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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 319 comments Scarlet sat by herself outside of the school building, ignoring all the strange looks people kept giving her. She wrote on her arms as she sat there, smiling as her story developed. The more she wrote on her arms the more people seemed to stare, but she honestly couldn't care less.

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) | 165 comments Rylan got off of the bus and walked into the school with her notebook close to her chest. She liked school it was the only time she was away from her step dad.

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Alex was arguing with his brother, "Dude, stop worying, I'll be fine!" Lukas glared, "You just got over numonia, it's too cold." Alex stomped, "Well, I'm going!" he went toward the door and Lukas grabbed him by his wrist. Alex cringed, "Your hurting me!" and then he left, going to the park. Lukas sighed, feeling bad for it, he just wanted to keep the kid safe.

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Julie left the house and locked the door as she closed it. She then started off towards the park, it was the route she had to take to get to school. She wasn't old enough to have a car so she'd have to stick to walking. She pushed her hands deep inside her pockets and lowered her neck so her mouth and nose were covered by her pretty violet pashmina scarf.

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Lukas started cleaning the house.

Alex started coughing but ignored it as he walked faster then started to run, by two minutes he was sitting on the curb, bent over trying to get some air.

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Julie had caught sight of someone sitting on the curb bending over, it looked liked he was going to puke. She then realized it was Alex. She gasped, her eyes wide and she ran over to him all her weight from her clothes weighed her down but she was still pretty fast. She skidded to a halt on her rainbow flats and bent down lifting Alex's head up to her's, eyes filled with concern, "Baby, are you okay?!"

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Alex nodded, still choking. He tried breathing through his nose and got some air that way. the color was slowly returning to his face but he was still pale.

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Julie brought Alex's face to her's and kissed him hard pushing the air from her lungs into his hoping some air would at least get in. She didn't want him to almost die like last time or get really sick.

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Alex layed back on the side walk, when he got his breath back he sighed, "Sorry bout that"

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Julie pulled her face from his and stroked his cheek gently, "It's okay hun" She said and helped him up giving him her scarf and her hat and mittens, "Keep them on" She told him sternly.

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Alex made a face but when he saw her face he kept them on. "My brother was being a jerk" he said as he got up

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"Well, he was probably being a jerk because he wanted you to live" Julie said intertwining her hand in his.

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Alex sighed, "I know... His intentions are well but he treats me like an invalid."

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Julie rolled her eyes and pecked his cheek heading off to school, "Listen to him babe"

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Alex chuckled, kissing her cheek to, "See you at school later" he started back to this place

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"Wait. Alex!" Julie called back to him and grabbed his hand, "This is like the 20th day you haven't come to school...I miss you. This is the first day I've seen you since three weeks ago..." She frowned

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Alex stopped, he had been in the ICU for two weeks but didn't want to scare her. "I'll be there today, just late."

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Julie frowned, she missed him. Like a lot. She hadn't been able to sleep properly, she'd been worrying about him for that long, "Don't be too late" She said and then ran to school not wanting to hear his voice right now.

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Alex went home and grabbed his backpack. Lukas was waiting for him, "Okay, please just stop. You need to take your meds, please!" Alex did and then gave a puppy dog face, "A ride please?" Lukas nodded, "Right"

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Julie walked into the school and put her stuff away into her locker, she had little beads of tear on her eyes and wiped them away with her index finger. She took out her English Literature book out of her locker and walked into class. It was her favourite class and no one not even Alex could make it bad.

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Alex got to school and went to his class, looking for Julie

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Julie really had to go to the bathroom, she was on her period so she had to go quick. She asked for the bathroom pass then ran out into the hallway making a way for the washroom.

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Alex looked over and saw her, "Julie!" he walked over to her.

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Julie turned around and saw Alex, she really couldn't hold it in.

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ALex smiled, "Where you going?"

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"Uhhhh" Julie started then looked at her washroom pass, "To the washroom" She said and then saw her tampon fall out of her sweater pocket, "Shit!"

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eatmyheartout wrote: ""Uhhhh" Julie started then looked at her washroom pass, "To the washroom" She said and then saw her tampon fall out of her sweater pocket, "Shit!""

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ALex bit his lip, blushing and back away

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Julie bent down and picked it up blushing herself, "I'll see you when I get out of the washroom" she said running down the hall and into the bathroom running straight into a stall and changing.

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Alex chuckled and waited for her.

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Julie changed quickly and then washed her hands walking back out of the washroom feeling very relieved.

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Alex smiled and ran up next to her, "I missed you"

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Julie looked at Alex, "I missed you too" She said and hugged him tight.

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Alex hugged her tightly and kissed a bunch of times on her cheek, "One for everyday."

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"That's a lot of days" Julie giggled and looked up at him, she was pretty short. He had missed 21 days, and they were alone in the hallway.

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Alex was still hugging her and kissed her neck, "I'm sorry... I was sick, again"

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Julie closed her eyes and let her head rest on his should, she loved the way his lips touched her neck with suck soothingness, "What happened?" She asked softly.

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Alex looked up, " I just passed out at the blockbuster and when I got to the hospital I caught strep and then... you know the whole nine yards of getting sicker and catching more junk." He had slept for three days and had a temperature of 104.

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Julie felt a tear run down her cheek and onto his sweater. She didn't want him to be sick anymore, she just wanted him to be healthy, "Don't die" She said trying not to let the tears affect how she was talking but it was hard.

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Alex hugged her tighter, " I won't... I won't"

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Julie then felt all the tears running down her face and she cried, really hard. Julie trembled as she cried and held him tighter.

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Alex let the two of them slide down. he held the back of her head

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Julie slid down the lockers and fell inbetween his legs and cried into his chest clutching his shirt tightly.

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Alex put his chin on her shoulder. he rubbed her back gently, "It's okay"

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Julie cried even harder, knowing nothing was going to be okay, "You'll just get sick again Alex. I can hear it in your voice and I can see it on you" She cried.

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Alex wiped some of her tears off, " I'm gunna be okay, I just need you to be okay"

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"How can I be okay when I can feel your going to die. I can feel it in my bones Alex. I have this horrible feeling all the time when I get a call from your brother or your mom and they tell me your in the hospital again" She cried even harder.

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Alex felt like there was nothing he could do. He felt even worse and he felt like he was horible, " Please... I don't wanna think about it" he begged her, "Please"

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Julie looked up at him her violet blue iris' watering as she did, "I love you Alex. I don't want to loose you" She said

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