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All boy/girl school?:
Appearance(no anime):
Personality(more then three sentences without just traits):
Relationship Status:
Relationship History:
Social Status:
Social History:
History(in general, more then 3 sentences):
Why sent to the Private School:

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Name: Jacob
Gender: male
Age: 17
All boy/girl school?: all boys school
Appearance(no anime):

Personality: Jacob is very protective of his sister. Jacob doesn't like to talk a lot and is secretive. He is very giddy at times, but can be very shy at other times.
Relationship Status: single
Relationship History: dated lots of girls before and as soon as he felt they were getting close, he broke up with them
Social Status: freak, loner
Social History: he has always been
History: Jordan and Jacob grew up in a very abusive home. Jacob always looked after his sister until their dad left three years ago. They were left alone when he left, so they were sent here. Jacob hates most of the world right now
Why sent to the Private School: dad left

Name: Jordan
Gender: female
Age: 15
All boy/girl school?: all girl
Appearance(no anime):

Personality: Jordan is a very upbeat person that cares a lot about other people. She tries to do hat is right, but that isn't always carried through with. She can be very emotional though.
Relationship Status: single
Relationship History: never dated anyone before
Social Status: emo
Social History:
History: same
Why sent to the Private School: same
Other: bulimic

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ok | 170 comments you posted that 3 times, o.O

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