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Appearance(no anime):
Personality(more then 3 sentences please instead of just traits):
Relationship Status:
Relationship History:
History(more then three sentences):
Family(names,genders and ages):
Soul Mate(please ask first):

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Name: Len Meadows

Age(16-22): 17

Gender: Male

Appearance(no anime):

Personality(more then 3 sentences please instead of just traits): Len's very easygoing, and is a little bit idiotic, but he's a good guy at heart.He can be a little bit of a player, but he truly doesn't realize it.He is half asleep most of the time.

Relationship Status: Just broke up with his old girlfriend, Kira, and is kind of heartbroken.

Relationship History: He dated A LOT of girls ;D

History(more then three sentences): Lenny besically had a normal life, but when he was 5 his father died from some unkown diesae,called Black Hawk (made that up.). He basically has no father figure in his life, so he, his mother and his sister do everything to keep his family together. So he's got a few random jobs.

Family(names,genders and ages):
Aria(mother, 45)
Rinna(twin sister, 17)
The Weasel(dog, 3 years)

Soul Mate(please ask first): OPEN


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(;Alicia™ღA constant game of Russian Roulette  (aliciawontcare) | 5 comments Name: Erin Kierra Nicole Black
Age(16-22): 16
Gender: Female
Appearance(no anime): description
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((Often dies hair, currently red ))

Personality: Erin's the type of girl who believes in all that astrological, soul mate bull shit. She likes to read into things, read much too deep into them. Boys are her own personal toys. Really. Her friends are close, and lots of them. She is sarcastic and joking around all the time. Don't mess with her, unless you're willing to face the consequences. She is smart. Surprisingly, she doesn't show anybody. Erin can become super deep. Or not.
Relationship Status: Taken;) buhh, she doesn't really like her boyfriend. She's more in it for the sex, for the touching. You know. Purely physical.
Relationship History: Erin has gone through guys like they were her own personal puppets since 8th grade. She doesn't care, it's all fun and games for her. She remains faithful though. No matter what. She does have a few ethics, though not many, when it comes to relationships. She is very selfish too. All about Erin. Not anybody else.
History:Ah. Welcome to Erin's world. She grew up completely pampered by her parents. She's never had a job, never had to work for anything. Her life's been super care free, do what ever she wants type. No joke. Expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive lifestyle. Don't expect much from her. She has that job.
Family: Rosalina, Mother, 37
Drake, Father, 40
Ellena, sister, 3 years
Elijah, brother, 3 years (the two are twins )
Soul Mate: Openn

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ok | 170 comments Name: Kennedy
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: She is a really sweet person...She is never mean to ANYONE, well at least out loud...haha. She always appears to be happy, but inside she is kind of hurt about the mom situation... I mean, EVERYONE needs a mom... a dad just isn't the same. Her dad is great but a mom would be great too. haha. She is a VERY shy person. She loves her brother to death and she would HATE for anything to happen to him. She is very understanding, and very sympathetic. Anddd like I said, she is very sweet.
Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: Ehh... A few boyfriends here and theree...
History: Well, her life is kind of weird. Her mother was a junkee about 4 and a half years ago. Her dad didn't know WHAT to do...well eventually her mother got caught and arrested for possession of illegal drugs and abusing a child. The abuse part, she physically abused Kennedy, but Kennedy decided that she could get passed that, so whatever, although she sometimes is reminded of it and it makes her sad.... Okay, well her mom went to jail when she was 4 months pregnant with Kennedy's little brother, Henry who is now 4 years old. Kennedy, Henry and their father now live together...soo yea...
Mom- Julia(40) **IN JAIL**
Dad- Jason(41)
Brother- Henry(4)
Soul Mate: Nathan if thats ok o.o

Name: Henry
Age: 4
Other: Kennedy's brother

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ok | 170 comments Can Kennedy's soulmate be Nathan?

(;Alicia™ღA constant game of Russian Roulette  (aliciawontcare) | 5 comments Can Tommo be Erin's soulmate??

ღஐღCielito Lindo (chrizziebelle) Name: Nissa Liss
Age(16-22): 19
Gender: F
Appearance(no anime):
Personality(more then 3 sentences please instead of just traits): Nissa is studious, but not super smart. She studies because she has to in order to keep up in her classes. She's not overly sporty, but enjoys a mean game of badmintin. She has good fashion sense, but doesn't have a ton of money. Nissa works at the nearby coffee shop as often as she can. She loves people and is only awkward with people at first.
Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: Nissa could be considered a little broken, considering her last boyfriend died of cystic fybrosis. The relationship was painful and only lasted a few months. Nissa still cries every once in a while, though it's been over two years.
History(more then three sentences):
Family(names,genders and ages): Mother: Annalie Andis, Female, 40. Stephfather: Brandon Andis, Male, 42. Stepbrother: Daren Andis, Male, 17
Soul Mate(please ask first): ???
Other: --

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