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((Roleplays will open when there are enough characters))

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Kayla Dovestar opened her bright green eyes to the light filtering through the leaves and brambles that made up her den. Her nest didn't seem to have been at all misshapen during the night - proof that she hadn't had any bad dreams, or, if she had, they hadn't been serious. In fact, the only thing she remembered from last night's dream was a vast expanse of sparkling water and jumping fish. Not a bad dream at all, really.

That train of thought finished, she yawned - partially because for some reason cats seemed to do that every morning, and also because the sunlight seemed to do so as well. It made her more alert, or so it felt like sometimes. She placed her two front paws more underneath her and pushed herself up to a sitting position, her tail curled around her front paws. She yawned again, catching a glimpse of her pink tongue and growing cross-eyed for a moment as she tried to keep it in her view, but then closed her jaws again and instead began licking the fur on her chest into place.

Once Dovestar was finished cleaning herself, she raised her hindquarters as well and took three huge, long strides until she was out of her den, her slender body easily maneuvering through the entrance. She stood outside of her den and looked around the camp, seeing who was up and about already. For the moment it seemed as though just Snowleaf and her kits were awake... though the word 'kits' implied that no one would be asleep for long. As soon as a warrior woke, she would send a patrol to the river.

Snowleaf, who had been unceremoniously been awoken before the light had even begun to come through the trees in the morning, was desperately attempting to clean her fur, keep her kits quiet, and pick a burr from Specklekit's tail - all at the same time. She would lick her chest fur a couple of times and then extend her mouth and delicately place her teeth on the burr, tugging, while "shhh!"ing through her teeth. This tactic seemed not to be working too well at the moment, as she could already hear warriors stirring in the den.

Specklekit, who was unfortunately at the hand of her mother trying to remove a burr that seemed to have magically popped into her fur during the night - even though she knew why - was squirming and making little squeaking noises, her eyes wide as she tried to pull away from her mother. "Ouch!" she yelped, as the burr finally came loose. She glared up at her mother with light yellow eyes, and Snowleaf returned the stare with her own intense amber-eyed gaze.
"Specklekit, your nest was clean last night before bed. I checked it."
"Was not! It can't have been, because the sticker was there, wasn't it?"
Her mother sighed. "Specklekit, you know you're not supposed to wander around camp in the middle of the night. I knew you would run into the burr patch again."
Specklekit's gaze was indignant. "I did not!"
"Where did the burr come from, then?"
"It magically popped into my fur! Or maybe a toadstool decided to put it there."
Her mother let out a small chuckle and pushed Specklekit away gently with her nose. She knew her daughter had been out - and it worried her - but so long as she stuck to camp, she would probably be fine. And for the moment, Specklekit was too afraid of the forest to go anywhere but the camp.

Flamekit, on the other hand, had simply been sitting a couple of tail-lengths away, watching his sister with a cross between a bored and amused expression. They all knew she had been out - he had been stepped on in her haste to leave the nursery last night. For the moment, though, he was nursing his own wound - he had stepped on a thorn this morning, and had so far been too prideful to tell his mother. He glanced at her for a moment - she was focused on Specklekit. He took the spare second to pull his paw up and dig his teeth into the thorn, trying to get it out - but froze as his mother gasped and cried out, "Flamekit! You have a thorn!" He sighed. Great StarClan.
"Yes, mother. I'm sorry. It doesn't hurt, though."
However, she ignore him and called out, "Medicine cat!" So crazed she couldn't even remember her Clanmate's name... oh dear.
"I'll get it out, mum," he assured her, and tugged once more, finally dislodging the thorn. " Now will you calm down?"

Dovestar, meanwhile, grinned. There was no way her warriors wouldn't wake up now.

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Kayla ((Whoa... that was a whole lot longer than I anticipated. O.o))

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Jennifer | 130 comments ((O_O That's probably the longest post I've ever seen Yum-Yum post))

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((Holy crap O^O))

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Kayla ((Hehe, I only intended it to be half that long :P))

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Syeira-la | 452 comments ((*Overcome with desire to beat post length* *Suddenly lazy*))

Sootkit squinted at his littermates, wondering how he had managed to sleep through all of this. He must have been really tired. Mrowwing with laughter at his mother's worry, he rolled onto his back and examined his belly with something like fascination. Nothing like thorns or burrs had attacked him in the night, it seemed. Though at this rate, Snowleaf would probably have him checked over by a medicine cat anyway. But maybe if he pretended to be already dead she wouldn't bother the medicine cat... Seized by the idea, Sootkit hurriedly rolled back onto his side and went limp.

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((I think I like Sootpaw.))

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Syeira-la | 452 comments ((:P I haven't warmed up to him yet, but maybe I will.))

