), Dawncloud (Sister)
Crush: Open

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Oh. My. God. Totally awesome history! WOW.

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Misfit #1 | 42 comments Name:Fireleaf
Rank:Trusty adn loyal medicine cat
Appearance:Fireleaf is a pretty she-cat with long, firey red fur witha wite underbelly, withe paws, black-tipped tail, and piercing green eyes that change color and sensitivity depending on her mood.
Personality:Fireleaf is a quiet cat who is normally obedient but can be REALLY stubborn at times she feels things are unfair. She is wise, fair, patient, helpful, peacful, caring, and slow to judge others. Her tough side is she is defensive and can be easily angered. SHe is tough, strong, fast, brave, and daring. She is very loyal
History:Fireleaf was the runt of the litter. There were 6 cats in her litter and she was the smallest one. She overheard her father was going to kill her so she ran away to ShadowClan and became an apperentice. However, she resigned to a Med. cat becasuse she was deeply injured in a battle with WindClan just before she was getting her warrior name and her leg has been damaged since then but she is always ready to fight for her Clan.

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Did you establish this position in the Important positions topic?

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SpazzyJazzy madhins wrote: "Oh. My. God. Totally awesome history! WOW."

Thanks :P

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Sam | 275 comments Jasmine wrote: "Name: Blazingstar
Gender: Tom
Rank: Leader


A dark grey tom, whose pelt is adorned with the weaving patterns that mark him a as a tabby and marred by scars of previous battles. T..."

Whoa. That is one LONG post....

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SpazzyJazzy Thanks again... I guess :P Sadly, that's become quite normal for me *Facepalm*

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Sam | 275 comments o.O Wow. Just wow.

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I know.

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Jasmine wrote: "Thanks again... I guess :P Sadly, that's become quite normal for me *Facepalm*"


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Sam | 275 comments That's just scary. *shakes head in disbelief* Walking away now......

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Misfit #1 | 42 comments madhins wrote: "Did you establish this position in the Important positions topic?"


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SpazzyJazzy Wise idea :P

Yesh, Madhins :P You will suffer by the next few characters I will *eventually* be making.

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SpazzyJazzy *Facepalm* Why did I ever say anything? Nevermind, I have 4+ characters to torture you with when I get round to it >:)

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Syeira-la | 452 comments But what none of you see is SY's character chasing you all down from behind! MUAHAHAHA!

...yeah, she'll be here...eventually.

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My god. I could never survive 4 characters. *Flees in terror*

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Kayla Jasmine wrote: "Name: Blazingstar
Gender: Tom
Rank: Leader


A dark grey tom, whose pelt is adorned with the weaving patterns that mark him a as a tabby and marred by scars of previous battles. T..."

Okay, first of all, I would like to mention how much I hate Blazingstar. :P With a passion.

Secondly, why in the heck does he have to be so much better than Dovestar? *scowls* And I thought she was long!

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SpazzyJazzy Firstly, doesn't matter, Yum-yum. Blazingstar's designed to bring misery into your lives :P And secondly, he's not designed to be better than Dovestar. He's a copy-and-paste from another group, that has been slightly shortened and altered to fit this group.

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Why does it matter if the charrie description is longer...? O.o

message 21: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy *Shrugs* Don't ask me :P Ask Yum-yum, she's the one who brought it up.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments *Paddles around topic, glancing at arguments* I will never win this - too resistant of histories. :P

message 23: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy If I make a new character, I always have trouble with the histories. That's why I always copy and paste- so I don't have to think up a new one :P

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Kayla I'm aware, Jazzy. You just overshadow me with your easy-to-hate character. :P

It matters to me because I am very competitive. :P

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Who was the leader when Seastone was deputy, Jas?

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I'm thinking Tanglestar is a good name.

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Mk, for Sharptooth... I'm thinking Tanglestar is his father. Sharptooth witnesses the murder of Seastone and Dawnclan but knows better then to speak out. Blazingwing and Sharptooth are really good friends as they group up as apprentices, but he resents Blazingwing because his father always preferred him... so it wasn't a surprise when Blazingstar was chosen as deputy. Eventually Tanglestar dies, and Sharptooth worms his way into deputy position where he plans his revenge?

Tell meh if you like it or not.

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Kayla I do!!!!! Sy and I need to come up with some drama for RiverClan.
Can we rp yet?

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Nooooo, I must finish the history to Sharptooth before we RP!

message 30: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Well hurry then!!!!!!!!

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:P I'm going to watch a movie now, 'fraid you'll havta wait!

message 32: by Kayla (new)

Kayla *growl* It had better be a freaking amazing movie.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments :D Drama! We must make some!

message 34: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Yus! O.o How?

message 35: by Syeira-la (new)

Syeira-la | 452 comments I dunno...*pauses* Someone should die.

message 36: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Yus. Uhh... who? I could make a queen and kits and have one of the kits die... or an apprentice.

message 37: by Syeira-la (new)

Syeira-la | 452 comments Maybe explosions kill them. *Careening wildly into the realm of unrealistic-but-awesome-things-to-happen-in-Warriors territory*

message 38: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Nu, Sy. Something not realistic. Greencough, a hawk (i like that one) a badger or fox, falling off of something...

message 39: by Syeira-la (new)

Syeira-la | 452 comments *Gasp* Maybe part of their territory, weakened by rain and erosion or something, should start crumbling away or something, and so the warriors have to watch where they step so that they don't plummet to their deaths and activate the grenades at the bottom of the cliff. Of course...this would require cliffs in Riverclan territory. There aren't any of those, are there?

message 40: by Kayla (new)

Kayla We could create some. :P Or actually *lightbulb* What if the kits snuck out of camp because they were bored and a warrior went after them, but they got to the river and the side crumbled and two of them fell in, and a warrior who went after them could only save one of them... ?

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Sounds good to me!

message 42: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Cool! Do you wanna make a kitty? Should I make da kits?

message 43: by Syeira-la (new)

Syeira-la | 452 comments I wanna make a kit. *Grabby paws*

message 44: by Kayla (new)

Kayla I wanna too!!!!! How about we each make two kits and den one makes da mom and one makes da warrior who saves dem.... ?

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Misfit #1 | 42 comments How do you cross out the words? I wanna know. How do you make them slanted too?

message 46: by Madhins (new)

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Good idea, a high area around the river could weaken and collapse and the apprentice could go tumbling down.

message 47: by Syeira-la (last edited Jan 16, 2011 10:27AM) (new)

Syeira-la | 452 comments I'm makin' one kit. *Snort* Too lazy for to make more.

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Kayla Crossing out words is <"s> word here <"/s>

message 49: by Kayla (last edited Jan 16, 2011 10:28AM) (new)

Kayla Without the quotation
Yus, Madhinsy!

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Yeah, I'm going to make some characters that will randomly die.

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