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Teacher(either ms.rurberry, mr.crastious, mrs.grass or mr.olap)
Appearance(no anime):
Personality(more then three sentences without just traits):
Relationship Status:
Relationship History:
Social Status:
Social History:
History(in general, more then three sentences):
Family(names, genders and ages):

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Alissa Heart | 90 comments Name: Katie
Gender: female
Age: 14
Grade: 8th
Teacher: Ms. Rurberry
Personality: She is a suck up to every teacher that she has ever had. She is a smart straight A student.She is a great artist but doesn't have very many friends. She's really nice but is really shy
Relationship Status: single
Relationship History: She has never had a boyfriend.
Social Status: Preppy
Social History: She doesn't have very many friends and her best friend just moved to Arkansas.
History: She lives with her birth parents who are very strict and they expect the world from her. None of her friends that she had ever liked to come to her house because her parents are so strict and don't let them do anything. She never gets in trouble and she never tries anything new because she has fear of getting in trouble.
Family(names, genders and ages): Her 43 year old mom's name is Michelle. Her 47 year old dad's name is Phil. She is an only child.

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Brooke Name: Braxon
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Teacher: Mr. Olap
Personality: He's quiet and shy. He doesn't really pay attention in class because he just doesn't care. He doesn't really have any real friends. He has a harsh temper sometimes but can be really sweet.
Relationship Status: single
Relationship History: He's never had a real girlfriend
Social Status: loner
Social History: He was popular but then his best friend committed suicide and he isolated himself from people.
History: He lives with his mother. His father left when he was eight. His mother struggles to make money for the two of them. He had a little brother but his father took him.
Family: His mother Katie 37. His Dad Frank 43 and litte brother Cam 13

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ok | 170 comments Name: Haley
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (close to turning 15)
Grade: 9
Teacher: Mr. Olap
Appearance: description
Personality: She is very sweet. She is kind of shy, but not really... She is a good listener and she is very understanding. She is nice to everyone. she has some trust issues for certain reasons that will be explained later. Her best friend moved to Australia 2 years ago. She is very shy and very lovable. MAJOR trust issues
Relationship Status: Singleee!
Relationship History: A few boyfriends but no one she really trusted...
Social Status: She has popular friends but she isn't really in a social class.... (on her bad days...she kinda goes emo:/)
Social History: Used to be EXTREMELY popular... then she went with her best friend Alexa to the lake, and a man raped her...she has never been the same since she is now shy and WAY less she kind of likes to be alone.
History: Not that much to talk about really...Her family has always been pretty normal...the only weird thing is that when she went with her friend somewhere for a weekend and when she came back she was completely different...she was shyer and doesn't really trust people anymore, so it kinda conflicted with some family things, nobody is really as close and yaa...
Family: Mom- Maya(38) Dad- Grant(39) Brother- Austin(13)

Name: Austin
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Grade: 7
Teacher: Mr. Crastious
Appearance: description
Personality: Austin is a really nice person to EVERYONE...not just people who are popular. Outgoingg! He loves to make friends and he is VERY understanding. Once he gets his mind set on something he makes sure it gets done and he does NOT give up. He is very lovable and very funny. He is also really nice to girls and gets ticked off a lot about when guys make jokes about them(he thinks that they should be respected in the same way)
Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: Has had a few girlfriends....nothing serious(of course...he is only in 7th grade:P)
Social Status: Popular but can also just "blend in" and not get attention if he wants.
Social History: Always been popular really...
History: Not that much to talk about really...His family has always been pretty normal...the only weird thing is that his sister went with her friend somewhere for a weekend and when she came back...she was completely different...she was shyer and doesn't really trust people anymore..
Family: Mom- Maya(38) Dad- Grant(39) Sister- Haley(14)

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Brooke Name: Caleb
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Teacher: Mrs. Grass
Personality: He's really friendly and loves to meet new people. He's fun but serious at the same time. He's outgoing and loves everything about life.
Relationship Status: Single but he likes Haley
Relationship History: He's had girlfriends before but nothing serious.
History: He lost his parents in a fire so he lives with his aunt and older sister. When he lost his parents he realized that life is precious so he decided he's gonna live it the best he can.
Family: Aunt Carrie-37 and Sister Franny-17

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Name: Jason Kyle Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Grade: 8th
Teacher(either ms.rurberry, mr.crastious, mrs.grass or mr.olap) Mr.Olap
Appearance(no anime): His hair is wavy and goes just to the nape of his neck. It's a chesnut brown but with dark streaks running through it. His skin is a deep,gold tan from so much sun and his eyes are dark,almost black,brown. He has a fair muscular build to him and he's around 5'8.