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Kayla ((That's Sy for you. Right there. Take a good look, everybody. :P
*randomly quotes animal planet channel* "The wild Sy has a habit of being both competitive and lazy... and most of the time the wild Sy's lazy side wins over. No worries, kids. The wild Sy won't attack you anytime soon." :P))

Fortunately, Flamekit had seen his brother first playing and looking at his belly (which Flamekit had no idea what the reasons for were... maybe his brother was just weird?) but had then rolled over and slowed his breathing. "Mum, Sootkit's playing dead," he mewed in a very nonchalant tone. Snowleaf flicked her tail to show she had heard and fixed her gaze on Sootkit.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments ((XD That's me, alright.))

"No," Sootkit assured his mother without moving or opening his eyes. "I'm still dead. Nothing's changed." He squinted his eyes shut tighter, as if that could convince them of his plight. He would normally shoot Flamekit a look for nearly ruining his plans, but of course, that would ruin the whole "dead" charade.

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Jennifer | 130 comments ((Who is the Medicine cat?))

Leafpaw rolled over on her side, groaning as she felt her moss nest being crushed under her soft fur. She blinked open her eyes and flinched as the sunlight flooded her eyes. "Mrrooow." she moaned and closed her eyes. Her ears picked up some noise coming from outside the Medicine Cat den. Probably some of the kits in the Nursery. She snuggled in the moss, hoping to get some more sleep before having to wake up. She lifted her head once she heard someone cry out "Medicine Cat!" So much for getting some sleep. Sighing, she heaved herself up and shook out her fur. Once out of the den, she waved her tail in hello at Dovestar and bounded towards the Nursery. "Someone call for a Medicine Cat?" she asked.

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Kayla Snowleaf, in response to this, let out a snort, as did Specklekit. She padded over to Sootkit, her little tail wagging, and plopped down next to him. "You know," she said matter-of-factly, "If you wanted to convince us you were dead, it might be a good idea to not talk, oh smart one."

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Syeira-la | 452 comments "Well, I had to defend myself," Sootkit argued good-naturedly, flipping back over on my belly. "But I suppose it's alright that you found me out. Leafpaw would have gotten me anyway, since she's a medicine cat and all." He looked at Leafpaw curiously with that simple, open stare of his.

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Kayla ((On my belly? O.o

I don't think anyone is, right now.))

Snowleaf was about to open her mouth when Flamekit interrupted her. "Yes, but it's not needed. I had a thorn and she freaked out, but no big deal. I got it out."
Specklekit snorted again. "Defend yourself from what, a leaf?"

Dovestar smiled back and then decided to wake a warrior up. She padded softly into the warrior's den, and then stuck out a paw and began prodding F-f...fox...flame. Great StarClan, she couldn't even think it.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments ((Reading first person book right now. :P))

"I, however," Sootkit announced to Leafpaw, ignoring Specklekit, "am in need of help. I'm dead, you see," he informed her, tilting his head to one side as if judging whether or not she understood his dire situation.

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Kayla ((Fail, Sy. :P))

Specklekit stepped up as well and mimicked her brother, twitching her whiskers as she imitated his low voice and the way he was standing with his chest out. "And I," she started, pricking her ears, "Am a toadstool. This is a very serious condition, you see."

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Jennifer | 130 comments Leafpaw shrugged and backed out of the Nursery. She sighed and shuffled off to the Medicine Den. Well that was worthless doing. she snorted. Might as well do something useful. She started counting the herbs in stock, and soon got bored of doing so.

Brook-kit rolled her eyes at the scene in front of her and wiggled out of the Nursery and looked around for Dovestar. Today was her apprentice ceremony! Anxiously, she paced in place, looking for the leader. She opened her jaws and tasted the air. The leader's familiar scent came from the Warrior's Den. She trotted quietly to the entrance of the den. "Dovestar?" she called softly.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Foxflame let out a disgruntled meow and flipped over, immediately annoyed as she blinked her eyes. When she saw it was Dovestar, her eyes cleared. "Morning, Dovestar," she said without much emotion, judging her leader's expression. What did she want? Patrol, she supposed. Foxflame heaved herself to her paws and shook out her fur gingerly, careful not to hit Dovestar.

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Kayla ((Aww, you missed our posts! :P))

Dovestar heard a soft voice calling her from the entrance. She backed up, stopping her continuous prodding. She turned to Foxflame and said, "You're on patrol. Give me a minute," and then looked around for the source of the other voice, smiling when she saw Brook-kit. "Yes, Brook-kit? Did you need something?" Maybe the young cat was worried about her apprentice ceremony.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Sootkit laughed at her words. "I don't talk like that," he insisted, launching himself at his sister with a ferocious yip. "But if you're a toadstool, then I am going to eat you." He began to gnaw ceremoniously on Specklekit's ear, making a face at the taste.