Personality(more then three sentences without just traits): Jason has always been more of the loner throughout,never seeking much attention yet he knows he brings it on himself. It takes quite an awful lot to get him to talk and most of the time he ignores you. He's very attentive towards people habits and how they interact,he's always found it fascinating and he has a sarcastic,dark humor to him that either allures you or makes you want to kick his ass.
Relationship Status: Single,he doesn't notice girls very much.
Relationship History: He's never had a girlfriend,unsurprisingly but he just doesn't find the importance of it. He's just fine by himself,or he has been.
Social Status: He's most defintely very independent which makes him a loner.
Social History: He doesn't talk to people at all. He finds most of them too arrogant to keep up a conversation.
History(in general, more then three sentences): I'll do this later,iPod's about to die.
Family(names, genders and ages): Aunt- Marissa Smith-Female; 39
His parents both died in a plane crash and he remembers justsitting there on the couch,watching the News and having to hear it over and over,he just..went crazy.
Other: He's a musician, he taught himself aucostic guitar and piano. He loves writing music and seems like the only sane way he can cope.

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ok | 170 comments Want me to make a crush for himm? hha

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Surees but we'll just playout the whole relationship stuff in the roleplayy and see if it works out and not have the crushing on eachother right off the bat,ya know?

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ok | 170 comments sounds good! i just like roleplaying a lot so i like making lots of characters...haha

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Ahaa,same here,I'm just sort of lazy of when to make them

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ok | 170 comments haha the only part that takes me a while is the picture

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Rightt?! I'm so pickyy about tht,google is amazingg :b

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ok | 170 comments Name: Avery
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Teacher: Mr. Olap
Appearance: (Wavy Brown hair, Bright Blue Eyes, Short(5'4), Skinny--too Skinny(105 lbs) )
Personality: She is quiet and has NEVER been outgoing, not even as a young child. She is sweet when she talks to you(which isn't hard to make her do.) She also has a very angry side to her, but she doesn't express it through words... She will literally just go away, somewhere where no one would ever go to find her; she stays there until she calms down. She hates crying in front of others.
Relationship Status: Single...(but possibly Jason will be something in the future...hahaha)
Relationship History: Has had one boyfriend and that did NOT end well.
Social Status: Eh...dunno what to status to put her in..
Social History: Never was popular
History: When she was born, her mother died soon after. She and her dad live in town together. Avery has never had the "mother-figure" in life to guide her through her problems, tell her how to deal with things and all that other motherly that is probably where most things went wrong. She acts happyish in front of people. Her dad abuses her
Family: Dad- John(40)
Other: her dad physically abuses her

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i thought grade 9 was considered highschool :s

Name: Frastifer Sirbaifog Nehemiah
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Grade: 8
height: 5'1
weight: 110 pounds
piercings: none
braces: nope
tattoo’s: Frastifer has one tattoo on her left hip of her older brother’s name
Frast has short red hair that goes down to the bottom of her cheek, it is very thin and straight so she doesn’t have the worry about it losing it’s shape. Her hair spikes out from the sides and falls over her eyes. She has violet blue eyes and has a ring of purple iris on the outside. Frast’s eyebrows are thin and arched downwards. Her complexion is very pale and petit. She has tiny freckles splayed lightly across her petit nose and cheekbones. She has high cheekbones and has a very little kidish face but at least it works with her hair. Frastifer’s body structure is very small and petit, her stomach is flat since she works out a lot at the Gym but she has no abs. Her arms and legs are tiny and skinny but are muscular. You’ll usually find her wearing guy jeans and guy shirts since she is very tomboyish. Or, you’ll find her wearing sweatpants and tight shirts with guy shoes.

Personality: Frastifer has a lot of different sides to her. Since she is bipolar her emotions change rapidly, so she could be nice, sweet and charming one moment then the next minute she could be furiously yelling at you about how you messed one little thing up. It’s better to be on her good side then to be in the middle because she would probably flip on you for the smallest things. She hates being bipolar and cries a lot because of what her emotions do to her. She’s usually very kind-hearted and sweet though and she’s amazing to hang around. She’s very outgoing and funny, she makes cute jokes and is a romantic at heart.

History: Frastifer grew up with her father, mother and her older brother. Not the most exciting lifestyle but it wasn’t the most boring either, her mother had enroled her in dance and singing. But what she desperately wanted to do was acting. She was a pretty good actor and got the leads in all the plays that there school did which were only two but still, she was the best actor in the school despite that she was in grade 7 at the time. Her brother had knew about her secret passion and with his own money enroled her in acting class and she became the star in that also and was asked if she would like to sign with an agency but her parents had said no to her dream and told her she wasn’t allowed to do acting anymore since she had done it behind there backs which really broke her heart and she cried for months on end. Her brother had helped her through it but it wasn’t enough to mend her heart. She had continued singing and dancing and eventually evolved into gymnastics, she liked it as much as she did acting but soon ended all of the things she was enroled in and got ukelele lessons and kept on that for years on end.

Family: Frastifer’s father’s name is Aleistar Iris Nehemiah and is 40 years old, her mother is Dominique Ren Nehemiah and is 35 years old. Frastifer’s brother’s name is Drovergonti Lakritiv Nehemiah and he is 19 years old and is her bestfriend. Frastifer doesn’t know any of her relatives because they either don’t live in the country or they’re all dead.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual(Straight)

Relationship Status: Single

Relationship History: Frastifer has never been in a relationship first off because of her brother since he’s really protective of her and second of all because no guy has ever taken interest in her. She wants to be in a relationship but she doesn’t think it’ll ever happen because people only judge her by her appearance and not her personality.

Social Status: Outcast

Social History: Frastifer had always been an outcast no matter what age she was or what grade she was in. Everybody had always judged her by her appearance for all her life, it wasn’t her fault that she liked guys clothes more then girl clothes and short hair instead of long, it was just her preferance. She’d been nice to everyone or at least tried anyways since she’s Bipolar. It never really bothered her that she was an outcast until highschool that’s when it really started to matter. She only has one friend and that’s her brother which is pretty sad but it satisfies her since her brother is really caring.

Secret: Frastifer’s secret is that she keeps a little turtle plushie on her bed, it’s what her brother got her for her third birthday and she had kept it ever since.

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Gabby R. | 2 comments Name: Linda Min
Gender: F
Age: 14
Grade: 8
Teacher: Ms. Rurberry
Personality(more then three sentences without just traits): Linda is your stereotypical Chinese girl. She is very smart and musical. She plays the piano and violin. Because of the pressure at home to do well, she lets off steam by being crazy and very talkative around her friends. She is very outgoing.
Relationship Status: single
Relationship History: Linda has never had a boyfriend, and never will as long as her parents are alive. They feel that being in a relationship will affect her academic life.
Social Status: Linda is outgoing and very easy to make friends with. She is always part of a large group, and never has just one best friend.
Social History: Linda has always been very friendly and has always been surrounded by big groups of girls. Now that she is older and everyone hangs out outside of school, she is finding herself with less and less people to turn to because her parents are strict about letting her go anywhere.
History(in general, more then three sentences): Linda lives with both of her parents and a younger sister. Her parents always expect her to be the best at school, piano, and violin, and there are serious consequences if she under performs. She feels a lot of stress at home because nothing she ever does is quite good enough.
Family(names, genders and ages): Dad-Sheng Min, 45
Mom-Maylin Teng Min, 42

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Name: Sonny Reign Haynes
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Grade: 8th
Personality: Sonny is very outgoing, once you get to know her. She's quite the talker, unless she doesn't know you. Then it's a task to try to keep conversation. She's very friendly, and soft spoken. She never gives in easy. Sonny is also very loyal to all of her friends, and very smart.
Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: Sonny has had a couple boyfriends, and even girlfriends. She found that dating wasn't really her thing.
Social Status: Popular , Band Geek.
Social History: Sonny is popular you could say, very popular. But usually it's only because shes quite funny and always a little ray of sunshine. She brings people in, but usually is found with her group of friends (mostly girls).
History: Sonny has a normal home life, with two older brothers and one younger sister. She lives with both her parents, who are happily married. She herself, has and still is a happy child. Nothing really phases her, other then her older brothers girlfriends. They just seem to be really fake to her, she's very protective of her brothers, and little sister.
Kenyai Angelic Haynes (Mother Age 45)
Walter Oliver Haynes (Father Age 50)
Tailyn Mient Haynes (Brother Age 16)
Jailyn Feang Haynes (Brother Age 15)
Kialynn Gina Haynes (Sister Age 8)
Other: Sonny is inlove with dance, she dances all the time. She takes a high leveled Drama class for her talents, but never really likes to show anyone. She isn't shy, but with this topic she can be.

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omg she's amazing c:

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