Foxflame peered around Dovestar to see the kit, still wondering what the leader needed. Biting back a sigh at having to stand here and watch the conversation, she flicked her tail and stretched one forelimb out, wiggling her toes as she did so. Everything was in order, it seemed. No limbs were missing.

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Kayla "Cats dont like toadstools!" she yipped. "And if you're dead, then you'll have no problem with me doing this!" She shoved against him, trying to make him roll, pushing with her paws, her head cocked to the side because of his bite.

message 23: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 130 comments "Uhhh." Brook-kit looked at Dovestar, unsure of what to say. Will Dovestar think I'm weird if I ask her when my apprentice ceremony is? she shuffled her paws nervously. "Today is, uh, my, um... apprentice ceremony." she eeked out, and then looked at her paws.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments ((Nummy, check my post. I edited it. :P))

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Kayla Dovestar chuckled. "Yes, Brook-kit. Did you want to ask me something, or simply come to make sure I hadn't forgotten about such an important day?" She flicked her tail as she looked down at Brook-kit.

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Kayla ((Mine has been edited, too. Look at post 20. :P))

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Sootkit slid aside, still clinging to his sister's ear. He was stocky enough to avoid being pushed over by the frail wind that was his sister, but because he had his teeth clamped on his ear, he was in an awkward position. And that position was enough to send him tumbling to the ground, still biting her ear.

message 28: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Specklekit tumbled right along with him, just because of the fact that her ear was still firmly stuck in his mouth, his little teeth dug in. "Grrrr!" she growled, scratching her sheathed claws down his side.

message 29: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 130 comments "Um. No Dovestar. I just." Brook-kit looked down at her paws, intimidated by the size of her leader. "Nevermind." she squeaked. How stupid of her to think Dovestar would forget a ceremony! Of course the leader wouldn't forget. She could feel her cheeks burning with embarrassment, and hoped that Foxflame didn't think rashly of her.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Sootkit giggled as she did so - her paws were only smoothing her fur at this rate. But he let go and scampered aside, kicking up dust as he raced around her in a circle. He dove back at her again, this time just crashing into her unceremoniously.

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((Looks like you guys are having fun, lol.))

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Foxflame's (nonexistent) eyebrows arched as she watched the kit, but her expression was carefully observant rather than disdainful. Silly kits. They were all like that, but she hoped she hadn't been so stupid. And hopefully the kit would learn from this, but she doubted so. Apprentices were usually just as silly.

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Kayla "Well hurry up and go get ready then!" she mewed, pushing on the kit gently with her nose. She turned back to Foxflame. "As soon as her ceremony is done, I want you to take a few cats on a border patrol, and hunt on your way back." She flicked her tail and proceeded to the rock in camp, jumping up on it and calling, "May all cats gather here for a Clan meeting!"

Specklekit, who had not expected the head-on collision, fell back on her back paws and topple over with a dazed expression.

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Kayla ((Yus. Yus we are. :P))

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Leading the patrol, huh? Foxflame padded out after her leader, quickly padding to a spot beneath the highrock and sitting down. She suddenly wondered who the kit's mentor would be, but she wasn't worried that it would be herself. She had never been one to take kindly to looking after others, and the leader would know that.

Sootkit was in the middle of crowing triumphantly when the leader's call breached the secure nursery walls. Batting his sister's face with his tail, he swooped out of the nursery to watch the commotion.

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Kayla ((oh my god, this picture makes me soooooooooo sad http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...

Poo crap $*%&^!!!!!!!!! I have to go. :(

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Syeira-la | 452 comments ((You showed me that one before.

AW! :< Bye.))

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Jennifer | 130 comments Brook-kit nodded hastily and darted towards the Nursery. She stepped over Specklekit and Sootkit on the way and nuded her mother.
"My ceremony is today!" Brook-kit chirped.
"I know, my dear." Mintbreeze licked the top of the kit's head.
Brook-kit couldn't help thinking how lucky Leafpaw was to already be an apprentice. A Medicine Cat apprentice! Then again, she didn't want to be stuck in a den with herbs all day.
"Clean yourself up." Mintbreeze scolded her daughter gently and started licking Brook-kit's fur.
"Mum." Brook-kit whined and tried squirming away, but her mother grabbed her scruff and forced her to stay.
"You can't go out there looking as dirty as you are." her mother purred.
Brook-kit obediently stayed still while her mother groomed her fur. Her heart pounded fiercly, and her paws itched to get moving. I hope I get a good mentor! I hope my mentor likes me.
"Done." Mintbreeze nudged Brook-kit out the Nursery. "Now walk up there like a good sensible kit."

Brook-kit contained a jump for joy as she saw the cats gathering below Dovestar. The leader looked confident standing up on the rock. I want to be leader one day! she couldn't help wishing. Mouse-brain! You'll never become leader. she scolded herself as she walked up to where the cats were gathering.

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Jennifer | 130 comments ((Awwwww. Bye Yum-Yum!))

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Kayla ((*drags self back* One... more... post...))

Once Dovestar could see that Brook-kit was there, she began. "RiverClan is always in debt of our warriors. We always have need of them. The training starts this long journey, and were are here to ensure a new apprentice gets the proper start. Step forward, Brookpaw." She waited.
"From this day forward, until Brook-kit has earned her warrior name, this apprentice will be called Brookpaw."
Then she paused for a moment.
"I believe I am now ready to take on my own apprentice. I will be mentor to Brookpaw. I will make a point to pass on all I know to this apprentice."
She stepped forward to touch noses with Brookpaw.

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((....Will someone mentor Panicpaw or Soulpaw? Please?))

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Madhins   | 574 comments Mod
((So touching.))

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((.....I feel.....ingonred....))

message 44: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 130 comments Brookpaw blinked. Dovestar was her mentor. She jumped a little jump of joy and stepped foward and touched noses with Dovestar. She looked back to see her mother's warm eyes watching her with pride.

Leafpaw lept to her paws. "Brookpaw! Brookpaw!" she chanted with the Clan. She caught her sister's eye and waved her tail happily. They were both apprentices now! She was happy, even though they wouldn't be sleeping in the same den.

message 45: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Though they were young, with a little prodding from Snowleaf, Specklekit and Flamekit joined the white-furred queen in chanting - Specklekit in an excited tone of voice, Flamekit in a reserved one. "Brookpaw, Brookpaw!"

Dovestar flicked her tail to that all cats would know that the ceremony was over, that they would need to continue with duties now. She stepped back and looked her apprentice up and down, flicking her ears in amusement at Brookpaw's amazed expression, flicking her tail (once again) over her new apprentice's shoulder softly.

message 46: by Syeira-la (new)

Syeira-la | 452 comments Sootkit, enthusiastic about the whole process, kept calling for a second after Dovestar had flicked her tail. "Brookpaw!" He cheered once, after everyone was silent. Oops. Embarassed, he ducked his head and covered his mouth with his tail. But he couldn't help but laugh at the same time.

Foxflame padded away after the ceremony, looking to the river beyond their camp. The borders were out there, waiting to be patrolled. She turned back to the throng of cats, deciding that Mintbreeze should come on patrol with her. She walked over to the other cat, glancing once at the excited apprentice and smiling a quick smile. "Mintbreeze?" She meowed as she approached. "Dovestar said I should take a few cats out on patrol. Do you want to come?"

message 47: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 130 comments Mintbreeze purred in amusement when she heard Sootkit's voice ring after everyone else had finished cheering. She tore her gaze away from watching Brookpaw and Dovestar to look at Foxflame. "Sure." she blinked. "Who else is coming?"

Brookpaw licked one of her paws and drew it over her ear. "Are we going training yet?" she asked hesitantly, hoping that the answer was yes. Of course she wanted to get going right away! Her paws itched to get out of camp. The last time she tried sneaking out of camp Mintbreeze threatened to feed her to the foxes. But that was moons ago when she was a kit.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments "Nightblaze, if he wants to," Foxflame informed the other she-cat. "We're supposed to walk the borders and hunt on the way back." She flicked her tail in temporary farewell and padded over to Nightblaze. Even though he was getting old, he'd still make an ok patrol partner. ((And there are no other warriors...:P)) "Hey, Nightblaze," Foxflame greeted him, wondering if there were such things as solitary patrols. It'd be much easier than rounding up all of these cats. "Would you mind going on patrol with me and Mintblaze?"

message 49: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Nightblaze grunted. He'd been taking a nap - of course, the younger warrior who had quite a bit more energy had decided to wake the more experienced. "Would I mind? Yes, I would, especially considering I was still sleeping." Well - not exactly, but close enough. "However, will I come? Sure, why not." He heaved himself up off the ground with another grunt and shook himself, flicking the tip of his tail back and forth. He was not at all happy about going on patrol with Foxflame - a she-cat, he might add - because she would probably mess everything up. Mintbreeze, as well. They were so dependent. But he could at least go along and show them how a real warrior acts. Not that they would ever achieve that status, though.

Dovestar purred. "Whatever you want to do, Brookpaw. I was thinking of taking you on a border patrol, though we might save that until tomorrow because I've already got some cats going out. Would you mind a little fishing?" She flicked her tail and stepped back a couple of tail-lengths.

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Syeira-la | 452 comments Foxflame suppressed a glare at Nightblaze's superior tone and awful wit. Actually, many things about the old cat aggravated her. His lazy, slow-blinking mannerisms, for one. He was only proving how dim-minded he was, though he thought he was putting on an effective air of better-than-you. Elders were ones to be respected because of their minds, even if they weren't physically capable. But this guy was grossly missing in both categories. She was more than happy to haul his butt back out into the wilds of their territory.

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